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Going Vegan: 5 Easy Tips

Updated on October 3, 2017
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Domo is a vegan, food enthusiast, and a endometriosis sufferer.


I know it sounds cliche and every article or video probably already told you this, but its true. It's better to walk into something knowingly rather than blind, right? Same with veganism. You're going to want to know the facts behind your decision. People are becoming more and more understanding and accepting of veganism, but there are still people who are skeptical. Therefore, you're going to want facts to back you up when they throw judgement and lines at you. Just as you, and every vegan before you, they are usually unaware of the truths you've uncovered, so try not to get mad and hostile. Just respectfully reply with the facts.

You can read all the books, but if you're not a big reader or can't find any documentaries are great.

Such as:

Forks Over Knives

Food Matters



Hungry For Change

Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead

Earthlings (YouTube)

Food Choices

Plant pure Nation

YouTubers are great too! Some of my personal favorites are:

Ellen Fisher

Sarah Lemkus

Healthy Crazy Cool

Bite Size Vegan

Deliciously Ella

Happy Healthy Vegan

That Vegan Couple

Kate Flowers

Mae Flowers

Sweet Potato Soul

Caitlin Shoemaker


TASTE BUDS CHANGE! I cannot stress that enough. When I first went vegan, I HATED fruit. Absolutely hated it. The only fruits I'd eat were berries, excluding blueberries, and green bananas if I had too. As a vegan, most of your calories should come from fruits, so you can see why that's a problem. So what did I do? Well I made A LOT of smoothies. Every single morning. I would do crazy combos with fruits I never ate or hated and even if I didn't like them, I drank them. I'm not saying force yourself to choke down something you hate. I'm saying if it's not horrible, if you can bare it, do. Same with veggies. Add them to smoothies, salads, or other foods. And just KEEP TRYING THINGS, over and over again in many ways. Keeping an open mind about new foods will help. Mind over matter. If you assume it's gross before giving it a try, chances are you already decided it's gross. SO DON'T DO THAT! Keep an open and positive mind, and always keep trying things. Trust me. I went from hating fruit, to loving it. To this day I eat almost every fruit and veggie. I just don't eat oranges, melons (except watermelon), GRAPES, raw cilantro, peas, raw celery, raw broccoli, GREEN BEANS, CHERRIES and apples by themselves. So if I, the pickiest eater in my family, can go from only liking berries and tomatoes to loving most veggies and fruits; I'm sure you can. However, this doesn't just apply to produce, it applies to all foods!


Let's be real here, we live in technological world ran by social medias. And social medias can be extremely helpful. On top of YouTube, other good social media apps are: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook groups and pages, and Vegan Amino. Another good app I'd recommend is "Is It Vegan?" it's a helpful app that scans items' bar-codes and tells if you it's vegan or not. I also like that it tells you what isn't vegan in the product so you know for next time. If you're someone who eats out a lot apps like Happy Cow are good for letting you know what vegan restaurants or options are near you. Recipe apps like Yummly and Food Monster allow you to customize your dietary preference(s). Please do not fear turning to apps for help. It can be a hard transition, and more times then not there aren't other vegans around, or at least not that you're aware of. Apps like Vegan amino, instagram, twitter, and facebook groups are great for getting you into the vegan community. It really makes a difference to have even just one person to bounce ideas and share things with! You are more than welcomed to reach out to me on all my social medias, or even in the comments below!


You will see so many branches of a plant-based diet. Some include: Raw Til 4, 80:10:10, Junk Food Vegan, Raw, High Carb Low Fat, etc. You can try them, but always choose what's best for you! I'd recommend a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet (WFPB), simply because its healthiest. But I don't mean follow in the WFPB guide line, such as no oil, unless you want to. I mean just eating whole fruits veggies, grains, etc. because they're healthiest. That doesn't mean completely exclude your favorite veganized snacks like ice cream, cookies, and chips. A lot of vegans WILL push this or that diet, and it's so easy to get sucked in because they look good or whatever. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Your body will tell you how to eat, listen to it. Eat intuitively! You just need to make sure you're eating enough, getting all your nutrients, and enjoying yourself. Please DO NOT listen to the back and forth of vegans and omnis. You can get enough nutrients (*cough* *cough* protein) without supplements and you can be healthy without following this or that form of the plant based diet. Now I will mention, B-12 is a vitamin you should consider taking on a weekly basis. You'll hear you can't get it as a vegan, that untrue, but it is harder. Fortified nut milks often have B12, but just for safe measures you should take one once in awhile. If you aren't eating or drinking foods and such with vitamin D, and aren't in the sun most days, you might want to take that too. I just try to eat outside when possible for at least a meal, but when it's cold like it gets here in Colorado, I up my foods high in the D, vitamin D. But how can you know you're getting enough nutrients? Cronometer. It's a website and app that, like a calorie counting app, you put in what you ate and drank for the day. It then tells you your calorie and nutrient intake from the usual protein, carbs, and fat to specifics and vitamins. If you want to take the tracking route, I'd recommend downloading a regular tracker app like Myfitnesspal to plug everything into throughout the day then add everything into chronometer at the end of the day. Unless you are one of those people that wouldn't mind paying for app that is free on the web, then you can do that too. If you don't want to track, just make sure you are eating a variety and listening to your body and how it acts!


Not everyone has learned the secrets you have uncovered, or as some YouTubers say, "they still have their carnivore blinds on." So be approachable. If you spread the message, a nonchalant approach is honestly best. Instead of telling people the horrors and what not, try telling them the benefits and positives instead. And understand people WILL make jokes, comments, and accusations.

Not only be kind to others, but also yourself. You might make mistakes, just learn from them. One mistake doesn't mean you aren't vegan or that you should give up. No is perfect, life is about learning. This lifestyle is no different. Add kindness in everything you do, and kindness will be returned to you.

© 2017 Domo EarthBaby


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