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Going bald in your 20s? Accept it!

Updated on September 18, 2014

Accept Balding with a Smile!

Going bald? Accept it!
Going bald? Accept it!

If you’re in your twenties and balding, don’t panic. According to Dr. Alan Bauman of the Bauman Medical Group, “Hair loss can happen twenty percent in your 20s, thirty percent in your 30s and so on… any time after puberty”. In simple terms, you possess a 1 in 5 chance of going bald at 25 or perhaps in your twenties, so don’t feel as though you’re a targeted victim just yet. It’s a purely natural component of life and when you can accept it and conquer it, you’ll be the strongest form of yourself that you’ve ever been.

If you’re like 99.9% of men, you’re panicking about going bald. You’re blaming the entire world, detesting your genes and the world, in pursuit of reasons causing it in order to enable you to stop it or even reverse it. That’s normal and the most basic reaction anyone may have. In fact, I had exactly the same reaction (probably considerably worse) after I noticed I was balding at 19 but guess what? It led to nothing but constant stress and paranoia, depression, suicidal tendencies and an all-around obsession with how bleak my future would look (if there even was one). It took an enormous amount of painful research and freaking out before I slowly came to terms with it and actually learnt to accept it for what it was - dead cells on my head that wanted different things. It wasn’t me, it was them, which led to a consensual break-up. I don’t know about the mop of hair but since I decided to accept it, I sure know I’m doing a whole lot better personally and have never been happier :)

So if you’re balding in your 20s and freaking out, here’s why you need to accept it, embrace it and buzz or shave it, with a big smile and some gratitude.

1) You’ll never lose hair again!

There’s more than a 74% chance that you’ll go bald sooner or later anyway, so trust me, better now than later. Considering you’d most likely have to deal with going bald at some point in your life, it’s an endless nagging worry that most guys have, especially as they age and see their friends and colleagues going thin on top. Because you would have already been through the whole ordeal and come out as a much more resilient and mature person on the flipside of the fence, you will have a HUGE advantage! While they worry about it at work and awkwardly cling on to every last strand, you can just chill out, relax, be grateful and revel in your bald glory. You’ve already dealt with it and the older you are, the more used to it you’ll be, the more easily you’ll embrace it. You’ll be the envy of your buddies who just started balding. But no more worries about going bald for you, ever!

2) You’ll start the following stage of your life FRESH

Assuming you followed the standard trajectory of human life, you studied, graduated, maybe worked a few odd jobs while you were studying and are now sinking your teeth into a job. I’m not saying this really is true for every individual, but for most. If you shave your balding head in time, you can start your work and this phase in your life with an all new, permanent, transformed and more self-assured identity. You’ll be a new you because you would have lost the head of hair and while you may think that sucks, the fact is, every bald guy can validate that it changes you for the better. For individuals who don’t accept it and cling on to every last strand, it’s harder to be truly confident inside and out but for those who find the courage to shave their heads and own the look, confidence will never have been at a more epic high. This is the stage of your existence where you’re still trying to find yourself, your true passion and desire certainly nothing can be a bigger factor than to have a secure understanding of self. In place of hoping you don’t go bald, you can proudly say “I’m a young, bald, confident success”. It was one of the primary motivators in my case too. I was fresh out of college, about to begin working and decided that I can’t ever do a good job and be myself at the office if I’m always consumed by how bald I look. So I took to a HeadBlade and started living again. Plain and simple, that was the first day of the rest of my entire life!

3) You’ll gain life points (maturity)

Not only will you start off this most important stage of your life like a true Bald Baller with a fresh shave, you’ll also be the proud recipient of arbitrary life points! You’ll have a neat and clean look and start your life's work being a great deal more mature than your counterparts because let’s face it, it isn’t the simplest thing to suddenly lose your hair, but accepting and embracing it provides the maturity that would otherwise take a decade to obtain. You would have gone through something (relatively) drastic but in a calm and collected manner and dealt with it once and for all. Being able to master circumstances in a calm and calculated manner and making the best of situations is a much sought after characteristic and deciding to be happy your new look like a true champion will show just how mature you are. Maturity is a characteristic that’s caused the rise and fall of nations and multinational corporations, so don’t underestimate it. Make use of this gift of going bald in your 20s to become a mature world-dominating, life-mastering badass. Maturity is a large reason women like dating older men so what better than to have age and maturity working for you?

4) It’s an amazing life lesson

Going bald in your 20s is quite an event. It has a whole lot of downs but culminates in a real high if you finally accept your chrome dome and start loving it. How you deal with going bald at this age will say a lot about your character, how you deal with situations and your ability to react in the most rational manner. Losing your hair at this age is yet another crude reminder that nothing is permanent. If you’re in your 20s, you have about 20,000 days left to live and there’s nothing you can do about it. While this might sound stoic, it’s a fact. It makes you ponder, re-examine superficiality, vanity, understand your true self and your definition of YOU. Initially you’ll think “I’m nothing without my hair” but after some time when you get tired of stressing about the balding and learn to embrace it, that’ll change to “It’s just hair, it’s nothing“. Going bald is something I think every guy should have the privilege of going through at whatever age, because it’s completely harmless to your health but reminds you of the frailty of life. This is a life lesson one has to experience to totally understand, so again, that’s one up for you ;)

5) You’ll be in a place to help others (karma points!!!)

The most effective way to learn anything is from those who’ve already been through it and done that. Sure, reading helps and gives you a lot of perspective, but there’s nothing quite as effective as a self-assured bald guy going to an insecure balding guy and instructing him to shave his head to get over the fear of the unknown and changing his life forever. You’ll be in a powerful position as one who was able to successfully be a boss at life and can have a massive positive influence over guys getting terrified and depressed over their hair loss - it’s an exceptional feeling! The main reason Patrick Stewart is anyone today, let alone Captain Picard is because a friend forcefully cut his hair and said “Now you be yourself, no more hiding”. Watch him reveal the story here.

6) You’ll love retirement

If you’re one of those guys who likes to save and wants to be financially secure when he’s older, what better way than to start by saving thousands of dollars on pills, potions and surgeries? Imagine! Instead of spending some $10,000 on medication and a transplant that leaves you visibly bald and with the additional scar you get from letting them cut into your scalp, you can save that money or use it to enjoy this short existence on planet earth. You could go on a ton of vacations, have numerous fantastic dates, get closer to buying your dream car or house and best of all, actually enjoy what you have once you get it because you’ll be a mature and most importantly, confident guy who’s 100% comfortable in his skin. You’ll never be able to enjoy anything in life until you enjoy your own company and love yourself first. Fact.

7) Women will love you for the real you

Women like a guy with hair and they love a confident bald guy. They hate a balding guy who’s too embarrassed to embrace it just the same. Accepting it and owning it will make you that confident bald guy (it gets better with time as you get more and more comfortable in your skin) and deliver a lot more prospects not only in terms of women but also clients, friends and prospects in life. You never know what can happen in life when you’re open to acceptance (which an insecure bald guy with a comb over absolutely isn’t) and the chances of doing better with women can only go higher! The bald look is in, it’s stylish, and women love it, so get on board.

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