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Give Your Life a Makeover

Updated on October 12, 2016

Make Your Bed

Your environment is a mirror of your inner mind and influences your inner self.

Bed makers are more likely to like their jobs, own a home, exercise regularly and feel well rested.

Making your bed every morning clears mental clutter from your life and gives you an automatic win on your goals. A tidy bed also creates a calm and productive space which helps develop discipline and sets the tone for your day. Making your bed only takes a few moments, but sets the stage for accomplishment throughout your day and leads to success in other endeavors such as exercising more and procrastinating less.

Making your bed de-clutters your bedroom and provides a positive space which can inspire you, and make you feel relaxed and unencumbered. Whether you realize it or not, your mind is constantly keep track of things that you may need later; de-cluttering your home in general gives your mind a break from keeping track of these miscellaneous items which allows your mind to start working in an organized manner. This small act of decluttering your environment will free your mind to have the time and energy to work on other things that may matter more than keeping track of where you left that one earing thereby lowering your stress level and improving your productivity. This small step also provides the foundation for a positive space of mind at the start of your day.

Making your bed is step one to de-cluttering your environment and living a happier and more successful life.

So Wake Up, Make Your Bed and Make Your Day.


Exercise- Even if it's just a little

Exercise not only provides a healthy foundation to your life by increasing your physical health and fitness, but also adds energy, focus and confidence to your life.

Studies show that exercise improves your mood through physically blowing off steam, but also because exercise stimulates chemicals in your body that make you feel happier and more relaxed.

Exercise also gives your energy level a boost and makes your mind more focused which will provide you with the tools to succeed in other areas of your life.

The health benefits of exercise are extensive. Exercise can help fight Alzheimer's, helps alleviate varicose veins, improves liver function, stimulates your heart and lungs to work more efficiently, reduces unhealthy cholesterol, manages type 2 diabetes, depression, arthritis, and certain types of metabolic syndromes and cancers.

Exercise is not only going to make you feel better, but it will make you look better as well by improving your posture, helping control your weight, and by delivering nutrients and oxygen to your tissues which improves the health of your skin. While we don't like to imagine that our looks influence the way we are treated, the truth is that people with better postures are treated with more respect and studies have shown they are more likely to succeed at work through promotions and higher salaries.

In addition, exercise will improve your confidence in yourself which will improve all other areas of your life and give you the courage and assurance to continue making positive life changes. Changing your diet to a more healthy diet full of fresh foods and drinking plenty of water throughout the day will increase the benefits of exercising and add to your overall health. After all, The Richest Person on Earth Has Nothing if They Don't Have Their Health.


Get Up and Get Dressed Up

Life is meant to be good, why not let it.

Start feeling good about yourself.

You never know who you might run into or what opportunities might come your way. Don't give up on yourself and don't give up on your life.

Putting yourself together at the beginning of your day helps develop self-assurance and confidence in yourself while projecting an image of confidence, happiness, and success.

Successful people like to surround themselves with other successful people which will increase their overall opportunities in life because hey, it's all about who you know right? You know that saying "dress for the job you want not the job you have" ? Well, it's true. You are more likely to get placed in a position you seem like a natural fit for than for one where you are seen as someone who needs to be made-over to fit the position. Make yourself the right fit for that next opportunity before the opportunity presents itself and you will be ready.

Looking nice will also foster good feelings about yourself. Ever walk by a shop and catch your reflection in a window and think "oh my god, I look terrible" ? Starting your day by dressing well, doing your hair and just generally putting your look together will ensure that next time you catch your reflection in the window you will be more likely to think "wow, I look good today", which is an automatic confidence boost and a feel good moment in your day. Don't just put the effort in on the workdays, Every Day is a Day You Deserve to Feel Good About Yourself, Put Yourself First.


Let Go of Toxic Relationships

Empower yourself by surrounding yourself with empowering people.

Do you have friends that are really just drinking buddies and nothing else? Do you have friends that are high-drama, or friends that bring you down and don't support your ideal vision of yourself? These are people that need to go. It may seem callus to toss an old friend aside, but the truth is there are billions of people in the world to be friends with and you deserve to have friends that are supportive and that are positive influences in your life.

Those drinking buddies may be fun to spend time with but really the result is risky behavior, weight gain, liver damage, and general fatigue and depression. Find friends that enjoy activities that foster healthy behaviors; you will respect yourself more, live longer, have more fulfilling relationships and be healthier and happier in your life.

High-drama friends? Yes, life can be a bit dull at times and having high drama friends can keep things more interesting, but they come with additional stress which is unhealthy and all that drama is a waste of time. You could be spending your time with people who bring you and those around you up instead of pushing them down with gossip and hurtful behavior.

If life is worth living than it's worth living well, and you deserve to live well. Trade in those toxic friends for friends who build up your sense of worth, and who emulate the version of you that you endeavor to be. You need good role models, and successful people who will provide opportunities for you to shine and to succeed in life. A good rule of thumb is that you should feel a general sense of positivity from your social interactions, so find people who have this quality.

Finding new friends is easier than ever with social media and all the apps available for meeting people with similar interests, but I also recommend meeting people in your community through community service. Community service makes you feel good, real good, try it and you'll see. Community service is supposed to be about doing things for others but really it's all about you and your personal happiness, and as a kicker you'll meet other people who are also feeling good about themselves and who share your sense of community. So Get Out There and Give A Little.


Keep Your To-Do List Managed

Your to-do list is the crux of your productivity

Just as our mind is secretly keeping track of all that clutter around our home, it's also constantly updating and checking your to-do lists for tasks that need to be done, and it won't tell you, but it's worried. It's worried that it's missing things that need to be done on time, it's worried it will forget what you need at the grocery store, and it's worried that you're neglecting your friends and family.

Give you mind a vacation from this stressful job. Make a list of what needs done in your life, then break it down into categories such as Home, Work, Personal, Kids etc. If you have large projects on your to do list break them down into manageable tasks and add all the info you need to get your tasks done, such as phone numbers, purchase lists and other important details. Spend a little time each day working on your list, keep it reasonable, maybe keep it to 20 minutes each day or check off 3 items each day, but keep at it, it's worth it. Do you have tasks that need to be done far in the future? Keep those on their own list.

Every morning review your to-do lists and determine what can be done that day and when you will do it. Every week sit down and re-do your lists, manage them so they stay organized and up to date.

There are tons of apps, computer programs, and old-school day planners that will help you keep your tasks organized. Pick which one works for you, but keep it simple. Managing your life will manage your stress and you will be feeling much better when your mind is freed from this stressful job and can be used on other more important tasks. A life with less stress leads to greater happiness and A Happier You is a Person Others Will Want to Be Around More.


Live Your Dream

Realize the greatness within

Do you have a secret dream that you've given up on? Now is the time to wake that baby up. While it's not practical for everyone to quit their day jobs and devote themselves to becoming a painter or a musician, there is still time for you to follow your dream. Even if all you can do is put an hour or two a week towards realizing your deepest passions, even if you know that it will most likely never result in you becoming a rock star or an Olympic swimmer, even if your goal is so far-reaching you might never realize the completion or success of your project, working on it will give you a sense of purpose and self-satisfaction.

Spending time on your dreams makes you happier, gives you something to look forward to, distracts you from your daily drama, and helps control anxiety and build self-esteem. Giving time to something you love, something that gives your life purpose, gives you something to look forward to, builds your happiness and keeps you hopeful and youthful.

Your dream is something that defines you, something that you can be proud of, and something that helps you realize the greatness within you.

So Follow Your Dreams. Why? Because You've Always Wanted To!


Be Grateful

Love your life

Spending some time every day focusing on the good in your life gives you a greater appreciation for where your life is right now. Even five minutes each day will change your perspective on your life, lift your spirits and give you a greater appreciation for the people in your life and your circumstances.

It may seem overwhelming to make all these changes at on time, so if that's the case then just take one step at a time and implement it. Start by making your bed every day, add on a workout and healthier eating habits and continue from there. Eventually you'll get there. Changing even one part of your daily routine with these steps will increase your happiness, improve your productivity and build your self-esteem. So go ahead, Have a Good Life, and Enjoy It.

Give Your Life a Make-Over

Improve Your Health, Happiness and Success
Make Your Bed
Start an Exercise Program
Let Go of Negative Relationships
Keep Your To-Do List Managed
LIve Your Dream
Be Grateful


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      A. Cristen Vailuu 2 years ago from Augusta, Ga

      Well written and very sensible! Voted up :)