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Getting Started in Weight Loss

Updated on January 24, 2016

Do You Have Trouble Getting Started?

In any worthy endeavor, getting started is often the hardest part. How on Earth can you get off the couch and begin losing weight? It requires energy. It also requires dedication and focus.

How Much Time Have You Wasted Procrastinating?

Procrastination has stolen many a fine goal. There is usually a window of time in which to accomplish a goal and once it has passed it is too late. At the very least, the longer you take the harder it gets to even begin. Don't let this happen to you. As soon as you decide to lose weight, grab the opportunity at once. So many people waste time by thinking about what they are going to do. You are not "going" to do anything if you have this focus. It is a way of not facing the situation and it is a way of failing. Take action so you can see some success.

It Doesn't Have to be Perfect.

Some people try to put together the very perfect plan before starting. They get all caught up in the planning phase and never actually enter the weight loss phase. This is a regrettable trap to fall into. Realize that getting started on an imperfect plan is better than doing nothing but plan and taking no action.

Set Small Achievable Concrete Goals.

You can set milestones for yourself in advance. If you just look at the overall weight loss goal it is bound to be overwhelming. So don't do that because overwhelm is a very bad quicksand that will cause you to break down and do nothing. Break the large goal into tiny goals as well as mid-level milestones.

Celebrate Yourself.

When it comes to the self discipline needed to stay on your diet, be tough on yourself. When it comes to your emotions though celebrate yourself. After all, you are going to a higher level. You are being very brave by facing your problems and determining to do something about them. Many people are not being as brave as you are and so be pleased with yourself. You are doing something you have never done before.

It is time to get started. No doubt you have wasted enough time already. Make a beginning of some sort even if it is not ideal. There are tiny baby steps you can take to get started. Be proud of what you have started- you are on the way to weight loss.

weight loss
weight loss


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