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Give Your Memory a Natural Boost with Power Foods

Updated on December 15, 2016

Over the years, memory power of the brain decreases. Although memory is affected by a lot of other factors, the food intake has a great effect on it. Memory depends a lot on diet and getting yourself to eat healthy brain-food is important to keep your memory good. Even children often become forgetful. There are some brain-foods that are known to rev up memory and the brain’s functionality.

Although your brain functions the best when combined with good habits like exercising, getting good amount of sleep and keeping your stress levels low, your diet is what is more important.

Memory boosting foods should contain omega 3 fatty acids, high in antioxidants and proteins. More leafy vegetables, fruits, salads, fish like salmon and tuna should be take for memory improvement.

Memory Boosting Foods

  1. Walnuts are ultimate brain-food. Looking exactly like the brain with the convolutions, walnuts are perfect nuts to enhance your memory.
  2. Eggs are rich in choline from which the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine is formed. It helps the brain work better and improves memory too. It helps in keeping the mind alert.
  3. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate in small quantities helps boost memory. The caffeine amounts in chocolate help the brain to function properly and make it more attentive and alert. But keep a check on the quantities.
  4. Tomatoes are filled with antioxidants called lycopenes. These help in building memory power and also prevent the risk of Alzheimer.
  5. Oily fish is a wonderful brain-food. A rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, fish like tuna, salmon or trout help in memory enhancement. If you are a vegetarian then you will find these fatty acids in soya bean oil, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, walnut oil and soya beans. These acids aid the overall health of a person as well as aid in enhancing brain functionality.
  6. Whole grains like brown cereals, wheat bread, wheatbran and oats help control cholesterol levels in the body as well as improve memory capacity of a person.
  7. An apple away keeps the doctor away? Apples are a rich source of antioxidant called quercetin which specially aids the mind to refresh and focus on the work assigned to it thereby increasing efficiency, brain power and improving memory.
  8. Spinach is well known for its help in making the brain function better. They make your brain sharp and enhance the speed of the brain, building better intellect. Spinach has vitamins which boost the brain. Greens like cabbage, broccoli and sprouts also should be included in the diet for good memory power.
  9. Apart from these, blackberries and green tea are a rich source of antioxidants which help in brain development. Soya beans, red beans, milk, carrots are a variety of foods which will be equally helpful. Flavanoids in asparagus and onions, fruits like red, blue or green grapes, cherries and beetroots help boost memory too. Adding at least a few of these foods in your diet will improve your memory soon enough. Remember that a slow improvement of vitamins in your body and protein intake will automatically rev up your memory power and overall brain development.


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