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Glycemic Load and Index and Weight Loss

Updated on February 15, 2013

Knowing the glycemic load and index of the foods you put in your plates makes a big difference in the carbohydrates and calories you consume in your daily diets.

If you're serious about weight loss, I suggest you read on.

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Glycemic index is the measure of how fast the carbohydrates in foods are converted into sugar in our bloodstream. The higher glycemic index, the faster your blood sugar rises.

For weight loss, you would like to eat foods with low glycemic index. The foods are with low glycemic index have a GI of 55 and below.

Foods with glycemic index of 70 and above are considered high. You don't want to eat a lot of these foods.

Glycemic load, on the other hand takes the glycemic index on a higher level. Glycemic load measures the quantity of carbohydrates per serving of these foods. Foods with glycemic load of 10 below in considered low; while 20 up, high.

More Value to the Glycemic Index

For people trying to lose weight or those concerned with their blood sugar, it pays to take note both the glycemic load and index of food for a more wholistic view.

Looking at the glycemic index of food alone may not reflect the true effect of carbohydrates or sugar to our bloodstream.

Let's take for example the watermelon. This fruit has a high glycemic index of above 70. One would automatically think that eating this fruit could cause a spike in his sugar level. However, watermelon carries a very low glycemic load of 4. It contains very little carbohydrates in every serving that eating them wouldn't cause much of a sugar rush.

Opposing Glycemic Load and Index

Most of the foods with low glycemic index have low glycemic load, as well. They are not necessarily foods with high in calories. In fact, there are low-calorie foods with opposing glycemic load and index. Watermelon is a very good example of this.

Below are some of the other foods, similar to watermelon. Eat them at the right portions to avoid causing a spike in your sugar levels.

- bananas

- watermelons

- carrots

- honey

- oatmeals

- cantaloupe

- papaya

- kiwi

List of Foods with Low Glycemic Load and Index

Here are some of the foods with low glycemic load and index. Enjoy eating them at the right portions and serving.

- apples

- grapes

- strawberries

- plum

- tomato juice

- whole milk

- yogurt

- grapefruits

- oranges

- pear

- prunes

- black beans

- soy beans

- peanuts

- hummus

- tomato

- broccoli

- cabbage

- celery

- cauliflower

- mushrooms

- chicken

- eggs

- fish

- pork

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    • cloverleaffarm profile image

      Healing Herbalist 5 years ago from The Hamlet of Effingham

      Great hub. This is how I lost 75 pounds. I wrote a hub about how I did it all. Thanks for sharing, more people should eat this way anyway, because it is healthier. Voted up.