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Giardiasis Infection: Health Implications, Pathogenesis, Clinical Features, Diagnosis And Treatment

Updated on March 31, 2014

How Giardiasis Is Transmitted


A General Overview Of Giardiasis

Giardiasis is infection of the small intestine by the flagellate protozon-Giardia intestinalis (G. lamblia). In the tropics and subtropics, this parasite is very widely prevalent, particularly in children.

Giardia lambila is a flat pear-shaped organism, 12 to 18u in diameter with eight flagellae, two nuclei and a large ventral sucker placed anteriorly. These flagellates are found in large numbers in the duodenum and jejunum in between the villi and attached to them by their suckers. Occasionally, biopsy speciments may show giardia inside villi. With the aid of the flagellae, giardia moves actively and this helps to identify the organism in fresh stools or duodenal aspirates. Cysts are formed which are passed in feces.

Transmission occurs by ingesting the cysts along with food and water. Infection rates are high in closed communities. New immigrants and travelers may get the infection from endemic areas. Hypochlorhydria and hypogammaglobulinemia predispose to heavy infection.

Pathogenesis: Though the exact mechanism is not known, it is possible that a large number of flagellates adhering to the mucosal surface may reduce the area for absorption. In addition, irritation of the brush border of the villi, alteration in bacterial flora in the small intestine; and invasion of the submucosa have been suggested as contributing factors. Many cases show increased intestinal motility.

How To Treat Patients With Giardiasis


Clinical Presentations Of Giardiasis

Presenting symptoms range from mild abdominal discomfort to explosive diarrhea. Some infections may be asymptomatic but the majority are subacute or chornic. Nonspecific symptoms include failure to thrive, abdominal pain, epigastric distress, intermittent diarrhea and general illhealth. Features of malabsorption may occur, especially in children and this should suggest the possibility of giardiasis.

In some outbreaks, explosive diarrhea with watery foul smelling stool may be the presenting symptom. Giardiasis is a frequent cause for traveler’s diarrhea in endemic regions. The acute attack lasts for 3 to 4 days but in children, the course may be prolonged for weeks or months and it results in malabsorption state. Many cases go into spontaneous remission and carrier state develops in them.

How To Diagnose Giardiasis From Its Clinical Symptoms


Diagnosis And Treatment Of Giardiasis

Diagnosis: Giardiasis is a common cause of diarrhea in children and vague abdominal discomfort in adults. Fresh feces should be examined for identifying the motile flagellate. Presence of the active flagellate in fresh stool or in the duodenal aspirate confirms the diagnosis. In many cases, mixed infection with Giardia and other intestinal pathogens like E. histolytica or helminthes is common. Clinical severity does not always correlate with the number of parasites seen in feces. In mild infections, repeated examination and concentration methods (formol-ether concentration method or Zinc sulphate floatation) may be required to establish the diagnosis. In some cases, when feces do not show the parasites, duodenal aspiration has to be done for recovering them. Presence of cysts identified by examining iodine-stained preparations of feces.

Treatment: The drug of choice is metronidazole in a dose of 15mg/Kg/day given for seven days. In 80 to 90% of cases, the infection is eliminated. In resistant cases, this course can be repeated. Single administration of metronidazole in a dose of 30 mg/Kg repeated after a week is also effective and it may be more suited for mass treatment on account of better patient compliance. Chloroquine, 250 mg thrice a day for 5 days and tinidazole are also effective. Giardiasis can be prevented by improving food hygiene and environmental sanitation. Heavy chloronation of water supply is required for killing giardia cysts.

© 2014 Funom Theophilus Makama


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      3 years ago

      Hi Im 14 years old and my throat hurt and can't sing cuz of it I wish I get to have your voice plesae keep the good work!!! Good luck you inspire me

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      3 years ago

      , quite possibly the most siignficant factor may just have been keeping the athletes separated. Quite possibly had the 1 athlete that got sick in Vancouver been mingling with the others, he would have communicated whatever bug he picked up to the others.This is quite useful for professional athletes, but maybe not so much if you're going on a trip with friends/family!I don't think Turin is so different in terms of hygiene to Vancouver as PeruGeorges may suggest. Perhaps for a North American, travelling to Europe would expose them to a more siignficantly different ecology of bugs, but for a Norwegian both destinations would be equally foreign (and comparatively lacking in hygiene in comparison to their pristine homeland!)There's quite a bit of research being conducted on the microbiome at the moment which seems to indicate one of the best defences against unfamiliar microbes when travelling abroad could be to bolster your own natural defences through pre/probiotics and live foods prior to travel.Perhaps rather than relying on antibiotic gels and plastic sheeting, the Norwegian team would be better off eating some more dirt at home...


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