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Forgiveness and Healing

Updated on July 18, 2013

New Paradigm Shift

The Root of the Old Paradigm blocks Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a word that is thrown around loosely. The pros and cons of forgiving a person comes out rapidly from mouths on a constant bases. Those who are pro it will tell you it will help you, while those against it will say, how can someone forgive such a monster? Most religions will advise their followers to forgive, yet the Gods of these religions will put their wrath on a person. How can a human forgive, when their God will cast one in hell for simply not believing in him? Forgiveness comes with many overtones of confusion to a person’s mind. It seems reasonable to believe if God can’t why should I? This old paradigm has lead the way to many diseases of the soul. It has been the cause of different types of destruction to our world. It has lend a hand towards prejudice, bigotry and ego grandeur. In reality, it has been responsible for preventing earth and its’ inhabitants from healing.

This old paradigm cannot bring utopia to our world. It cannot usher in peace and love. It will never open up to embrace all the different types of human experiences. It only teaches that one small section of the human race will continue, and the rest will fall by the way side. It leaves no room for forgiveness, for if their Gods cannot embrace with love anyone who will not follow them, why should we? As long as this paradigm is set in stone, forgiveness is always an option.

Forgiveness is not an Option. Forgiveness is mandatory for a person to fully heal. Healing does not mean the damage done to us never existed. To believe such, is to discredit what you have experience. This means the damage is unable to control who we are today, and aim to be in the future. There have been terrible acts down to people from the beginning of the human existence. There will continue to be horrific acts done to humans in the future. The old paradigm speaking of an eye for an eye contributes to this. This old paradigm is so filtered through our blood, our brain and our way of being, that we do not heal. We cannot heal as an individual, community or human race, as long as we embrace it.

There now is a turning away from this mind-set, which is putting a dent in the global consciousness. These people do understand that it is the very act of forgiveness that will change our world.

Global Evolution

Paradigm Shifting in the Global Evolution

This is a short excerpt on Bruce Lipton's video. You can find the full version on You Tube.

Anyone who is hoping for peace, would benefit from listening to his video.

Full Version of Spontaneous Evolution

Do You Believe We can Change the World?

Do you believe that we can change the conscious of this world?

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Forgiveness and Healing

A shift on views about Forgiveness

If love is the answer, than forgiveness is the method used to enact love. Loving our neighbors is not a new concept. Religions and their Gods teach this. Artist, song writer, poets and writers have scribed about this for eons. It has been the constant steady beat through the centuries. We are aware of it, as it runs parallel with hate. Hate, revenge and love share the same road, but the latter is more of a whisper. The meaning has been misconstrued by humans. Love your neighbors for them comes with conditions. As long as this stays in motion, forgiveness becomes obsolete. The new paradigm of global consciousness is becoming aware that the old views are responsible for the upheaval of our world, and a shift is vital

Forgiveness is a one-person act. It starts with each of us learning to forgive everyone. Why is this important? The human race is coming close to extinction. We are doing it to ourselves. It is not a God act. It is the act of humans’ hate, anger and greed. When we can eliminate these qualities, we are on the road of healing. The way to do this is forgiveness. Forgiveness does not mean we forget. How can we forget the atrocities that have been part of human’s history, or even those done to us personally? We do not forget, but we will not be held prisoner to those events. The inability to forgive is felt by us as shackles around our body. We walk around in chains, which are attached to that event or events. It is those events that guide us in the present time, by preventing the healing, which is truly needed. Forgiveness is a personal issue, which must start inside. We must forgive those who have harmed us, so we can set ourselves free.

Forgiveness can be done, and people are doing it daily. We now understand that change must come from within. Even though this is not a new concept, and sages have been scribing to this for ages, we now have proof in scientific facts. It is a fact that we do create reality. It is our hate and our love that has contributed to global consciousness. If what we have created is doomsday, can we not create heaven on earth? This is what many are working on now. They know that forgiveness and action are the keys. They are the warriors now of our world, as they rush in to educate those who will listen.

Gift of Forgiveness

Paradigm Shifting into Action

Action is bringing information to those who will at least ponder it. Action is to not draw lines that this group is bad, while this group is good. That is still connected to the old paradigm. The old paradigm has not worked, so we use forgiveness as our first tool, than we show the people a new tool. We do not tell a person that their religion or political beliefs are bad. This is repetitive of the old. We though offer them a seed by speaking to them of the knowledge we carry. A seed is to be pondered. The difference here is we do not judge them for whatever action they take. If one cannot see our truths as valid, we let it go, but not them. We do not hold court inside our head that they are stupid, or God will punish them. We practice loving them unconditionally. This is the action on a global bases.

The action on the individual bases is the same, yet we do have to discern if we wish them in our lives. Realistically, a rapist, murder, drama queen/king and energy vampire are not those we would wish to carry in our life, but we actually do this either on an emotional level. Forgiveness releases our attachment to them. If our family has caused us serious harm, we forgive them, and then make a choice to keep them around or let go. The individual choices of our action will aid us in healing or prevent us from it. It is personal choice.

The shift of global consciousness is also about releasing the fear of not having enough. This usually is the underlining factor of greed. We are realizing that through comparing ourselves with what others have is detrimental to our health. We will need to forgive ourselves for our own greed and fears. We will need to forgive ourselves for trying to receive another’s approval. This type of forgiveness starts us into honoring our true self, and make choices that will support it.

Our actions will turn into the light that others can follow. They will see that we possess a peacefulness, and the dare to live without hate, greed and revenge. They will see that by our eyes and our actions we walk in light. We become a beacon of light, even for those who hold on to their fear of being authentic. We will show them through our words and actions that even during moments of fear, it was love and forgiveness that carried us through to the other end.

This new global consciousness is available to everyone. It offers away to save our world. It offers the key, which is forgiveness. We can take action today, even by the tiniest step. Every step is action towards love. Love that is unconditional.


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    • Renee Abbott profile image

      Renee Abbott 4 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you Billy. Yes it does start from within and than encases global.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Forgiveness is an inside job, and one act of forgiveness added to another, and another, and soon we are looking at global.

      I love any hub that has the word "paradigm" in it. :)