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Black Cohosh - Say Good-Bye to PMS

Updated on April 11, 2015
A baby black cohosh flower
A baby black cohosh flower

Black Cohosh - My "Pot of Gold"

After many years of suffering with PMS - Premenstrual Syndrome, I knew there had to be some remedy....somewhere without drugs. I then started herbal research to see if there were any herbs that would help with this monthly menstrual cycle problem. I was very fortunate to find helpful information about Black Cohosh, Herbal Foundation Websites, and Unlimited Information about Herbs, Meds, Natural Remedies, and much, much more:

http://www.herb/ - Herbal Research Foundation

Black Cohosh has really turned out to be the "Pot of Gold" I had been searching for to help me to relieve or rid myself of PMS completely!

As soon as I started to take this 250mg Black Cohosh Herb tablet, my unstable bad and irritable mood swings immediately went away! I was the happiness woman in the world! The week or so before my monthly cycle, After reading the important information about Black Cohosh and how to use it, I doubled my normal Black Cohosh dosage to 500mg one week before my cycle to make sure the intensified symptoms of irritability, impatience, mood swings, and sweet cravings that automatically happened every month would be controlled, and they were! Some months, I would be fortunate and just experience the physical menstrual ailments and not the mental ones.

In addition to this herb miracle that happened to me with Black Cohosh, I learned about another herb, Ginger, which has helped me with the inflammation of my acute form of Rheumatoid Arthritis I was diagnosed with in the last 1990s after my car accident. I call Black Cohosh and Ginger, my Little Angels, who came down from Heaven and helped and 90% cured me of PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) and RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis).

The Black Cohosh flower, nicknamed black snakeroot by the Indians, is used to aid with poisonous snake bites. This beautiful flower can grow up to eight feet high and gives off such a horrible odor of carrion which keeps the bugs away. Flies are the only insect that enjoy and can tolerate this carrion odor and be around this flower.

This herb is one of the unknown herbs that has so many great attributes, especially for women. I hope the word gets around about this helpful herb! It has most definitely carried me through my "unfavorable time of the month" as we women say.

I was excited to learn that by taking both ginger and black cohosh together, it was like a dynamic duo which helps against my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms! Each time I researched the herbal world, I would always find a new herb solution for my health ailments! Another great bonus with taking black cohosh is that there are so many other ailments that this herb is helpful with.

I also have a another condition that is called Post-traumatic Epilepsy, and before I start using any herb with my Epilepsy drug, I always consult my Doctor about the herb, the dosage, and officially receive his approval. Everyone must be careful with the dosage amount with some seizure medications an excessive dosage may cause a seizure. Always be safe with any condition you have, and make sure you check with your Doctor about any herbs or mixing drugs you want to take with your condition. When I share with my friends or family about Black Cohosh, I make sure I share with them about the importance of each person's body being different and to check with their Doctor about dosages and mixing of any herbs or drugs with your condition. Stay Healthy & Happy Always1

Look how tall this flower gets

Just wanted all of you to see this beautiful tall black cohosh flower. As I stated before, this flower has a undesirable odor so you may just want to just look & smell from a distance.

Full-grown black cohosh flower
Full-grown black cohosh flower

I will always have a strong desire and interest to explore the healing power of herbs. The learning and sharing is endless, and I thank HubPages for giving all of us this great opportunity to learn and share with each other.

Wishing you health and happiness always. Lori


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