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Go Green! - How To Have a Green and Healthy Lifestyle

Updated on October 30, 2014
Go Green! - How to have a Green and Healthy Lifestyle!
Go Green! - How to have a Green and Healthy Lifestyle!

Our Future Depends on You!

"Go Green" is Now the "New Trend" It is now everywhere you look! In Today's Society with the economy and environment, everyone is starting to be concerned which brings about


I want to list some "Go Green" Tips that you can make for changes in your home and lifestyle!

"Go Green:" encourages you to improve your health while embracing "Mother Earth"

Making some few and easy simple changes in your life and home, can help make the environment and home a safer and more healthier place to live!

I want to encourage you to make these changes because it is not only for you, but for our future generations and planet earth :)


Simple changes to Make at Home and Work

Walk, Bus, Bike or Carpool: When walking riding the Bus, riding a Bike or Carpooling, first you will be saving Gas Money. (In todays economy it is definately doable) You will not only be saving money but you will be saving emissions. Also, if you ride a bike you will be getting exercise which will benefit your health as well. When Riding the Bus, you can buy weekly or monthly bus passes, which costs about 17 dollars a month depending on the service, when you could be spending easily 4 dollars per gallon, which is roughly 30 to 60 dollars per week in gas money. You could be saving so much money plus helping the eviroment as well.

Shopping at your local Farmers Market: Supporting your local Farmers can save resources spent on Long distance shipping plus you will be eating healthier and live longer.

( Please see my article on "What is a GMO" which will encourage to shop at your local farmers market)

Get a Re-Usable Water Bottle: Millions of people are not recycling plastic, which means Millions of them end up in a landfill and rivers everywhere, not to mention plastic, doesn't easily decompose either. Using a Large 5 gallon bottle in a water dispenser, can save you tons of plastic and money. Most 5 gallon water fills are about 1.50 verses 1.10 per Plastic Gallon which then saves you approximately 4 dollars per 5 gallons. that is a Major cost in savings and also helping the enviroment as well. I have a great article on "How much water do I need to drink daily."

Re-Usable Lunch Boxes: Use reusable plastic containers, instead of wasting paper. This saves money and trees.

Start a Garden in your backyard: Starting a Garden not only saves your money from your local grocery store or farmers market, but it is a tremendous amount of exercise, which is really healthy, and you will be getting great tasting homegrown, GMO, pesticide free which is healthier and better tasting as well. I would start with a small garden untill you get the hang of it. Just simply growing some cucumbers or tomatoes would be an easy start and taste so much better than store bought :)

Plant Trees: Trees fight gloablal warming by drawing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and its a great way to get some great exercise and family fun plus Tree's provide shade and add beauty to parks and your local neighborhoods

Go Green! How to live a Greener and Healthier Lifestyle.
Go Green! How to live a Greener and Healthier Lifestyle.
Go Green! How to have a Greener and Healthier Lifestyle.
Go Green! How to have a Greener and Healthier Lifestyle.
Go Green!- How to live a Greener and Healthier Lifestyle
Go Green!- How to live a Greener and Healthier Lifestyle

Switch Light Bulbs: Switch all your light bulbs to the CFL light bulbs that go from 120- 70 Watts to the 22 to 3 Watt Light bulbs, saves money and energy, also open your windows to let natural light in, which is much better for your health and saves money on your electric bill.

Washing Clothes in Cold Water: Wash your clothes in Cold water instead of Hot water so you can save money, Also Use Natural softeners such as Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Which is a water softener and naturally will soften you clothes so that its Not toxic to your skin with chemicals etc. I used 1/2 cup per load.. works great :) Line dry laundry, Clothes dry much faster and saves you a ton of money on your electric bill, believe it or not but most wrinkles will not exist in hanged dry clothes, and will save money on your ironing.

Cleaning Counter tops with Baking Soda and (ACV) in Sinks, Glass and Chrome:Baking soda works just as good as Comet for countertops and its toxic free, also cleans a refrigerator great and gets rid of smells, Using ACV, Will clean Glass windows, get rid of lime deposits, and shine the chrome on your water faucets. Using a Fresh Lemon for your sink disposal gets rid of smells by grinding the rines in the disposal. Giving a Lemon Fresh smell to your kitchen you can also use oranges to :)

Replacing all cleaning items with vinegar as a spray and baking soda as an Ajax will get rid of all the poisonous smells and odors that are cancer causing agents. Vinegar is a very effective cleaner that kills most germs up to 99.9 present and molds as well. Baking Soda is great like an Ajax and is very effective for scrubbing dishes and counters. The bonus of these items are they are harm free. So if your looking for a NON-Toxic NON-cancerous environment and to Save MONEY this is the way to go. A big bottle of vinegar costs about 2 dollars and baking soda is .50 cents to 1 dollar. So for two dollars and fifty cents? Is saving you money.

Eat Organic Foods: Eating organic foods is not only healthier, but it is also cheaper. Eating more fruits and vegetables helps you to live longer and a healthier life, and also is cheaper and helps your local farmers and saves gas money on traveling expenses that other food retailers use. (Also eating organic, is pesticide and chemical free as well as GMO free) Please read my Article on "What is a GMO Food" and also "Why should I eat organic and not GMO? "

Saving Money and Living in a Cleaner Greener Enviroment Benefits everyone!

Thank you so much for Stopping by to read this article and Don't forget to "Go Green - to live a Greener and Healthier Lifestyle" Making better lifestyle choices, can not only save you money but help you to lead a more healthier life. Please check out my other amazing articles on Health and Nutrition as well!

Staying healthy


© 2011 butterflystar


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    • butterflystar profile image

      butterflystar 6 years ago from A Place of Success :)

      Thanks Fitnessman ^^ I am so glad you enjoyed the article and yes I love eating organic foods as much as possible, they taste great and are much healthier for you. I hope that you can use some of these ideas for your home, to save money, as well as live in a cleaner enviroment :)

    • fitnessman123 profile image

      fitnessman123 6 years ago

      Cool Article. I like to eat organic foods the most but I will definitely add some of these ideas to my list! Thanks!