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God's Way vs Big Pharm

Updated on November 21, 2016

The Word of God vs Big Pharm

Is your church like any other church? What I mean by this is aside from scripture reading and conventional therapies they recommend pharmaceuticals? Today’s advent to prescribe; drugs, pills, psychoactive injections, it gravitates away from the original messages of Genesis and scripture that has us studying what was in the Garden of Eden.

I cannot believe that all the churches are blindly against a God issued and approved flowering, seed bearing plant herb that can help others suffering from afflictions of the flesh to adhere to rather than take prescribed medications that make me feel awful and disabled without practical functionality? When did it become okay to prescribe pills filled with fillers, titanium dioxides, and hydrocarbons?

It is amazing that religion, as well as any organized business even such as big pharm has lost its way to do the greater good; to go against nature and do what the whole world is doing.

There must be sensibility and decency not of this world but of God’s creation and nature to supersede the primal nature of man. As good shepherds/pastors you must know there are many who suffer from PTSD, OCD, sexual trauma, anger management, and post-partum depression, manic depression, and many other issues and degrees of mental and physical pain.

Double check yourselves is there a deeper seeded reason why you cannot allow the freedom to choose from God given plants over pharmaceuticals aren’t you acting a bit off base from text? Isn’t Jesus the physician? After going through the ringer of psychotherapies from several different agencies and to near fatal death; a “general practitioner-doctor” that was treating me, and overseeing my general care was asked after casually in a lackadaisical manner said, “Try to the take the pills at least 20 minutes apart.”

SO I had to ask, “And if I can’t or forget and don’t, but take it all less than 20 minutes apart?” He said remember “Heath Ledger?” I went home thought about it and one by one weaned myself off and throw them all away! In place I began to pray harder and ask The Lord for assistance and He answered me with Genesis… as He did when I suffered through depression, suicidality overcoming cocaine and speed addiction through intercession of prayer to Christ alone and scripture, He flipped my bible and opened it to Job. I knew through Job I was saved for a reason and that I will overcome this season. Today I am married via a long journey from a human idea of perdition to a wonderful Catholic man; who will become a future saved son of God.

I am not sure I why there are so many that have eyes that do not see, obvious passages aren’t taken for what they are, or taken out of text and for granted. I can’t understand how people are so sided by stock market to the point of preaching things that are worldly rather than relevant to God’s will and the nature of God’s will and Jesus’s way the only way to eternal life. Judge not via your depravity.

Please examine your deep thoughts on Abortion for pharmaceutical bi-product use, Worldly Pills-Viagra, Cialis, etc… why? Try alternative methods of birth control by getting to know the person you actually chance to sleep with! And for Worldly pills go pure go plant based; go garlic 3 cloves share with your partner to cancel the odor, and continue onward towards the things that are pure and simple and God given. In saying this I am not saying that if medical intervention, safe vaccines, specialized surgeries, could cure and affliction, no! But if you can manage to manage your issues with natural plant based cures, why wouldn’t you?

Please begin to read the bible for yourselves. Today there are so many apps that can be downloaded to your phone or computer that will play it, read it back to you. If not just pick up a book of Genesis, and Proverbs and begin to see the truth and light to living right. Continue to read through the Holy Bible. What looks right may not be actually scripturally right. Pray and meditate on the teachings, reasoning, and thoughts of scripture of God’s word and do the greater good to think deeply about your motives for denying others the need to use what you once abused as medicine? We as humans always make a mess of things that was created for good into something of a mess. Thank you for reading a life's article of interest.


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