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Giving In To Stigma

Updated on November 14, 2013

Stigma and Blame

Mary suffered from stigma too...
Mary suffered from stigma too... | Source

Mentally Tuned Out

People everywhere, especially the mentally ill, are getting on board with the notion of "down with stigma." I can see, as a follower of stigma-related inquiries, that people are fighting to keep up with certain illnesses and the subject of "no stigma" on these illnesses. This is all fine and dandy. Everyone likes the statement that no person should stigmatize or judge another, especially in the mental health field. I am stating that we should tune out stigma, anti-stigma and judgment. Not only does the three aforementioned words and phrases need to be looked at with a dictionary, those entities need to be banished. Not stigmatizing people is like saying that we must control the wrong ideas of free-thinkers. Maybe education would work. Educate yourself on mental illness. Do not fret about another person's belief on certain words, definitions or phrasing.

Summarizing is one thing but when mental health related inquiries are thought of in a certain context, we should not act as though belief and criticism are abolished. There are many educated men and women in the mental health field that can see for themselves. In the mental health field, there are just as many advancements, treatments and principles as any other industry. So what if people are stigmatizing the entire field of study? I say that giving another person a chance is very helpful and shows an insight and educated overlook. Not only does the person with the disease know they are ill, people are going to stigmatize them regardless (with the disease or without the disease). Some powerless people came up with the whole notion of the "anti-stigma" campaigns. Trust is true. Why else would we still have depressed peoples that cannot fight for themselves gear themselves around one word or phrase?

I can tell you one thing. People are going to take an advantageous leap in any direction they see fit, mentally ill or not. People need to blame and point their fingers at certain functions, disciplines and sciences. Reluctant-to-believe is one way we can look at the individuals with the strength to stand up for what they believe in. I am not saying that these groups are correct or right. I am just stating that certain individuals are going to act out in any manner they see fit.

So...why is it that we must banish and abolish the people initiating stigma upon the mentally ill? I am sure they have a voice too. I am sure that these individuals have reasoning, smarts and intelligence. One reasoning behind helping out the most underemployed individuals, the mentally ill, is the concern not to blame others for what they have not done. It is hard to point the finger and be right, truthful and honest. I understand completely. I have been stigmatized for what I am, what I have done and blamed for unreasonable ways via accusations. I am just as normal as any other stigmatized individual.

You are too. You are just as normal as any other stigmatized individual. Trust me...people are going to be themselves. If you are a dog keeper or dog owner, you may not clean up your dog feces when walking your "retriever." But the model A citizen may clean up the dog feces. Should we stigmatize all dog owners for being dirty, causing the problem of waste in the public's eye and should we stigmatize the good for the bad? Some individuals know better while others are plain lazy. Being lazy is an illness too. Sometimes it takes strength and concern to act in manner in which we cannot agree upon. Blaming and stigmatizing the general public is just as prevalent as stigmatizing the mentally ill. The issue lies here...the mentally ill are by far the population that is stigmatized for the worst, grueling deeds. People are people. This in fact means that we are human, made to make error and then make corrections. We learn.

We are not just uneducated compared to animals. We are all people, people with regulation and concern.

All of everyone can learn from mistakes. The mistakes of a person can be understood as a singled-out instance and not the all-encompassing act of a community. This acknowledgement of past deeds done wrong can only be the betterment of society. Learn and educate on what has transpired. It is like a form of history we all can learn from.

In its own right, stigma can be something we learn from. We can study the name-callers, the finger-pointers and the blamers. We have something to learn from them too. Why are you blaming me? Why are you blaming them without evidence? Why are you stigmatizing the innocent? All of these three questions can be better understood under a heavy light and a real interrogator asking questions. So what if these people that stigmatize have no reasoning or real what?

I have seen people waste their breath for less. Let them be...let these individuals know that they only hold the power to blame others for what they have never done.

It is a form of allowance. It is like the Boy Scout pledge. I, "enter name here," allow you, the blamer, to stigmatize me. This puts power in the form of self-empowerment into the mentally-ill's way of leveraging their motives, methods and sustains an environment in which they can have voice.

Truthfully, people are going to act, behave and say what they wish when they desire. There is not stopping people. We are all on the same planet, Earth. Earth has allowed for us to blame, annoy and coerce others. Why stop now? Why stop you from being you? The mentally ill are going to be themselves just as you might be yourself. There is not a way to stop that. Enjoy the process and let go...let go.

To recap...stigma is wrong but it is an everlasting survivor. People will get stigmatized and let down by others. Campaigns and community will not stop the everlasting form of blaming others. Blaming is king in the fields of the uneducated. Please learn about what you are dealing with or fall victim to knowing less than the subjects that are being blamed.

How many people have you stigmatized lately?

How many people have you stigmatized lately?

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