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Going to the Gym vs. Working out at Home

Updated on March 12, 2015

Where do you work out?

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#1 Time

GYM . If you decided go to the gym regularly, be prepared to spend some time while traveling to there unless you live in a small town or gym is just around the corner. Unfortunately, in many cases the gym is at least 30 minutes away from home, and that is frustrating, especially when you want to get back home as quick as possible after a hard session. What is more, it is possible that you will have to share some equipment with other guys, let's say, you want to do squats, but all power racks are already taken. Then you have to wait.

HOME.If you decided to stay at home, you will definitely save some time. You will not have to spend minutes, or even hours, in a car or public transport to reach your destination. While exercising at home, you spend no more than hour and a half for one practice. Now, in 21st century, time is extremely important - everyone is hurrying, so sometimes it is even difficult to find some time even for family members! Moreover, if you are student, studies take a lot of time and you cannot let yourself go to the gym three days in a week, plus cardio days (if you do them). So, in all these cases, it might be better to choose exercising at home instead of going to the gym.

To take this into account, the winner of time category is HOME!

Time Is Important for Everyone...

In these days, when everyone is hurrying, the role of time has increased...
In these days, when everyone is hurrying, the role of time has increased... | Source

#2 Atmosphere

GYM. Usually, the atmosphere in the gym is quite good - the music is good and loud, all people are motivated and ready to train hard. You feel that this is a place where you have to leave your soul, your energy and destroy muscles. Moreover, watching a guy who is squatting with 200 kilos on traps or pressing 150 kilos can definitely motivate you! More motivation - more power! All these things considered, they might improve your results.

HOME.When you are at home, you feel safe. This is your own territory, the atmosphere is really good. You can play whatever music you want, as loud as you want and nobody can say anything to you. There are no people around you who might distract you, there is nothing but you. You are the king/queen of this place and that might have a good effect on your performance.

In this category, the result is equal!

The Atmosphere Should be Comfortable...

The atmosphere in the gym is usually inspired, but for some people it might be not nice.
The atmosphere in the gym is usually inspired, but for some people it might be not nice. | Source

#3 Price

GYM. Unfortunately, nowadays membership fees are really large. Not all people who would love to go to the gym regularly can afford to buy it. This is really sad because sometimes motivated people cannot get access to the place they are dreaming about. Fortunately, there are situations when gym is absolutely free - for example, my college provides free access to the gym for all students. And that's wonderful!

But let's look to the other side. Those paid money are not for nothing. In most of the gyms, there a lot of barbells, dumbbells, machines, benches, power racks and that sort of things. Undoubtedly, they cost thousands of dollars. So, it might not be pity to pay some dollars in a month when you know that all the equipment (which you are using!) costed thousands of dollars.

HOME. Good thing is that you do not need to pay any fees - your home is your home. This definitely helps you to save money. However, there is a huge disadvantage - it is not likely that you have the equipment which is in any gym, unless you are a billionaire who has 20 villas on the coast of Atlantic Ocean in Florida. I am sure you do not want to spend many many dollars for good equipment. So, what is the option? Well, there are two of them:

  • Buy some equipment (at least a bench, a power rack, a barbell, plates and dumbbells) to be able to have good training sessions.
  • Purchase a membership to the gym.

Definitely, the second one would be easier to do and it sounds more realistically.

All in all, the winner of price category is... GYM!

You Need Money...

Without money, you will not have neither access to the gym nor some equipment at home
Without money, you will not have neither access to the gym nor some equipment at home | Source

#4 Equipment

GYM. There is a lot of equipment provided in the gym. Lots of various machines, dumbbells, barbells, and other required things are always in the gym and you can use them any time you visit the gym. So, you do not have to worry about this. Moreover, the technique is usually quite new and serviced, and that means the level of safety is increased as well.

HOME. Unless you are lucky, you do not have as much equipment at home as any gym does have. You might have a bench, a few dumbbells, a barbell, a power rack if you are rich. But that's it. And even if you have all those things I mentioned, you still have less equipment than gym has. Of course, it may be enough for you, but what if you decided to change your workout routine? And you do not have a machine required for a particular exercise? Then you have to think about alternatives, but they are not possible sometimes.

All in all, the winner of equipment category is... GYM!

Equipment Is Important...

Usually, there are is necessary equipment at the gym.
Usually, there are is necessary equipment at the gym. | Source

#5 Safety

GYM. Safety is one of the most important things while working out. No one wants to get injured and forget about training sessions for some period of time. Fortunately, gym is quite a safe place. Most machines have safety instructions, which are strongly recommended to be read, especially if you are a beginner. Moreover, there are some people around you always who could help you in case you cannot make the final repetition. Definitely, you do not want a heavy bar to crash your neck or any body part.

HOME. However, home is not such a safe place, especially if you are training alone. There are no people around you who could help you. Crashing your neck, stomach or chest with a 150 kilos bar could lead to serious injuries or even death! Of course, if you are not alone and there is a friend near you, that's great and the level of safety is similar to the gym.

All thins considered, the safety depends on whether you are alone or not. If you are not, the result is equal, if you are, gym is definitely better and safer.

Safety First

Safety is always the most important thing.
Safety is always the most important thing. | Source

All in all...

To take everything into account, it seems to me that it is better to go to the gym than stay at home and build your personal gym. Yes, going to the gym might take a lot of time, the atmosphere may look not good and nice to you (well, it depends on person's features), but the price is quite small (membership fee costs less than all equipment you would have to spend money for) and safety level is huge. Moreover, even if you have some equipment at home, there is more of that in the gym, unless you are a millionaire.

So, I would recommend you to go the gym. However, if you do not have enough time and want to train at home, do it! There are a lot of good exercises with your own bodyweight and you do not need any equipment. Do not expect to become the strongest guy in the world, but you can make your body look more muscular and nicer!

Gym vs Staying Home

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    • ciutysmant profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Dublin

      That's a good choice!

    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i work out at home, saving the money, with house chores

    • ciutysmant profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Dublin

      Thank you! Definitely, it also depends on your own goals. For weight lifters, gym is the best option - no doubts about that. However, people whose goal is to lose some weight and tone muscles are more flexible and can workout at home. For cardio, no equipment is needed and for toning muscles, you can use your own bodyweight.

    • thefedorows profile image


      3 years ago from the Midwest

      We are split on this! My husband prefers the gym and I prefer to workout at home. The main difference is equipment. He is into weightlifting, so the gym has more weights and machines than we ever could have! I prefer a mix of cardio and weights, but often use workout videos inside and run outside. Well done on this hub!


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