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Ginkgo Biloba For Memory

Updated on May 23, 2016

Ginkgo Biloba, a tree with a long heritage

Ginkgo Biloba trees can be traced back 300 million years, probably making it the oldest living plant on the planet. The tree is very common in China. They grow to reach a maximum height of 30-35 m. The branches grow in irregular directions giving it a chaotic view. The roots of the tree are very deep and it is very strong. The tree does not get uprooted that easily by means of wind or blizzards.

The tree is characterized by developing an extraordinary vegetative growth. Even if the crown is damaged, the roots are strong enough to develop a tree again successfully since it has a strong contact with the soil. Some of these strong Ginko trees are claimed to be over 2000 years. The Ginko Biloba leafes have a very unique shape for a seed plant.

Ginkgo Biloba medicinal use and food source

It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It is not only used medicinally, but as a source of food also. It is relatively new to the western world and is available in supplement form as a liquid or a tablet. The leaves of the Ginko Biloba tree are also crushed and made into an herbal tea. The Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba have been widely documented and usage as a supplement has gone global.

The Chinese originally used Ginko Biloba for its ability to strengthen the mind and memory but other traditional uses were discovered over the years and some of them are to prevent bed wetting, urinary tract infections, intestinal worms, gonorrhea and for enhancing sexual desire.

It could also be used to treat leg ache and the syndrome of Raynaud. The Ginko extract can also be used for treating any problems with respect to eyes that may be caused due to diabetes, age, and glaucoma.
The Ginkgo Biloba Health Benefits are numerous and are beneficial to young and old.

Gingko Biloba has been studied as a possible treatment for many ailments and when combined with ginseng it has been proven to be highly effective. The focus of many studies has been centred on the Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba with respect to cognitive functionality, mind, memory and brain stimulus. A few of these are:

Gingko Biloba aging, Dementia, Alzheimers

  • Ginkgo Biloba is a natural brain stimulant and brain booster and is recommended for the elderly who have senile dementia.
  • Tests on the elderly who are regularly taking Ginko Biloba supplements are that their ability to think rationally improved, as did their general behaviour and memory.
  • Positive effects have also been confirmed in treating the elderly with depression issues
  • The Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba on patients suffering with Alzheimer’s disease is that it facilitates better blood flow to the brain which in turn improves memory loss and general mental functionalty.
  • A study conducted showed that Ginko Biloba was a very safe supplement and also had a stabilizing effect and that it enhanced cognitive functionality in patients suffering with varying degrees of dementia.
  • Ginkgo Biloba Benefits are that a marked improvement in the functioning of nerve cells which due to degeneration have caused many of the mental diseases that occur as the body ages.
  • Another advantage of Ginko is that its anti-oxidant properties will slow down the ageing process.
  • Many doctors today believe that ginkgo biloba is the best supplement to treat mind, memory, brain and other diseases as a result of the aging process.
  • Ginkgo Biloba's qualities have been well documented in the elderly who have mental degenerative issues usually due to the onset of old age. But there is no conclusive proof to substantiate the effects on healthy people.

Ginko Biloba for depression and anxieties

  • It is highly recommended for people with depression, but care must be taken if the patient is already taking mainstream pharmaceutical.
  • An added Ginkgo Biloba Benefit is to assist patients who suffer from general anxiety disorder, it also calms them.
  • An exciting Ginkgo Biloba Health Benefit is that it is now widely used for the treatment of vascular insufficiency and depression. This without the need to resort to chemically laden pharmaceuticals. Patients however should first consult their health practioner before stopping any prescription medications.

Ginkgo Biloba for memory and brainpower

  • It has shown significant enhancement of circulation and oxygen utilization and thus improving memory functionality.
  • The increased circulatory benefits also improve concentration and other mental faculties.
  • What makes Ginko Biloba a natural brain booster in young and old alike is that it is rich in flavonoids and terpenoids which are known brain boosters.
  • Another Ginkgo Biloba Health Benefit can be directly attributed to the increased blood flow to the nervous system which ultimately has a positive effect on memory loss and memory enhancement.

Other Ginkgo Biloba health benefits

  • The ability of Ginko Biloba to increase blood flow to the brain in particular is to relieve the discomfort of a headache or even a migraine.
  • Another Benefit of Ginkgo Biloba is its ability to slow down the effects of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Another Benefit of Ginkgo Beloba is that it known for improving long distance vision, and can possibly reverse some of the damage caused to the retina.
  • There has also been positive results achieved by taking Ginko Biloba and Ginseng combined that has helped in the treatment of high blood pressure, stroke recovery and muscular degeneration.
  • Oxygen is essential to sustaining life but the free radicals produced when unstable oxygen molecules are present can cause cellular nerve damage and if these cells are not repaired, they can lead to major medical issues like cancer and heart disease. A Ginko Biloba Benefit is that it breaks down these free radicals and repairs molecular damage.

Consuming Ginkgo Biloba extract

Ginkgo Biloba extract is made from the leaves. Don’t eat or roast the seed for consumption it can be hazardous for you body and get you nauseous, give you difficulty with breathing. So don’t try to eat crude Ginkgo products.

I like to drink a Ginkgo tea. The tea is made from leaves, they can be cut and prepared or whole leaves. Preparation is similar to other herbal and green teas. The tea is claimed to have the same circulation enhancing effects as pure extract or tablets. Ginkgo biloba herbal tea is also reported to have a very high amount of anti-oxidants. So if you enjoy your teas, add this one to the collection.

As mentioned before you can also find Ginkgo biloba extract in pillform. Ginkgo Biloba tablets of 120 mg are very popular and easily obtainable. You’ll also find Ginkgo Biloba capsules. Many people seem to wonder what the right amount of Ginkgo is. There is not a certain answer here. Depending on different variables such as the person, the age, the use.

For elderly people trying to maintain a healthy brain or suffering from some form of dementia, dosage varies from 30mg to 80mg 2-3 times daily. When younger people try to boost their brainpower or memory the Ginkgo biloba dosage seems to vary from 100-500 mg daily. It isn’t advised to start with high dosage, build it gradually and don’t use too much. It is important to note that Ginkgo can interact with other medication, so it is advised to take precautions when combining. It is always advised to consult a doctor.

Final words on Ginkgo Biloba for memory

The Ginkgo Biloba Health Benefits are all extremely positive for older people with degenerative mental issues, but let’s not loose sight of the significance of young adults taking a Ginko Biloba supplement we can all benefit from increased mental faculties and the prevention of cell degeneration possibly due to stress and lifestyle issues. Ginko Biloba Benefits can be for the old and young alike. More nutrition and vitamins for memory health.

Benefits and Risk concerning dementia


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