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'Going' Made Easy

Updated on October 20, 2011

'Going' Is Not An Easy Subject To Talk About

First, let me acknowledge some national companies: EX-LAX, Black Draught, Docolax, and more companies of this sensitive nature. All are important companies to our health. They all deal with one thing: 'Going' as in going to the bathroom on a regular basis. And I think at this juncture, I may say that I am not comfortable with this story.

But as a public service, let me just say that everyone at one time or another has dealt with that terrible problem of constipation and how it cramps your insides when you have a need to relieve yourself, but cannot due to some mysterious reason which sometimes evades modern medicine and medical scientists.

Constipation hurts like the devil to be short and to the point. And there is a problem when the aforementioned laxatives are used and no results can be found. The problem grows more serious and you enter a near-panic mode. You hurt all the time and cannot find needed relief. You'd pay any sum of money to just 'go' and that is as polite as I can put it.

Did you know that in the Pioneer Days, when there wasn't such a thing as EX-LAX or other laxatives, folks building homes with their bare hands would resort to 'remedies,' and I know I should have used the term "home remedies," but there were not any homes yet, so 'remedies' were mixed up and given to all members of any given household at the start of each new spring season to rid the body of unwanted bacteria and germs that prevented the body from operating like a regular and natural machine made by God Himself.

I am not suggesting that God ever needed man's help, but He did give early settlers the wisdom to use some pretty nifty laxatives to keep themselves healthy in the new world we now call The United States.

Would you like to read a few of the 'Pioneer Remedies' that I have uncovered? Good. I wont keep you long. I know that you want to watch the NBA Finals with the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks--oh, FYI, The Heat will take the finals in six games.

DID YOU KNOW . . .that pioneer women and somtimes men, would take fresh cabbage from the fields they had planted, dice up the cabbage into an early form of coleslaw, add a pinch of salt, and this was all done in an iron washpot, add a bucket of cold spring water and let the mixture set overnight until it had started to ferment. Then the mixture was doled out to household members on empty stomachs and they drank this cabbage mixture until they almost popped. Walking after drinking was suggested, but required. In less than a few hours, the cabbage mixture would start doing its job of cleaning the bowels and intestines until the people were weak from 'going' to the nearby woods for privacy. This was an early cure for irregularity and kept the body clean of disease-causing bacteria. Funny how Mother Nature can help us when we cooperate with her.

  • Eating large amounts of raw or roasted peanuts along with baked sweet potatoes will make a person 'go' whether they want to or not. The chemicals inside the peanut and sweet potato will mesh causing the bowels to be irritated to the point of telling the person that relief is needed. This too was an early remedy used by settlers who didn't have cabbage to use as a laxative.
  • Some settlers with iron stomachs, resorted to using homemade whiskey softened a little with spring water and adding a teaspoon of sugar. Over-indulgence of the homemade corn liquor cleaned the body's sytem and also killed the disease germs that would set-up internal sickness for our forefathers who were having to survive by their wits alone.
  • Using Ginger Root, Vinegar, and a taste of salt would 'work' the bowels of some settlers and this remedy didn't have any harsh side affects. The previous remedies such as the homemade liquor sometimes left the user with a weak stomach, but a healthy colon.

I heartily advise you to see your family physician before using any laxative. And please, do NOT use any of these Pioneer Remedies that I have shared with you. Use trusted laxatives like EX-LAX or any over-the-counter laxative or ask your doctor to prescribe a laxative that is suited just for you.

Thanks, friends. And peace . . .!

Contact me at: or write to: Kenny Avery, P.O. Box 201, Hamilton, AL 35570.

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