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Getting Rid of Bad Habits and Fear

Updated on July 30, 2017
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Tomi enjoys reading and learning about self-help or anything that helps her live a happier life. She enjoys helping others.

Bad Habits, Negative Thoughts

Breaking bad habits is not easy. We sometimes do things habitually that are not good for us such as smoking, eating too much, or watching too much television, etc. Perhaps you feel like you always have to be right or you consistently judge others or yourself. These are all considered addictions. I know I am sometimes guilty of some of these. It can be very hard to break these habits. This method can help you by changing you internally.

By releasing, you can let go of the cause of your bad habits. For example, if you like to eat sweets, you release before eating any sweets so you can unlock the pattern of feeling associated with wanting to eat sweets. You can still eat it after releasing, but the habit will eventually drop away. We let things control us. By releasing on the want, it will no longer be the main focus. Of course, if you are under any medical care or addicted to a controlled substance, medicines or alcohol, this may not be appropriate for you to let yourself have it. You can just release the feelings that cause you to want the substance to which you are addicted.

You can also release after or during the fact of eating the sweets. It all helps to pull you away from that bad habit. There are a number of questions listed in the book to ask yourself to help you release on nasty habits.

Establish Good Habits


Hale Dwoskin: Getting Rid of Bad Habits

Insecurities or Releasing Fear

This book teaches you to release on your wants for control, approval, and security first. However, there is a shortcut described in the book for releasing fear. Fear is always better out in the open rather than being in the darkness. You should make yourself comfortable and focus inwardly while thinking of something which you are afraid or anxious about. Then, ask yourself "if you could let go of wanting this to happen?" Then, ask yourself the question again and see if you already feel differently about the fear. You can focus on that fear again or on another fear.

Then, ask yourself this list of questions below:

"What is it that you're afraid will happen?

What is it you do not want to have happen?

Now, could you let go of wanting that to happen?"

Since this fear is not truly what you want, it is often easy to let go of it. For example, say that you are afraid of heights. What that really might be is you are afraid of falling. So you could just ask yourself: "Could you let go of wanting that to happen?" You could use this question for other things that make you nervous such as public speaking, making a mistake, or thinking you might embarrass yourself, etc. You would just let go of the underlying fear associated with that topic or whatever you are afraid will happen.

Hale Dwoskin: How to Deal with Fear and Panic


Do you have any phobias?

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Anxiety, Releasing Techniques of Fear Regarding Something Bad Happening to Others

If you are worried about something bad happening to another person, you could ask yourself: "Would you rather hold in mind (whatever you are worried might happen) or would you rather hold in mind (the opposite)?" Allow yourself to experience a positive outcome and don't allow yourself to want the opposite. I think this is a good technique to practice and it is easy. I'm starting to practice this one concerning fear of something happening to a loved one, and it helps to make me feel better.

The mind only creates in pictures. The mind cannot translate negative words such as not, never, or don't. The mind just ignores those words so they do not come into the picture in your mind. Think positive thoughts so your mind can create those positive pictures.

Positive Thinking, Have Peace


The Book

I bought The Sedona Method book which gives you all the basics and more, regarding my article. The book teaches you more in depth techniques of letting go, and the book also gives you examples of people going through the method. The book has a lot of information with lists and charts. Some of the information may seem repetitive, but sometimes that is what we need to learn something. If you are told something numerous times or in different ways, eventually, it will stick with you. Just reading the book was uplifting to me with all of the positive reinforcements in it, and the book really helped me write my articles with more details of the method and techniques that I have been practicing.

Further Reading

I have written several articles on this method already. Please refer to my other articles if this method and techniques sound interesting to you.

Please feel free to make any comments or to ask any questions below, and I will try to respond.

You can read more about these techniques in The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-Being, by Hale Dwoskin.

Thank you for reading!

Be in the Present Moment


© 2017 Tomi Smith


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    • tomsmithnow profile image

      Tomi Smith 7 months ago

      Thank you, Janean. Glad you liked this article.

      Think we all experience being apprehensive or cautious with others at times. We sometimes have to work at letting go of the emotion of fear and the negative thoughts and negative feelings that go along with our fears, which make us act in a negative way too.

      By using releasing techniques, we can become happier in the moment, and not let our past mess up our present. It can be hard work, but it is worth it.

    • JaneanOverman profile image

      Janean Overman 7 months ago from Virginia

      This topic was a great one! Excellent hub. My fear is tied into lack of trust in people and previous trauma.

      I loved the way you shared this topic in depth.