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Gonorrhea Rash, Symptoms and Treatment

Updated on August 5, 2015

What is Gonorrhea, Clap

The cases of gonorrhea has dropped tremendously over the last several years, but it is still the second most common sexually transmitted disease and the second most reported disease in the United States of America. On an annual basis there are almost 700,000 newly reported cases of gonorrhea.

This number is only the reported cases, it is estimated to be many more thousands of cases every year. Gonorrhea is caused by a bacteria that is passed during sexual activity. If not treated gonorrhea can lead into some severe complications including rash, joint pain, meningitis, infection of the liver, infection of the blood, and mucous membranes.

As with any sexually transmitted disease, you should see a Doctor or go to or call your local health department.

Gonorrhea Symptoms in Men

* Yellow, thick discharge in half of all cases

* Most men experience burning and pain while urinating

* Inflammation or infection of the testicles

* Inflammation or infection of the prostate gland

Gonorrhea Symptoms in Women

* Frequent urination

* Green/yellowish discharge, itching and burning

* Bleeding between periods

* Sensitivity and infection of the cervix

* Some women don't have any symptoms and can have gonorrhea and aren't aware of it.

Gonorrhea Treatment for Men and Women

Treatment for gonorrhea used to be injections of penicillin, but that is no longer the case due to the diseases resistance to it. Now you get a shot of antibiotics or for women/girls under 18 years of age some Doctor will prescribe a pill for of the antibiotic.


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    • profile image

      Precious 5 years ago

      Thanks for the infomation, it is very useful and easy to understand

    • DeborahFantasia profile image

      Deborah 6 years ago from Italy

      Yes "iamsergell," I think in our day and age people who are sexually active aren't very informed on STD's and I think it's an important topic and something people should be more aware of.

      Many people get an STD but ignore the symptoms and than transmit it to someone else.

      I write on many other things than just STD's though, thanks for your comment and for stopping by :)

    • iamsergell profile image

      Lord Sergell of House Stark 6 years ago from Darwin, Australia

      Very informative! Just wondering, you particularly write topics on STD's and something. :D

      Anyway, voted up and useful. I guess, you just want to spread information on people and constantly remind people to be safe and vigilant always. Godbless and take care always. :D