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A Natural Treatment for Glaucoma and Cataracts with EM-X Gold.

Updated on January 6, 2014

How EM-X Gold Reversed One Mans Glaucoma

This article represents the positive effects Dr Yoshihiro Takano had from using EM-X Gold to treat the symptoms of 'Glaucoma', (Retinitis pigmentosa) from which he was suffering, in order to make known to readers of this hub, that there is a possible solution to this condition.

Glaucoma is described as a progressive disorder of the retina, with genetic origins. Over time ones field of vision steadily becomes more and more constricted, and distinguishing colours is affected, so much so, everything appears in black and white. It is deemed an intractable disease which ultimately ends with loss of vision and there is no none cure.

During 2006 Dr Takano's vision was failing and he was finding it increasingly difficult to walk up and down stairs. In 2008 he began taking EM-X Gold and within a few weeks his field of vision improved along with his ability to distinguish colours; he then reported his developments to the EMTM Medical Conference that November. various tests showed that the progress of the disease has been halted and that his symptoms have improved. He personally commented that he might be the first person to be cured of this disease; however there is no confirmation of this.

In addition to taking EM-X Gold, he also included taking EM Ceramic powders as part of his treatment to reverse the effects of glaucoma. Again, he stated that his vision has significantly improved to the extent that he could now distinguish the colours of 5 different coloured pens.

It is believed that the majority of eye diseases are caused by powerful free radicals affecting the function of DNA to work properly. Therefore, because of EM-X Gold high anti-oxidant content, EM has the power to eliminate free radicals and thus restore damaged cells to normal function.

A Natural Solution for Cataracts

In addition, as a remedy for glaucoma, there are a number of reported cases where applying drops of EM-X Gold into the eyes 5-8 times per day has made cataracts vanish completely, thus restoring sight to people afflicted to this condition.

Glaucoma relief with EM-X Gold


EM-X Gold a Revolutionary Nutritional Health Supplement

EM-X Gold is a revolutionary nutritional health supplement based on 15 years of detailed research carried out in Japan and is full of antioxidants, minerals and other bio-active substances that helps to restore and prevent damage to cells by free radicals from the food we eat and the environment.

EM-X Gold is a fermented health supplement drink made through a unique fermentation process using beneficial and effective micro-organisms (EM) that are used in many other food processes. EM is fermented with molasses, yeasts and micro-organisms, along with seawater derived magnesium chloride and coral calcium. The microbes digest the ingredients, releasing the naturally occurring nutrients which are then easily absorbed by the body.

EM-X Gold is 100% organic liquid extract, golden coloured and tasteless, and be taken on its own or with another drink, hot or cold. The liquid contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and other phytonutrients designed to work together to maximize the bodies own healing powers, just 10-30mls a day is enough to start the process.

Dr Teruo Higa Creator of EM-X Gold

Drink yourself back to health with EM-X Gold
Drink yourself back to health with EM-X Gold

EM-X Gold is Part of a Range of EM Products

EM-X Gold is one product from a range of products including EM or Effective Micro-organisms, developed by Prof. Teruo Higa, from EM Technology, Okinawa, Japan.

Through his research into various micro-organisms including: photosynthetic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria and yeasts, he has develop a product which includes all these types of bacteria in one stock solution. Rather than being antagonistic towards one another, they work together to bring the environment back into balance.

Primarily developed for agricultural use to improve crop production, the number of EM products has increased to include, EM Eden Cleaning Product, EM Ceramics, EM Jewellery and EM Toiletries, as well as EM Health Products. As a result the number of applications EM can be used has increased over the years and includes, the environment, water treatment, industrial uses, home cleaning, limescale prevention and various medical conditions.

The Benefits of EMX-Gold in the Fight Against Glaucoma, Cataracts and Other Eye Disorders

Has a powerful anti-oxidant effect

Blocks free-radicals

Removes poisons from the body

Boosts bodies natural immune system

Has been shown to reverse incurable diseases.

The Power of Antioxidants and Minerals to Heal the Body

Every day we breath in many litres of oxygen required to burn the food we eat to provide us with energy. This is called oxidation, however, to much oxygen can have a negative impact on the body.; antioxidants help to prevent or slow down this process.

Our environment is full of oxidized substances or may cause oxidation within our bodies and these include: smoking, alcohol, stress, conventional medicines, exhaust fumes, industrial emissions, agricultural, industrial and household chemicals, and preservatives used in food preparations.

Around every cell in the body is the cell membrane which contains unsaturated fatty acids and it is when the aggressive oxygen is able to attack the fatty acids, causing malfunction of the cell membrane and therefore harmful effects on the human body.

The process of oxidation is whereby a molecule gives off electrons and combines with oxygen, but when sufficient antioxidants are present, oxidation is prevented and the reverse happens, electrons are given back to the fatty acids.

EM-X Gold contains the following anti-oxidants:

Alpha-Tocopherol - Vitamin E

Flavonoids - Helps with allergies, anti-inflammatory

Gamma-Oryzanolu - Stimulates the pain-relieving endorphins

Ubichinone (CoEnzyme Q10) and Lycopene

Whilst EM-X Gold is full of antioxidants, it is important that one eats a healthy diet, full of natural, mineral rich foods and not processed food, or drink too many fizzy drinks which are highly oxidative and will therefore have a negative impact on the body.

Use EM in Every Part of Your Life.

As already stated, EM-X Gold is one of a range of products that utilises the power of EM to improve our lives and the environment. We are now reaping the results of the use of a myriad of different chemicals which are having a gradual cumulative affect on us and the environment. The consequences are the increase in various health conditions and a resistance to antibiotics.

Therefore, in order to achieve a healthier environment in which to live, resist using chemical cleaners, such as bleach, these are highly oxidative and have a detrimental effect on us and the environment. Consider carefully the type of medication you are taking, because the side effects can have a negative impact on other parts of the body.

EM in all its forms will have a positive effect on you and the environment, restoring the natural balance. Use EM Cleaning products to clean with and use EM Ceramics to reduce washing powder usage and prevent limescale forming in your kettle.


Whilst I encourage the use of all EM products, I do not accept any responsibility for there usage.

Information is taken from, other websites promoting EM and books by Dr Teruo Higa - An Earth Saving Revolution Vol 1 and 2, and Our Future Reborn.

by Alistair Olver

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© 2013 Alistair Olver


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