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Goji Berries - Superfood for Health and Longevity

Updated on December 6, 2015

Dried Goji Berries

A Bit of History

Goji Berries became well known for their nutritional value well over 2000 years ago when they have been mentioned for their unique healing abilities in Chinese manuscripts. They were mostly cultivated in lots of provinces of China, Mongolia and Tibet.

In the old times Goji Berries have been referred to as "Wolf berries". The legend speaks of a big wolf that would snack on them all the time which made him strong and powerful.

Goji is also sometimes called "A Fruit of Immortality" since this unique super food is said to possess amazing anti-aging properties when consumed on regular basis.

Since Goji Berry became very popular as a superfood, many provinces in China cultivate this amazing fruit using thousands of acres of land. Most of the dried Goji Berries sold on the US market today, are imported from China. Goji Berries are well known all over the world now and are consumed by very many health enthusiasts.

Health Benefits and Nutritional Value

Just like any berries, Goji Berries are packed with anti-oxidants which helps prevent cancer and boost the immune system response. Therefore, consuming those delicious berries daily, will help raise the immune system defenses against viruses during the winter months.

Goji Berries are also high in vitamins A, B, E and C and which makes them ideal for improving your overall health. For example, 1 oz. of dries Goji Berries contains about 5.4 mg of vitamin C and an astounding 2520 IU of vitamin A - about 140% of you DV. And this brings us to the next valuable benefit of consuming this super berry. The high concentration of vitamin A in Goji greatly helps improve the eye sight and prevent the age related degeneration of eye muscles. Goji Berry can also benefit in treatment of glaucoma and other eye diseases.

High protein content (4 gr per 1 oz. of dried berries) is great for improving the muscle strength. Goji Berries are also high in fiber. Combined with rich anti-oxidant value, this can help regulate the high cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart related diseases. This is great news for people who are trying to lose weight because very many people claim that daily consumption of Goji Berries helped them with their weight management. Goji Berries are also low in calories and their complex carbohydrates raise the blood sugar very slowly.

Among other health benefits, this Himalayan superfood is good for preventing Alzheimer's disease, treating male infertility and nourishing skin. This makes Goji Berry ideal for anti-wrinkle creams and masks.

Best Ways to Add Goji Berries to your Diet

Since it may be hard to find Goji Berries in the form of fresh fruit and growing your own is not an option, there are some great options available for those who are willing to give it a try. One of them is consuming the dried berries. Dried Goji Berries can be purchased online or in your local health store. It may seem that this wonderful super berries are a bit expensive. One thing you should keep in mind is that the health benefits of Goji Berries are priceless and what can be more rewarding than feeling good and having a great body! Dried berries can be easily added to your salad, yogurt, tea, trail mix or even soup! Possibilities are endless here. Many people prefer to eat a handful of dried Goji Berries as a substitute for dessert which develops a very healthy habit of getting rid of sugar and fat in your diet.

Goji Berries can be also purchased in the form of powder. This is a great and easy way to consume this powerful fruit since it can be simply added to your favorite juice, smoothie or any other drink. It can be also mixed with literally any your food. You may also find it convenient to purchase Goji Berry capsules and take them as a supplement on daily basis.

Goji Berry Blast Smoothie

Goji Berry Super Slimmer

Here is very simple way to enjoy Goji Berries. Simply mix a handful of dried Goji Berries with the handful of roasted and lightly salted almonds. Other dried fruits or nuts can be added to give this trail mix your personal touch. Almonds are known for their unique ability to help dissolve the fat in the body. They also make a great snack.


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