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Gluten Free by Lisa

Updated on May 8, 2011

My Gluten Free Story

My gluten free story was a little different to most.

I was not born celiac nor have I had gluten intolerance all my life.

Two years ago, I was 35 years old I was having extreme bloating the kind that your tummy blows up full of air it was extremely uncomfortable.

I would get stomach pains, I would have to put on track pants as I could not fit my jeans, (I love my jeans) and I would not sleep well at all. I felt like to get me anywhere you had to roll me.

Simply went over to visit my sister in law one weekend like we do always, I always talked about health stuff as she was a walking encyclopedia on any topic like this. She has amazing books talking about natural remedies, she loves apple cider has a shelf full of homeopathy. (You get the idea right).

Anyway like quite a few weekends we end up in kitchen and I just had lunch I simply said I am sick of feeling like I could be rolled out the door. She looked at me and said “Lisa that is not normal, you did not eat that much” I said I know, I hardly eat much as soon as I do I blow up. “Lisa have you ever tried just to cut out wheat products & gluten?”. Me being the hugest skeptic ever said, yeah right.

“Tell you what Lisa, try it for one week and see if it feels different”. I promised my sister in law I would and we got on with having some fun as you do.

Well I did try it for that week, after two days I no longer had any problems. Just to let you know who I was at that stage, I was the person that told everyone people played on being sick! Ha! Now I go gluten free everywhere and guess what no tummy blowing up. I thought to myself I should get tested but then I found out you had to go back on old diet for a week, no way was I doing that so gave that idea the flick.

Here I am 2 years later still gluten free. I know it is a good thing because ever so often I think I am immune and eat a biscuit with wheat, well on go the track pants again and indigestion tablets and well I sleep bad. So I have learn better to have a nice quality life and life with in my capabilities.

I can say it was lucky I love vegetables and fruit cause at times that is the most affordable way to get food in me. So I am still gluten free. I do not like it but it is better than having to roll out the door.

I am sharing my story to let you know you should not be so hard on people that have eating disorders or gluten free living or celiac. Believe me they would rather not have to deal with it. It is what is is and you move on and get on with life.

Not born with Gluten Free Prognosis

I was not born being gluten free, I just had to adapt.  Read my story maybe it will make you learn how it is like.
I was not born being gluten free, I just had to adapt. Read my story maybe it will make you learn how it is like. | Source

We are Extremely Lucky to be in 2011

My mum shared with me there was no such thing as Gluten Free in her day, it really was not heard of a lot. I just simply said, mum I think we are just more aware. There were probably heaps that felt like I did. Mum agreed.

Now days it is amazing how many ideas, insights and people that have stated huge value for living this way. I lost a lot of weight when I went gluten free. I had to share this wonderful ladies resource. So I found this lady that could help me and share her amazing tool. Here name & picture are below, this week I am a blond so thought i better share my updated hair color, (hahahaha)

Food Empowerment Counselor is Hollys expertise.

I was glad to find Holly.


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