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Getting rid of bad breath

Updated on May 20, 2016

Getting rid of bad breath isn't easy and at the same time isn't tough. What's the reason of such comment? Well, you need to give your attention to the cause of bad breath before trying to understand what I've said in the first line. So what causes bad breath? In short bad breath is caused by the production of volatile sulfur compounds by the anaerobic bacterias from the food residues in the mouth. Now, getting rid of bad breath isn't easy because it requires a well planned, a group routine tasks on a regular basis and it's not tough because the scheduled routine tasks are very simple to perform.

Here are the tasks listed for you to know about it and get into the straight action way.

Maintaining good oral hygiene:

Maintaining a good oral hygiene is a pre-requisite to prevent bad breath. What are the components of good oral health?

  1. Brushing teeth at least twice a day
  2. Flossing teeth at least twice a day
  3. Scraping tongue after each large meal
  4. Using antiseptic mouthwash at least once daily
  5. Dental checkup once every six months

Try to follow these to ensure proper oral hygiene. The target is to reduce a load of anaerobic bacteria in the mouth and reduce the food residues in the mouth that are required for producing volatile sulfur compounds.

Disinfection of tools:

It's a crucial part to prevent and to get rid of bad breath. It's a forgettable and negligible part also. There are various ways you can use disinfectant your toothbrush & tongue scrapper. For example:

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) treatment
  2. UV sanitizer (This is a feature of good electric toothbrush)

Disinfection of toothbrush and tongue scraper is required as there are some bacterias may reside over the tools. It' fortunate that the culprit bacterias are anaerobic, meaning they can't survive in the presence of oxygen. That's why this disinfection procedure isn't required to do daily. Once a week is sufficient.

Toothpaste & mouthwash:

Toothpaste during brushing gives an additional benefit to maintaining good oral and dental hygiene. Sometimes homemade toothpaste (made from baking soda, H2O2) gives better result in preventing bad breath. But proper knowledge is required to get benefit from homemade toothpaste.

Mouthwash should be chosen wisely. Antiseptic mouthwash helps to lower the load of bacteria in the mouth. As the bacterias are anaerobic, they tend to be at the hard to reach areas of the mouth. So a proper technique is also required for the use of mouthwash. Bacterias reside mostly in between the tongue papilla, more on the back of the tongue, periodontal pockets. So thorough gurgling and swishing are required to reach the liquid at the hard to reach areas.

Water pick is now available which helps in reaching to the hard to reach areas and removing food residues. It can be very helpful for many people.

Best time of cleaning:

How to get a good breath? To get a good breath, cleaning of mouth is a must. Why do you need cleaning? Cleaning is necessary to reduce the anaerobic bacterial load from the mouth and lessen the amount of raw materials which are required for producing volatile sulfur compounds.

Anaerobic bacteria shows their highest growth at night because they get uninterrupted and a favorable environment for their growth. So thorough cleaning at night before going to bed is critical. But most of the time we do not clean/wash our mouth thoroughly at night.

Food residues are the raw materials for the bacterias. Bacterias break down these food particles and produce volatile sulfur compounds which are responsible for producing bad breath. So scrapping tongue after each major meal will reduce the raw materials to be available for bacterias. It's simple to do if you want.

Give away bad habits:

Smoking causes bad breath. Besides this, it's harmful to health. For this tobacco use and any tobacco, intake should be avoided for getting rid of bad breath.

Change behavior:

Dry mouth also causes bad breath. You can use sugar-free gums which will stimulate salivation. This salivation washes away bacterias. You can also take plenty of water to avoid dryness of mouth.

Protein and fructose are the main sources for producing volatile sulfur compounds by the bacterias. A better oral care is needed after intake of such types of food.

Make your mouth hostile to the bacterias for getting rid of bad breath. If you can follow the guideline mentioned above, it's easy to prevent bad breath. But following these on a regular basis is not always possible. Living with bad breath is very embarrassing. So it's worthy of doing all hard works for getting rid of bad breath.


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