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Good Physical and Mental Health: A simple way to get started

Updated on January 21, 2014

Losing fat, shredding inches, body toning, and building strength are goals many Americans desire to obtain so desperately in an era considered by many to be the era of the lazy, out of shape, and terribly unhealthy. Trying to reach these goals can be perceived as "doable" by some and "daunting" by many others. Many know where and how to start, while others, find the task of starting intimidating; not knowing where or how to start climbing the ladder. Turn on the television, look on the internet, or just listen to the radio and you are sure to see and hear advertisements and promotions for numerous supplements and fitness and nutrition programs that guarantee what are to be perceived as "awesome results!"

With all these programs and supplements guaranteeing so much, along with the fact that most do not deliver the same results for everyone as advertised and some are just outright hazardous to our health, it is no wonder most people find the task of starting a "get healthy plan" so daunting and confusing. For those who have exercised and lived a healthy life one way or another before, starting up might usually be not all to daunting or confusing unless, finding motivation is something jabbing you in the gut. Newbies, or those trying exercise and healthy lifestyles for a first time, and even those who failed at it once before, may find themselves excessively stressed on how to get started. Getting started on the path to fitness and good health does not have to be complicated. Below are a few tips that can make getting started flow much easier.

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Simple tips for getting into a fitness and health routine

If you research for tips on getting fit and healthy or ask questions to different health professionals you'll get a multitude of answers. You will find that the answers are neither right or wrong for different people. So, if that's the case, where do you start if you want to lose fat and weight, build strength, and tone up that body? Well, in my experience you need to start by doing several important things necessary for success.

Do Not Compare Yourself to Others

Stop comparing yourself to others! You're probably not going to get the same results as some one else doing the same routine, diet, or lifestyle as you. Remember, we are all different and have different attributes. For example, we all have different rates of metabolism and in the case of fat loss that means some of us will lose fat quicker than others. People whose diet includes a high consumption of protein may in fact increase their strength and muscle size faster than people doing the same workout routine whose diet is not so high in protein consumption, per se. So it is important to not compare yourself to your peers and focus solely on your results only.

Work on Self-esteem

Low self-esteem is not for you. Start working on raising that self-esteem. It can be said, without a doubt, low self-esteem is a killer when it comes to getting fit and in good health. Beating low self-esteem is tough but you have to push forward. If need be, look for help from the positive people in your life. Meet with others like you. Do what makes you feel good about yourself. If you are still having trouble dealing with low self-esteem look into counseling and/or therapy. Don't be embarrassed to ask for help. The worse thing you can do is hold back and not seek help and let that negativity keep building up until it finds a manner in which to explode.

Negativity will bring only negative
Negativity will bring only negative | Source

Done with the Negative

Get rid of all the negative! That includes people and thoughts. Negativity equals negative results. Think of this as to what many refer to as the law of attraction. What your mind believes and sees is often what the realm of reality will be. For example, if you check the scale multiple times a week or day and are heart broken to see you weigh the same 300 pounds you did a week or two ago then that becomes a negative force holding you back. In this case, you are not believing the benefits of your program and are instead believing the program is not working. In turn, you may now be able to "give up" without much of a fight, per se.

Relax, Reflect, & Meditation

Relax for a bit and reflect. Reflect on everything that is you. Think about what you want in life and what you must do to achieve it. A great way to relax and reflect is to practice meditation. Meditation can provide a foundation for feeling better and finding answers. Looking into the work of someone like Esther and Jerry Hicks can help you reach into the benefits of meditation.

Esther and Jerry Hicks provide good reading into the the law of attraction
Esther and Jerry Hicks provide good reading into the the law of attraction

The Law of Attraction: Think Positive

Bring all the positive into your life. Positive thoughts, environments, people, etc. A positive approach equals positive results. Again, think of this as the law of attraction. Believe in yourself and your plan or program. Sometimes bringing in people who believe in you and provide a positive manifestation can be of great help and benefit for a person looking to get fit and healthy. Maybe it's a friend who won't let you indulge while dinning out or believing you are seeing results in every part of of you, inside and out. Positivity is a great and necessary tool for success.

Goals and Motivation

Set goals and get motivated. Setting goals and getting motivated are important actions to set in motion a great plan, program, or routine. Goals, as we know, give us something to reach for; to obtain and look forward too. Motivation helps us push forward and obtain those goals. Motivation builds that drive and desire to achieve. When developing goals keep in mind to be sure goals are achievable within the allocated time frame. Losing 30 lb.s in a month may not be achievable. One more thing, develop short, middle, and long term goals.

Develop a Plan

Develop a plan or program and include a plan for healthy eating and a complete lifestyle. It's not all about working out and eating right. It's about living healthy and being happy. A great plan or program should target all aspects of your life. Attacking one part of your life will almost never suffice. A person who wants to lose body fat cannot focus solely on running. He or she must also focus on changing eating habits and changing other lifestyle habits that have a potential to cause a person to develop excess body fat. Think of your body as a machine, when one one part isn't working right the whole machine suffers. Every part of the machine must be in working order for it to run smoothly.

Need a Partner

If you think having a partner would help then find a partner who is almost in the same condition as you and has identical goals as yours. Having a partner who is ahead of you in physical conditioning and health can impede both his or her and your improvements. For instant, trying to keep pace with a partner who runs 3 miles in 30 minutes while it takes you 45 minutes to do same can cause you to over exert yourself which could lead to injury. And if your partner slows down to keep pace with you, he or she loses some benefits of the run.

One way of spending time with your family is to plan a trip out into the woods. Camping with the family or with close friends is a great way to heal wounds and take a relaxing break from the civilized world.
One way of spending time with your family is to plan a trip out into the woods. Camping with the family or with close friends is a great way to heal wounds and take a relaxing break from the civilized world.

Enjoy Life

Always make time for yourself to enjoy life. If you have a family be sure you make time to spend with your family during the week and on weekends. Do what you enjoy doing the most, your favorite hobby. If you like hiking then make sure you plan time to go hiking. If you like watching movies, make time to go watch a film. It's very important to enjoy life and not live like a prisoner to getting fit and healthy.

Re-focus and Do not say the "Q" word!

It's going to be tough and when the trekking seems to get level it'll get uphill quickly so be ready for a long and hard battle. It's all about staying motivated and focused. Remember, relax, reflect, focus, and get motivated. Occasionally, you may encounter rough patches. Be ready for this. Make sure you have a plan for when the going gets tough. It could be a friend or partner to talk to, inspirational words or speeches, etc. It's always good to reflect and re-focus throughout your progression. Last but not least: Be patient and don't quit. It's going to take time; weeks, months, and years but you'll get there! Always keep your goals where they are visible and follow through. You'll be happy you never throw the towel in. The best thing about all the hard work and effort is the feeling you get when you accomplish what you set out to do.

In Closing...

These are great keys to getting in better shape and health. Do not get caught up in different fitness and diet fads. Some are a waste of time and money and others can be harmful to your overall health. If need be, consult with professionals or people you trust who have experience to develop a plan or program and always consult with your medical physician before jumping into a exercise routine. Once everything is underway you may find that something is not working as planned. If so, reflect and collect yourself and make changes. Do not get upset. If something ain't working then it might not be a good idea to keep doing it. Perhaps the exercise routine is to intense for your fitness level or you are not gaining muscle because your meals are not providing you with the correct amount of protein. Making changes to these situations will prevent injury and help with muscle gain. Sometimes change is a necessity so do not be afraid to re-evaluate yourself and plan or program. As a final thought, remember, to have good fitness and health you must work not for 3 months, 6 months, or a year, but for life.


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