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Goals January 2016 Check In

Updated on January 25, 2016

May this inspire you to start and/or continue your journey.

Let’s avoid living by the old saying (On the Waterfront -1954)

“Terry: You don't understand. I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let's face it.”

It’s 2016, left and right people are checking out of here. This is not a dress rehearsal, this is it people. We have this time that God gave us and we have no idea when the clock will run out so be mindful when you’re “getting by in life” instead of seizing the day. Go do everything you can do in this life and live with no regrets. Don’t be afraid to try something new and do something new. Look for solutions and not excuses. If you need to improve yourself, do so, and remember those that supported you during these endeavors. Eliminate fearful people, negative perceptions, and people that feed doubt in your life. A bird cannot fly until it first believes and has faith that the strength of it’s wings will carry the weight of his body. Now I’m not telling you to jump out of a window but you get the point right?

Don’t be afraid to fail-you may or you may now. Failure means, dang I tried that so NEXT time I know to do this. This is life, there are no guarantees and the things that offer stability and guarantees offer a daily living death to both of us. Remember, failure doesn’t make you a failure. Believe in yourself with the knowledge, acceptance, and belief that you were meant to do something extraordinary.


There are hundreds of opportunities for you to learn new skills and information about different career fields. Some require trades, degrees, or certificates. Think and choose wisely when it comes to debt and make sure that you won’t have tons of loans and minimal paying jobs. Remember this-no one can stop you from ordering used books on amazon, researching articles on the internet, buying college books from goodwill at $3-$5 a pop, or starting out at entry level learning a business from the ground up. No one can stop you from attending conferences and events for those in the industry and asking questions about their career path and knowledge. You never learn if you don’t ask questions and remember everyone loves to be an expert in their field. No one can stop you from purchasing a groupon course and learning the material. No one can stop you from working for a company providing education assistance so you can work and concentrate on what you want to accomplish.

Read the biography of people that have accomplished great achievements to learn how they became successful and overcame obstacles.

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The Truth

Don’t think of roadblocks, think of ways around the roadblocks.

No one has the right to tell you what you can’t accomplish. Those that provide resistance must be eliminated and limited from your life.

Don’t tell dream busters, losers, and people that lack faith in their talents to transfer that to you creating doubt. You can do anything you want to do. Remember none of us knew fractions until we mastered numbers. Anyone can learn anything.

Time passes rather you do something with it or you do not.

Clear Distractions from your life

Sex, partying, excessive drinking/smoking, and hanging out will not result in your strongest accomplishments falling into your lap. Chasing men and women all night and weekend long cannot be the focus when you are on your path. Attend events and enjoy those who are striving to achieve as well.

Love Relationships

If you know what you want then prepare yourself to be a great match and go after what you desire and deserve. If you want a great love then desire and demand it. If you are in a relationship going nowhere, let it go. There is nothing worse than the years passing and you realize you wasted 4,7, or 10 years of your life with something that was going nowhere. Know your standards, time limits, and don’t be afraid to push your love to the limit. Some people view relationships as misery, control, constant bickering, and for those people you should know that you are capable and deserving of a healthy relationship. Be healthy and only allow others that are a source of comfort, ease, and support to enter your life. Remember you are on a mission and will on tolerate someone that lives on an unwanted level.

Don’t be afraid to love or give something a try. You know your personal limits but if you have a good heart and that person has displayed good will towards you-don’t be afraid to love, care, and invest in the relationship. This will ensure you will never have regrets about what “could have been” because you know you tried. Everyone can pick up a sword and shield ensuring they will never be hurt but without vulnerability we can never experience the fullness, joy, and bliss of good love. Unconditional love that can be captured when laying on the couch just relaxing while comfortably exposed to someone that cares about you. Ladies and gentleman, let people go that do not love, respect, or honor you. If someone is using you-today is the day you do spring cleaning and say “get-out, get-on, get the heck out of here.” Spring cleaning time, search your heart and do what you know is right.

If you gave your heart and were hurt. Pray a prayer of blessing, to the person that hurt you then let it go. Move on. Date someone else. Don’t let that person become your tragedy.

Say and Express What You Want


Working out day and night-unrealistic for most but start by 3-4 times a week walking. Walking allows you to still your mind, process thoughts, and think clearly about objectives. If you want to add your cardio workout to the walk throughout the week, even better. Start your morning being still and/or talking to the Universe/Creator to find peace before you start your day. Make a commitment, even if it’s 50 sit-ups and 50 jumping jacks in the morning and at night. As you start with disciplining yourself, you will desire to do more once you start to see results. Trust me, 5 minutes in the morning makes for the start of a better day. Drink more water. You can never drink enough water. You need more water in your life. Get it?


Never lose touch with people who love you/loved you. Life doesn’t give too many treasure richer than the people that love you for who you are not for what you have or your prestige. Most people have become accustomed to me telling me how much I love them before we get off the phone. Why? Most of us take for granted we have forever to know someone, well in those conversation moments I always want my friends to know how much I love them.

It's Possible

Final Thoughts

Has anyone implemented these ideologies and changes implemented in your life? I wish you well. You have a fabulous life ahead of you and I pray you experience the rewards of your labor.

Every now and then don't forget to try a new food, experience something you would never do, and take time to travel to other place to be enriched by others experiences in life. Go have some fun and be with others that share the same viewpoint in life.

Above all else, don't forget to give back. We have journeys and experiences to help others to grow and overcome obstacles so don't forget life is ultimately all for your benefit. You want to leave a legacy of touching others while reaching for your goals. You Rock! Be Blessed! Go chase your dreams and share anything different you've done in your life or your accomplishments.

Play it forward. Live with the end in mind. One day your eyes will close for the last time but you have the opportunity to be immortal through the lives you touch and the legacy you leave others.


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