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Glyconutrients- Scam Or Sugars That Heal?

Updated on May 29, 2013

Sugars That Heal!? What an attractive concept.

This site is about some research I have done on glyconutrients (also known as "sugars that heal).  I try not to be too skeptical but I am suspicious. ; I have filled this lens with links from many stand points of research and opinion.  As a long term diabetic, I have tried many things that just do not work and when something does I get excited.  However, with the jury out, I thought it wise to report to the reader and let her decide for herself.

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Glyconutrients Scam? Against Glyconutrients? You Decide! Articles Of Differing Opinions

You decide!

Glyconutrients Scam?  Against Glyconutrients?  You Decide!  Articles Of Differing Opinions

  1. Glyconutrients honest info : by Ray Sahelian, M.D., scam or ... - glyconutrients definition, hype or truth? should you buy glyconutrients or scamglyconutrient supplement diabetes cancer.
  2. Ask the Experts, January 2006 Keep in mind: Glyconutrients are sold primarily via multilevel marketing. ... Oxygenated water is a scam. UC Berkeley Wellness Letter, January 2006 ...
  3. Mannatech Glyconutrients takes this approach to carbs for energy a step further and .... Mannatech is not a scam at all. I personally know people who sell it and I ...
  4. Scam Watch - Mannatech Fraud Multi-level Marketing; Further reading about the mannetech scam: read this ... Are Glyconutrients really a Down Syndrome Treatment? No, read this. ...
  5. Mark’s Daily Apple » Blog Archive » Glyconutrients: a Sweet Scam For the record, “glyconutrients” are worse than bogus - they are a scam. This term was invented by a multi-level marketing company called Mannatech. ...
  6. Health Benefits of Glyconutrients Glyconutrient Reference Guide. Are Glyconutrients a scam? Are Glyconutrients a scam? This question is asked quite often and there are many differing ...
  7. Alternative Medicine Forum - Glyconutrients For Health Mannatech’s discovery and patented technology on glyconutrients was one of ... It is a pyramid scam, when you have run out of friends and family to try to ...
  8. » Is Mannatech a Scam? Glyconutrients, Mannatech and Ambrotose It’s the plant-derived glyconutrient complex (brand name, Ambrotose)” says Eugene Fox. Mr Fox said Mannatech was established when founders Sam and Linda ...
  9. Erik's Multiple Sclerosis & Lyme Blog: I was Wrong Glyconutrients ... Apparently I have been wrong this whole time about Glyconutrients. If only Stacy would have commented .... I am saying that multi-level marketing is a scam. ...
  10. Glyconutrients - SACanada Forums That was NOT an idictment against glyconutrients or Mannatech or its products, but against the doctor for his practices. The US Federal Trade Commission got ...
  11. Glyconutrients help our body in its fight against cancer - The ... In addition, a lack of these glyconutrients have been linked to the spread of cancer cells throughout the body. What we now know is that we are all ...
  12. Usefulness of Glyconutrients - Naked Scientists Discussion Forum For what it's worth,I thought I would add my personal story to the list of arguments for and against glyconutrients. I am very grateful that a friend ...
  13. Glyconutrient - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia There are no reliable, controlled studies to show that glyconutrients provide any improvement against any medical disorder. [6] ...
  14. Me By The Sea So, our family battle against glyconutrients aka Ambrotose or whatever other catchy name they want to use didn't end. A few days later, a thick booklet ...
  15. Glyconutrient supplements and other essential compounds Because of these basic functions, glyconutrients are necessary to defend the body against diseases, and to recuperate from most diseases. ...
  16. Sugars that heal - Glyconutrients swicki - powered by eurekster 1This result has 1 votes; Vote for this result; Vote against this result ...

Let Amazon help in your understanding of glyconutrients - Sugars that Heal

What Foods Contain Glyconutrients "Sugars that Heal"

Article - The Eight Essential Sugars

The Eight Essential Sugars

Nutritional science has long identified the eight essential amino acids (proteins) that serve as the building blocks for the body. These are  leucine, isoleucine, lysine, valine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine and tryptophan. Getting all of these eight essential amino acids is the reason for understanding the principles of protein complementarity (eating both grains and legumes at each meal). These amino acids are called "essential" because the body cannot produce them and they MUST be obtained from diet.

(Read the rest of the article from Glyconutrients and Cancer

Glyconutrients and Diabetes (you decide) "Sugars that Heal"

Opinion of ... Jason Carriere - an alternative health advocate and wellness crusader, specializing in glyconutrient education

Diabetes and Glyconutrients

Today, most people with diabetes are only treating the symptoms. And many medications given to people with diabetes are actually compounding the underlying cause of the disease.  The best way to manage your diabetic condition is to address the actual cause. Doesn't that make more sense? So let's look at what type 2 diabetes really is.

The Simple Explanation

Other than the genes you inherited, there are two primary causes of diabetes:

1) a long-term diet that has been high in carbohydrates, and
2) nutritional deficiencies.

Your body breaks down carbohydrates into sugar (glucose) which then enters your blood stream. The more carbohydrates consumed, the higher your blood sugar goes. In response, your body produces insulin. Insulin's job is to push the blood sugar into the cells so they can use it for energy.  On the surface of the cells in your body are insulin receptors, which act like little doors that open and close to regulate the inflow of blood sugar.  After many years of consuming a high-carbohydrate diet, your cells have been bombarded with so much insulin that these doors begin to malfunction and shut down.

With fewer of these doors open, your body needs to produce even more insulin to push the glucose into the cells. More insulin causes even more doors to close and as this vicious cycle continues a condition called "insulin resistance" sets in.  When your body can no longer produce enough insulin to push the blood sugar into the cells, type 2 diabetes develops. It is simply an extreme case of insulin resistance.

The key point for you to understand is that your energy, wellness and longevity are primarily dependent on improving the sensitivity of your cells to insulin -- how well your cells open and close the doors and clear sugar from the blood.

What's the Bottom Line?

Since type 2 diabetes is really a severe case of insulin resistance, the solution to your condition is to find a way to increase the sensitivity of your cells to insulin and help your body get the sugar out of the blood and into the cells so it can be metabolized and turned into energy. (This inability to metabolize sugar is one of the reasons why most diabetics often feel tired and fatigued.)

The Deadly Effects of Excess Insulin

Your "metabolism" is the food processing and energy production system of your body. It is made up of many extremely fine-tuned internal processes, and can be thrown off by even the tiniest of imbalances.  Insulin is the master hormone of your metabolism. When it is out of balance and your insulin levels are consistently elevated, a long list of deadly complications are created:

* Heart Disease
* Hardening of the Arteries
* Damage to Artery Wallsv * Increased Cholesterol Levels
* Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies
* Kidney Disease
* Fat Burning Mechanism Shutdown
* Accumulation & Storage of Fat
* Weight Gain

In his best-selling book, "Protein Power," Dr. Michael Eades wrote, "When insulin levels become too high... metabolic havoc ensues with elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, diabetes, and obesity all trailing in its wake. These disorders are merely symptoms of a single more basic disturbance in metabolism, excess insulin and insulin resistance."

Nutritional Deficiencies from Excess Insulin

Science has shown that excess insulin also causes your body to become deficient in many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It's a proven fact that being deficient in these nutrients is directly linked to and a cause of high blood sugar levels.


Chromium is essential to proper metabolism and maintaining safe sugar levels. Excess insulin depletes your body's chromium. In "Protein Power," Dr. Eades further states, "The insulin receptor, the structure on the surfaces of your cells that actually become resistant to insulin, requires chromium to function properly. Deficiency of chromium is rampant - it affects 90% of the American population - because a diet high in starch and sugar puts a heavy demand on the insulin system to handle the incoming carbohydrate load, and that demand depletes chromium."

Chromium is critical to blood sugar metabolism and, and as a diabetic you can be pretty sure that you are severely deficient in this nutrient. If you ever wondered where your "sweet tooth" and sugar cravings come from, now you know - chromium deficiency!  Calcium and Magnesium are also depleted by excess insulin, which can cause many problems, as they are critical to over 200 biochemical processes in your body.  Other very important nutrients that excess insulin causes deficiencies in are Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vanadium, B Complex vitamins, essential fatty acids, and many more.  Now that you know how and why people develop type 2 diabetes and know some of the consequences of not controlling your blood sugar level, here are your choices:  You can continue on with what you've been doing... Or you can research the science and testimonials surrounding Glyconutrients.  Fortunately, your body has miraculous healing powers, is very resilient and operates in a very intelligent manner. If you give it the right fuel and the right nutrients, it will respond very quickly. Some exercise and the right attitude also help!

The first step is to switch your body from an out-of-control, nutrient-depleting and fat-storing machine into a clean, nutrient-rich, fat-burning machine!  To do this you must:

1) Restrict the carbohydrates in your diet, and
2) Take the right nutritional supplements.

These two actions are not optional or negotiable! Your body will only burn fat (and properly utilize nutrients) if its metabolism is balanced. Doing 1 and 2 above on a regular basis is the only way to address the root cause of your diabetic problem and balance your body's metabolism for the long-term.

Jason Carriere is an alternative health advocate and wellness crusader, specializing in glyconutrient education.

This article and many more can be read on my Diabetes Mellitus Info Website:

Please Sign my guestbook - Sugars that Heal - What is your opinion of glyconutrients?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Interesting article I always grew some alo in my garden and blended it up to drink but never drank it regularly enough. Yet it's there again to use thanks for renewing my interest. Peter.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      If you do you own research you will find that glycobiology and glyconutrients are new so there are not a ton of studies and millions of dollars to pay for all the expensive tests for FDA approvals that big pharma has no problem paying for, if something works it doesn't give you the right to legally say it without approval in some cases. I guess you need to do your own research of what glyconutrients are and what glycobiology is too. Mannatech Products

    • ChrisDay LM profile image

      ChrisDay LM 

      8 years ago

      No smoke without fire but medicine has always been bedevilled by the phenomenon of the aggressively marketed 'panacea'. Things usually settle down to their proper balance (eventually) after all the hype.

    • nenierhea profile image


      8 years ago

      Autistic children needs some variety of vitamins and supplements to control their behavior. Using these kind of supplements makes their condition better and not lead to aggression and irritability.


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