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Give Your Skivvies The Slip: 4 Rules To Naturally Take Care of Your Vagina.

Updated on June 21, 2017
Erin K Stewart profile image

Erin has been a writer for over a decade. She writes about various topics concerning Pagan/Wicca info.


The Vagina Is A Very Temperamental Thing, Isn't It?

It is so important to take care of your lady parts and it can go beyond the basic rinse and scrub to get it's act together.

Companies that direct products towards female hygiene keep coming out with all kinds of different shelf items for what ills us, but they don't really seem to work or, dare I say it? Even make the problem worse!

I'm talking quick-fix-maintenance, ladies. The douches, the shower gels, or the powders. Even just your every-day soap that you use on the rest of your body is a surefire way to start something you're going to have a hard time stopping.

The main thing to remember is that odor is caused by bacteria and bacteria loves to live in dark, damp places with little oxygen. In fact, it thrives on it because bacteria doesn't survive too well in too much oxygen, which leads me to the #1 rule of basic vagina care:


Rule # 1: Ditch the Skivvies!

Your best bet for getting rid of that "swampy" feeling between your legs is letting the air in to dry it out. Makes sense, right?

There are a ton of sources on the internet that will tell you the advantages of not only going pantyless, but also sleeping commando. “Wearing no undergarments – or just cotton ones – allows the external genitals to dry and reduces bacteria growth that could otherwise make its way into your urethra and cause a bladder infection,” says Dr. Sherry Thomas, an OB-GYN and surgeon at St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Oxnard, California on CNN’s fast and easy tips.

I know that when it comes to having that monthly visitor, we women feel a lot more comfortable adding protection and support to keep from having any embarrassing leaks. This is totally understandable. With my Aunt Flo, I not only have to use a super absorbent torpedo-of-a-tampon, but also panty liners and sometimes even pads that transport me back to the tender age of 13 when I didn't know any better. On these magical, womanly occasions, for me, underwear is a necessity and a means for survival. But on days where my uterus doesn't seem to be trying to kill me, I ditch the skivvies and let my whole body take a deep breath from fresh air. It's an almost symbolic experience. You've escaped the relentless torture of menstruation for another 25 days or so and you are now a free woman, able to soak in the sunlight and go where you please.

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Rule # 2: Ditch The Products That Claim To Keep You Fresh Down There

Whenever your lady parts "start to act up", they are pretty much trying to tell you something. Pay attention to what they signs and symptoms are and, when in doubt, you can look to the internet to find out exactly what the issue is, which, quite honestly, could be a number of things.

My suggestion for just about anything is to drink more water!

You have a headache? Drink more water.

Your joints feel achy? Drink more water.

You're being attacked by a grizzly bear? Well, obviously you need to drink more water!

The same goes for vaginal health. You may start to notice a salty or sour odor as well as some rather bothersome discharge when you're not getting enough water a day. You can tell right away when your body is dehydrated if you analyze the color of your urine and the same goes for vaginal health if you know what to look for. You may even develop a UTI because of the lack of fluids you're receiving a day, so make sure that you are drinking your 8 glasses routinely.

Don't even reach for the douches on the pharmacy shelf. They will only disrupt your natural flora that is created to protect your lady parts. Besides, all a douche will really do is cover up the smell, much like a cheap air freshener that doesn't quite mask a curry smell but instead, turns it into a sweeter, more horrid curry smell. That's not to say that a vagina smells like curry, but I think you get my point. You know what the smell is, try mixing the smell of gardenia with it and you know that it's not going to smell any better.

When it comes to shower time, avoid using soap to clean yourself up, as well. Soap, especially the disinfectant kind, will also disrupt the natural harmony of good bacteria that helps protect you. In my opinion no one should be using antibacterial soap to begin with, unless, maybe, you're a doctor about to perform surgery. If that's the case you still probably don't need to use it on your genitals.

I'm not judging. Maybe you're one of those doctors with an extreme talent to pick up a scalpel without the use of your hands. Kudos to you, I guess, if you can.

My point is, our bodies are made up of all kinds of organisms that are developed to fight off harmful invaders that could make us sick. Every time you use hand sanitizer or something meant to kill "germs", you're also killing off the organisms that help, leaving you open and vulnerable to malicious attacks by the bad bacteria, fungal infections and even viruses. This is not only true for genital health, but your whole body.

So don't be fooled by products that claim to be specifically for your vagina. They will brand it as safe, beneficial and guaranteed to work, but the fact of the matter is, your body already has the ability to take care of itself, if you just know how to give it the TLC that it needs. These products will only make your body completely dependent on them like a never-ending circle of events. A bad habit in it's own right.

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8 Bit Underwear


Rule # 3: Ditch the Junk Food

A lot of sites, gynecologists, doctors, friends, family members, neighbors, strangers in the super market, etc, etc, will tell you that you should be eating yogurt with live cultures for a happy and healthy vagina. I'll be honest with you, I hate yogurt. The texture is less than to be desired and honestly, there a lot of other better things you can put in your mouth that doesn't resemble some kind of sour slime.

It's true, though. If you're one of those yogurt-eating types, then you should probably be eating the yogurt with live cultures in it. Not that fruity, sugary, moussey stuff that's meant to make you feel less guilty when it comes to dessert time, but the stuff that's eaten mostly because you have to eat it for health reasons.

Now, this rule can easily be turned into a long and painful novel about good foods and bad foods but I'll try to keep it short and sweet. To read a list of foods beneficial to your vagina health you can visit this link: Foods That Improve Your Vaginal Health by Jenny Hills

You know what you're supposed to eat and what you're not supposed to eat. Food that comes directly out of the earth is good. Food that has been turned into something else and placed in a box, can, bag, (fill in the blank) is usually bad. There are really no cheats as much as we like to believe.

"But this granola bar is made out of raisins and oats!"

Yeah but there's also a ton of high fructose corn syrup in there to make it palatable, and by the way, those raisins are chocolate chips.

"I've been eating those pre-made salads from the grocery store every day for lunch so I think I have a pretty good diet plan going on."

Yeah, except you're covering the entire salad with ranch and croutons, not to mention the entirety of leafy matter is iceberg lettuce which holds little to no nutritional value, which your body has a hard time digesting.

"I've ditched the chips and now I'm snacking on popcorn! It's a much healthier choice."

Except your body isn't meant to digest corn and it will just turn into sugar as it manages to break down in your digestive system.

The point is, we can try and tell ourselves that these "healthy alternatives" are actually helping us, but they're really not. I'm no saint and I indulge in the occasional burger or burrito every once in a while. There's nothing wrong with that. But moderation is always key and there are absolutely, 100% guaranteed no substitutions for real and natural nutrition. Eating healthy means actually eating food that has been picked from the ground, bush, tree or vine. Anything else and you are going to get chemicals, additives and other nonsense you probably don't want to know about that's doing your body no favors at all.

So if you have been binge eating tacos for the last week or have been drinking more soda than water lately, don't be too surprised when you've got something creepy going on in your underpants.

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Rule # 4: Ditch the Razors

This topic has become a little taboo in our culture in the last couple of decades. The subject at hand: Letting your pubic hair grow out even though most people like the clean-shaven look.

Believe it or not, the strange places that we have hair have a reason for being there. Eyebrows, for instance, have been an evolutionary tool for humans to keep sweat out of their eyes and to also show expression. Eye lashes have more of a purpose than just plumping up and making longer. Their purpose is to bat away any foreign objects that may try to fly into your eye ball. Pubic hair is meant for similar things. Obviously, not for showing expression... that'd be kind of weird... no, pubic hair is around to keep foreign objects from getting into places they shouldn't be. The hairs act like a spider web, ensnaring invaders, and keeping them away from the egg sac.

Sorry to those of you who have arachnophobia.

A lot of women have chosen to go "bare down there" for aesthetics and perhaps they even just don't like having body hair. I understand this all too well. But as you are grooming your pubic hair to make it more pleasing to the eye, you are also sacrificing vaginal health. You're breaking down the protective walls and now the Mongolian invaders can just come in and ransack your villages.

My suggestion for those of you who don't like to have too much hair is to maybe leave the hair where it actually matters and to trim the rest of it as you please along the upper pubic bone where it doesn't really matter so much.

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To conclude this article, I just wanted to sum up the four rules of naturally taking care of your lady parts.

Rule # 1: Try not wearing underwear more often. It will allow for oxygen to reach places you didn't know existed and make for a happier vagina.

Rule # 2: Avoid using fancy products to keep you clean. Your vagina already knows how to do that. Just stick to plain water and you should be fine.

Rule # 3: Pay attention to what you're eating. You may not be getting the optimal nutrition your body needs to evade harmful organisms.

Rule # 4: You have hair down there for a reason. Take advantage of your natural talent and let your body do it's job.

In these modern times we are all looking for the new quick fix and convenience that will help us be in tip top shape, but there wasn't ever anything wrong with the way our body did it's thing in the first place. I think what we all need is a little more understanding and education about what our bodies are actually capable of and be able to live healthfully because of it.


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