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Ghosts In The Night - Dementia Visions Or Real Visitations

Updated on November 17, 2011

Night Ghost


Was there ghosts in my house

I had a night of terror and cannot decide whether is was due to illness and related vision or whether I really did have a paranormal experience. It was a long night, and things where happening that I cannot explain. I live in a modern house, built 1970's and I personally have never had any unexplained incidents there at all until now. My daughter did report some paranormal activity in the house and I wrote a hub about it. Some comments said it may have been a demon and that the house may need cleansing, spirituality. My daughter move out and I moved in 10 months ago. Nothing untoward, quiet, nice place to live but now I am not so sure.

Ghosts in the middle of the night – Dementia or Real?

I woke up with hearing crying and scrapping. The room was freezing and the moon light was casting shadows around the room. I swear I could see the shape of a figure draped in black standing in the corner. I roused myself a little more and then became aware of a whimpering outside my bedroom door. Oh no mum wandering again. I opened the door and she was nowhere to be seen. I padded out onto the landing and into her bedroom. She was standing staring out of the window it complete stillness. I needed to be careful not to frighten her, so I walked into her vision and put my hand on her arm. I spoke soothing words and tried to usher her back to her bed. Her glazed eyes met mine and she stared into my face. I was freaking out, I felt really scared and unnerved.

‘Can you see him in the corner the man dressed in black’. This was not happening to me, I did not want to look, I thought I had just seen this vision in my bedroom. I didn’t want to turn and look at the corner, the hairs where standing up on my arms and I felt very scared. I knew I could not show her my fear so turned and walked into the corner and in a jolly voice and making huge windmill with my arms into the blackness I tried to assure her that she was imagining it.

I was so frightened. I am not a person who gets scared very often. I can watch any scary film, watch any ghost hunting programme and I do not flinch. I sleep all night, stay in the house on my own overnight do not really believe in ghosts.

Where did that whimpering and crying noise come from and the scrapping sound. I asked if she had been outside my bedroom door, had she been crying. She looked again with glazed eyes and said to me ‘No I just got out of bed to talk with him’. There is no one there I said again. She assured me he was still standing there looking at us both. This was getting too much for me and I needed to get her out of the bedroom and downstairs. A cup of tea and a chat would stop this.

‘Can you take me home please, NOW and I mean it’. Mum had started this a couple of night before but I could easily reassure her that we where home but tonight was different. She began to rock backwards and forwards held her head in her hands. She has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a few weeks previously and I just believed it was her sinking further into the sickness. She then told me that she had visitors in her room earlier, her mother, brother and her husband, my dad. What was she talking about now they are all dead and have been for years. I again tried to tell her that she was imagining it. ‘No I am not they have been here and that nurse lying on my bed has been talking to me for ages, making me feel safe’. She told me her mum was waiting for her, dad was happy and he would take her out in a few months time and her brother had been in his Navy Uniform and was waving at her.

This was really giving me the creeps now and as far as she was concerned the man in the shadows was still watching us no. Whatever I said whatever I did she insisted that she was telling me the truth. I agreed with her in the end and she got so upset I thought that cup of tea would take her mind off it and then we could get back to sleep.

I helped her down the stairs and sat her on the sofa. I went to the kitchen and put the kettle on. As soon as my back was turned she was at it again having conversations with an array of people who were not there. I quickly made the tea; my heart was thumping like a drum in my chest, hands shaking and teeth chattering. I was really frightened, partly because I didn’t know what to do to stop it and partly because it seemed so very real in her mind.

I handed her the tea and she said to her imaginary friends ‘I have to drink this now, I will see you tomorrow’. I sat down next to her and the temperature dropped like a stone. I commented on it and mum agreed with me. A breeze was beginning to blow softly onto our faces. Was a window open a door? I could not be, it was 3 am in the morning and I had locked up before going to bed. I got up and checked them all, locked secure and no breeze coming from them. I went back to my mum and the breeze was still blowing and we could see our hot breath in the cold air. I have never ever been so scared but told myself it was her illness. We sat in silence sipping our tea, suddenly the temperature started to go up, the room warmed. The panic in my body started to seep away and normality began to take over. Don’t get me wrong I was still terrified but the worst seemed over.

I got mum back upstairs and into bed. She said goodnight and I said goodnight back to her. I walked towards my bedroom and I heard her say ‘goodnight’ again, I shouted out goodnight again and she said ‘I am not talking to you’.

The next morning I woke up and began to recall the events of the early hours. I was really scared at the time, and just put it down to her illness. Something troubled me, the scratching noise, the whimpering the black shadow in my room and the belief from her that she really had visitors. The chilling of the room was the freakiest thing.

Now anyone who knows about dementia will say it really it the illness. I have a theory in that my mum’s illness is terminal, no one can say how long she has but I wonder if to help her on her way her family are coming to visit her so she is not scared of dying. The shadow figure was there to oversee the visit to make sure the family member did not over step the mark. The nurse was sent to keep her from being scared and to look after her. Her brain is dying off slowly, who can honestly say that this is not real. Maybe she was projecting the presence into the reality with the power of her mind. Maybe this is why I was able to sense some of the presence myself and experienced some of what she was.

I hope this is the case, but I know for sure it was the most frightened I have ever been and something I will never forget.


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