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Goal starter.

Updated on December 20, 2014


You might ask what your health has to do with financial stability. Well, if there's anything I know about making money health is more or so a concern. People are depending on you to a level of expectation, if you can't deliver you won't profit. More so, your reputation will be in shambles and that's something that not even time can fix I hear. Its so important to prepare for the little things in life that turn into big deals. This year, the financial aspect themes were going to discuss and plan for are going to be; saving, spending, budgeting, earning, splurging, and debt. With this, I'm going to explore an in depth look at my own strategies and the advice of others to improve the lively hood of people from everywhere.


As being diagnosed with bipolar 1 I keep in mind that my brain and her faculties are more vulnerable to the elements than my counter parts. Still having a stronger mind than most, its protected and built with hard work and sweat everyday just by waking up. I realized years ago the hardest part about changing your life, is doing it to the extent that you actually become what you seek instead of pretending. So on my platform of mental health to keep me and hopefully help you guys be a little bit more healthy is; honesty, rules, routine, language, and relationships. At 23 years old, this is a pretty substantial foundation to get my bearings on my way to establishment.


As being one of the main staples in life people neglect, the spirit needs just as much attention as the mind and body. Although, the body is quite important I just don't have enough space and time to incorporate a physical wellness agenda schedule this year that could enlighten my life so much. I think that maybe next year that would be more appropriate, and this year 2015 work on my soul within before I move my vehicle of a body. With that being said, I want to cover my spiritual nutrition. I am a christian woman, so that means my relationship with God.

Some advice I came across.


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