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Getting well is always a trek. Resolve your problems. Wellness does not mean not sick. It means a healthy way of life.

Updated on November 18, 2013

Problems come in all shapes and sizes

That boat is a 30 footer. That river is the mighty Colorado. We river runners call this a wrap. Somehow they had to remove 15+ people from the middle of this rapid. Now that is a problem.
That boat is a 30 footer. That river is the mighty Colorado. We river runners call this a wrap. Somehow they had to remove 15+ people from the middle of this rapid. Now that is a problem. | Source

Jump into the fire and know your mission! Sometimes the best way to heal is to get more sick. Fevers for instance

Getting well is not about taking a drug to get better. Wellness and getting well are different than that. Resolving problems and unresolved issues is where wellness begins. Here is a little bit about being healthy.

I have the privilege of helping people who have “problems”, resolve them. Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective. Sometimes, I just have to break it down into manageable parts. Sometimes I have to maneuver matters to buy some time. Sometimes all I do is open up communications in a neighborly manner. Sometimes I get to bring wrongdoers to task. But it is my job to hop right into the problems and get all dirty. (back in the 70’s I cooked for a bunch of guys and one woman. They were called hotshots or smoke jumpers – they would literally jump out of a perfectly fine airplane into a forest fire) For me most of the time I do not jump out of perfectly fine flying machines. But I do fly into hot zones of economic or political distress. Funny some places I've flown into were mighty strange, but I was there on a mission, and place and space were irrelevant.

Now Jesus healed and cured. He did it all kinds of ways. We all need some curing and some healing, and we can do it all kinds of ways. Doctors, Lawyers, police, medicine, herbs and diet and exercise and therapy. One of the seldom mentioned facts is that Jesus healed but He did not take the ability to heal others away from us, indeed by his word he enhanced it.

I know that all sounds like hocus pocus. But relax.

Our ability to believe in something well enough to cure us is not poo poo stuff. It is real. Guess what you are real also. Your feelings and you love and your thoughts are worthy. Personally I want to know about them. I want to sit on that fallen log and learn about you and your problems. I am one of millions like me. Bull, I am like one of millions like you. Admit it! If you could really help someone this second, you would rather do that than watch TV. Am I right??.

Did you know you are my best friend? Well you are. Perhaps because I do not know you or perhaps because I do. I do not care. Can you see that in some of us that are around you? Grocery store line, Walmart, -- it really does not matter. I look at you and I want to get to know you. You can be like that to. Just follow this one easy step. Love yourself.

Look at any nagging problem as an inhibitor to health.

Do you have a problem that you would be better off if you resolved.

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In climbing we have all kinds of "problems" to resolve.

So a bunch of just stand around in front of a cliff face or huge boulder, and try to figure a way to climb it/
So a bunch of just stand around in front of a cliff face or huge boulder, and try to figure a way to climb it/ | Source

I had a meeting with one ticked off investor today

The guy invested millions in this company I am doing work for and he was mad as a hatter. He asked 20 questions all in one and each was phrased as an accusation. Of course this guy lost everything as he was invested in real estate derivatives during the crash. And of course that was the company's fault also.

This was the kind of business meeting where cuss words are used and threats are made and the octave is about 1/2 too high. Half way into it I was starting to be blamed for stuff the company had done long before they hired me to fix things.

About a little over half way through I got to ask him a question. I had to ask permission of course and it was bitterly granted.

My one question was "why do you think I am here?" There was a long pause. "I don't know why". So I paused and then asked "why in the world would I be sitting here taking all this abuse?" Another pause. Then I explained I do not work for companies that are fine and dandy. Doctors seldom see healthy patients. I do not work for healthy companies. You want something done, obviously the company does too or they would not have hired me. Can you see that big picture? At that point the investor understood my job is to get rid of problems not defend them. (been there done that) It then went very well.

Sorry that big old long stupid story for this point. Near the end the investor told me that "I feel a lot better now". Just think of that. This was strictly hard core business and money. And this fancy pantsy big time investor -- concluded that it made him feel better. So do not think that your day to day problems are not important for how you feel. And feeling good is healthy

Long range planning

But all the above are temporary and only resolves an issue. True healing and curing requires two things that you cannot buy or even pay for: Faith and Love!

Luke 18:40 Jesus stopped and ordered the man to be brought to him. When he came near, Jesus asked him, 41 “What do you want me to do for you?” “Lord, I want to see,” he replied. 42 Jesus said to him, “Receive your sight; your faith has healed you.” 43 Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus, praising God. When all the people saw it, they also praised God. The coolest thing about this is that Jesus simply let the man heal himself.

you have got to let go and let God.

I use Jesus here however it that is too much for you just try something you have faith in.

This was made before WWII it is cool

So I hope my point is clear. Worries of the world make you feel bad. Resolve them and feel better.

Not every problem has or is going to have a resolution that you like. Who the heck wants to go bankrupt? But it is my extensive experience that people withing the time leading up to it are miserable and I mean miserable. Sometimes they end up losing a lot and they know this going in. But for some reason as soon as I hand them a copy of there filed bankruptcy chapter papers. The anguish turns to relief. To be sure Bankruptcy is often called debtors relief. That is some real truth I am not making that up.

Good, bad or indifferent we must move forward and resolve problems and then start getting it on again.

If this is how your reality feels -- change it go resolve something small tomorrow. Get the ball rolling.

I was reading a fatalist the other day and made this pillow. Yikes!
I was reading a fatalist the other day and made this pillow. Yikes! | Source

As is this authors want let me end with a few thoughts.

Ignorance is the biggest baddest boogie man there is.

Anticipation of a party is sometimes the best part, anticipation of the results of a problem is usually the worst part.

Little young people either fix their problems or go get another toy.

If other people are your problem you are wrong, you are.

Sometimes a missed opportunity is a missed opportunity for disaster.

Do you pull the band aid off fast or slow? I imagine that means something.


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