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Global Crisis: Teacher Shortage

Updated on May 27, 2013

Global Crisis: Teacher Shortage

I get asked a lot about how to find one’s purpose in life. My answer is always the same. We are all here to learn and to teach. These two activities embody our highest purpose in life. To sit amongst friends or strangers, the young or the old and learn from them is a blessing. To then share the wisdom we have gained aligns us with our highest purpose in life: teaching and sharing wisdom. Learning allows us to climb the ladder of wisdom. Teaching allows us to lift others up as we climb. You can climb a mountain, snorkel through the depths of the deepest ocean, become a rock star, make money, or buy a mansion the size of earth; however, I guarantee you that nothing will be more eternal and fulfilling than sitting down with a hungry soul and sharing the wisdom of your survival story.

In a world of 7 billion people, it is imperative that we all become teachers to satiate the massive hunger for wisdom. If you think there is a shortage of good teachers in our public school system then you have not yet began to grasp the shortage of good teachers in the university of life. What the world needs now is wisdom. Lots and lots of it. Yet, there is a grave shortage of teachers to be carriers of that wisdom. Indeed, when the pupil is ready the teacher appears. However, if you never appear in your classroom (because you doubt your capability as a teacher or simply eschew the role) your students will sit there hungry, lost, forgotten. The prison system is replete with students whose teachers never appear. The graveyard is stacked with students whose teachers never appear. The mental wards, the edge of cliffs and the belly of depression are full of students whose teachers never appeared. In fact, I believe the gravest of life’s infractions is for us to go through our entire existence here on earth and never stop to share any wisdom with others. When we are inwardly focused we become obsessed with our wants and we mistakenly think that we have nothing to give. Remember, what the world needs now is wisdom, pure wisdom. People can use our wisdom more than our money or other material possessions.

So I hope you join me on my own journey of sharing the wisdom I have learned during my 25 year tenure in corporate America as well as throughout my own life. Each week (Monday mornings) I will share a life lesson and will tweet interactively throughout the week on that topic. The topics will mostly come from two of my upcoming books: The Five P’s of a Purpose Driven Life and The Seven Words That Energize My Life. Going forward, I will incorporate a webcast on every other Thursday as well as live sessions in the office of Elite Financial Management, located in downtown Newark New Jersey (5 minutes away from Newark Penn Station). Stay tuned.

I challenge you today to begin to take note of what lessons you have learned that have helped you to navigate and survive your journey so far. This is how you prepare your lesson plan. The more things you write down the more you will have to teach. Let me know how it is coming along.


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