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Ginseng And Its Many Uses

Updated on June 28, 2013
People Harvesting Ginseng
People Harvesting Ginseng
In this photo is red ginseng. It is said to be more powerful than regular ginseng.
In this photo is red ginseng. It is said to be more powerful than regular ginseng.

What Is Red Ginseng

In case you're wondering red ginseng is regular white harvested ginseng that has been heated either through steaming or sun drying. In traditional Chinese medicine this form of ginseng is most commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction in men and to give people more energy. Some people who have used the red ginseng have been amazed at how much better they feel after they have drank the tea three times a day for a week. Some people say they could never do with out it again in their lives.

The Chinese say they have determined that red ginseng is capable of preventing cancer from returning especially gastric cancers. The Chinese drink red ginseng tea for stress and to give the person drinking it more energy.

You will find red ginseng tea sold in health food stores. Just be sure that you read the label on the tea and make sure you are purchasing real red ginseng tea with out a lot of fillers or other substances added to it. You want natural red ginseng tea. You will also find capsules of red ginseng tea being sold in health food stores but again you want to be sure that you purchase only natural red ginseng products.

Ginseng And Its Many Uses

Ginseng is the most popular of the Chinese herbs. I guess you could say ginseng is famous for its medicinal value. It is the most popular plant used in traditional Chinese medicine. Ginseng has been used in various forms in China and India for over 7000 years. Several species of ginseng grow around the world and certain species of ginseng are more popular than others.

In the Appalachian region of North Carolina the mountain folk have been digging and using ginseng for medicinal purposes going back hundreds of years. In the mountains of North Carolina a spring tonic has been made out of ginseng for hundreds of years. It was usually made and given in the spring of the year to give people more energy and to cure what ailed them.

Ginseng is a slow growing perennial herb that grows to about two feet above the ground and it grows a cluster of roots under the ground. It is native to the mountains of North Carolina, mountain regions of eastern China, Korea, and some mountain regions of Russia. It is also grown commercially in various parts of the United States and Canada. People want the oldest ginseng they can find because it is the older ginseng roots that contains ginsenosides in huge numbers. Ginseng roots can live for hundreds of years. In the fourth year after it is planted ginseng produces flowers and it takes five to six years for roots to be produced that can be used for medicinal purposes.

The Chinese people have been using ginseng for thousands of years to treat cancer and for male erectile dysfunction. The Chinese say that it is good for pulmonary ailments, heart disease, dissolve tumors, and reduce the effects of the aging process. Many Native American tribes considered ginseng to be one of their most sacred herbs and they used it to cure or slow many types of disease. Both the Chinese and Native Americans considered ginseng to be one of if not the best natural herb available to them and they used it both as a preventive medicine and as a cure for many health ailments.

Ginseng roots for sale in a Chinese street market in China town in San Francisco.
Ginseng roots for sale in a Chinese street market in China town in San Francisco.

Be Sure To Read And Understand Labels

Be sure that you know and understand labels if you buy ginseng products. Be sure that any ginseng product you purchase is as natural as possible. Insist on all natural products when ever possible.
Be sure that you know and understand labels if you buy ginseng products. Be sure that any ginseng product you purchase is as natural as possible. Insist on all natural products when ever possible.

Using Ginseng As A Natural Health Remedy

As you can see ginseng is used for many natural health remedies and if you buy ginseng products at your local health food store be sure that you purchase products that are as natural as possible. You don't want products with fillers or other ingredients.

Do Your Own Research About Ginseng

You should always do your own extensive research about any herb or herbal supplement that you are thinking of using. If you are under a doctors care or have a lot of health problems you should always discuss your plans to use ginseng or any other herb with your doctor before you start using it. And the more you research and know about any herb the better off you will be.

By now you probably know that ginseng is used to boost male performance, reduce stress and increase energy. The Chinese Medical Practitioners have used ginseng to reduce blood pressure and to lower and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

You can purchase natural ginseng tea and it will help to reduce fatigue, stress, and it will give you more energy than anything else you have ever tried before. Again be sure that the ginseng tea is all natural and if you can purchase red ginseng tea as it is said to contain more of the active ingredients that are good for you health wise.

My Personal Experience With Red Ginseng Tea

Let me tell you about my personal experience with red ginseng tea and my constantly feeling tired and exhausted. A friend of mine told me of using red ginseng tea to treat being always tired and exhausted. So I went to the local health food store and purchased a red ginseng tea that said it was all natural. I took the one that was recommended by the lady running the health food store and I started drinking it three times a day like my friend told me. Before a week had gone by I could tell a huge difference in how I felt. To say the least I was amazed that any tea could make me feel the way the red ginseng tea was making me feel.

I also noticed that I was feeling a lot less stress and I had a lot more energy. You know those Chinese just might be onto something here. After about two weeks I was hooked to say the least. I could simply not believe that more people didn't know about ginseng tea and its amazing abilities.

I really hope that you will check out ginseng and especially the red ginseng tea because I really feel it helped me and continues to help me every day. I still drink three or more cups of the tea every day and I tell everyone that will listen how much the tea has helped me.

Please feel free to post your comments or questions below and thanks for taking the time to read my Hub Page on ginseng. If you can please vote it up below and please post it to Face Book and Twitter. Thanks very much for your time. I do appreciate it.

Ginseng Information

Fresh Ginseng

Fresh ginseng is the raw harvested product. It is the roots from the ground under the ginseng plant. It takes about four to six years for a ginseng plant to produce roots that can be used for medicinal purposes.

Red Ginseng

Red ginseng is almost always produced from plants that are six years or older and the red ginseng is produced by steaming the ginseng roots at 212 degrees which is boiling. It is this steaming process that gives the roots of the ginseng their reddish brown color.

White Ginseng

White ginseng is made by drying the ginseng roots naturally. White ginseng is sun dried and some of the medicinal value of the ginseng is lost when the plant is dried. Ginseng that has been sun dried will be yellowish white in color.

Ginseng Information

The Greeks said that Ginseng could cure all. The Greek name for ginseng in the Latin language was panax which means heals all in English. And all down throughout history ginseng has been used as an aphrodisiac. Ginseng has for thousands of years been called . The Man Root. The Greek and the Chinese both used the roots of the ginseng plant for erectile dysfunction problems. Many many people over the years have made the claim that ginseng works even better than prescription medications. And with ginseng you don't have to worry about the side effects that are associated with prescription medications.

Ginseng Is Great For Controlling Blood Sugar Levels.

The dried root of the ginseng is now being used to treat various forms of diabetes. Ginsenosides which are the active ingredients in ginseng are known to help control blood sugar levels and one really good thing is that the ginsenosides prevent spikes or drops in blood sugar levels much better than prescription diabetic medication.

Ginseng Is Great For Stress

Ginseng has the ability to help a person to cope with stress and will even reduce the levels of stress in most persons. It is now a proven fact that people undergoing radiation are helped greatly by ginseng. Radiation lowers a persons blood hematocrit because the radiation treatments are destroying red blood cells. The use of ginseng helps a person undergoing radiation treatments to maintain normal hematocrit levels.

Ginseng contains a much higher than normal level of antioxidants. Cellular damage is repaired by these anti oxidants . Cell damage is caused when cells are attacked by free radicals.

New Research Into Ginseng And How It Can Help You.

Ginseng speeds up the bodies metabolism and there for it is great for weight loss. it has also been discovered that ginseng is a natural appetite suppressant. Researchers are every day discovering new uses for ginseng as it relates to health issues and they feel the new things they are discovering about ginseng are opening up doors of hope that ginseng may some day produce new treatments for diabetes, cancer, and heart problems.

Researchers conducting research into ginseng and its healing properties are now also investigating the possibilities of using ginseng to treat ADD and Alzheimer's. Recent research has revealed promising possibilities that ginseng may be able to slow or stop the progression of Alzheimer's disease. If so it would truly be the miracle cure all herb that the Chinese have always claimed it was.

Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost has been writing at Hub Pages now for over four years and he enjoys writing on various subjects. He has also been an award winning Chef for over thirty years. Be sure to read more of his Hub Pages.
Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost has been writing at Hub Pages now for over four years and he enjoys writing on various subjects. He has also been an award winning Chef for over thirty years. Be sure to read more of his Hub Pages. | Source

Please Post Your Comments About Ginseng Now. And Thanks For Reading My Hub Page On Ginseng.

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    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      6 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Sandy it could help. I would try buying an all natural ginseng. You should also check into St Johns Wort which is also a herb. It is said to work wonderfully for females especially with anxiety problems.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      does ginseng help for anxiety and depression i have physcological problems as in dizziness,fatigue and balance problems from stress apparently. I have been diagnosed with a tumor in the pituarty gland below the brain its not canceroues but still worried. would this help you think

    • crazyhorsesghost profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Byers 

      7 years ago from East Coast , United States

      Thanks for your kind words. I'm working on doing several herbal medicine hubs of this type.

    • umakeit profile image


      7 years ago

      A very complete and detailed article about ginseng and its uses. Thanks for sharing such an informative and content rich article.


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