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Good and Bad Diet for High Blood Pressure

Updated on September 17, 2010

Good and Bad Diet for High Blood Pressure

If you have a high risk of getting high blood pressure or you already have the condition, there are several options available such as medication and exercising.However, dieting is the best option because as you prevent and fight the HBP, you will be preventing and fighting other conditions too.Medicines for high blood pressure cause different side effects in different people because they are not made from organic substances.When you diet, you will be preventing and curing other medical conditions.You will also get permanent results and improve the quality of your life.Another advantage of dieting to fight and prevent high blood pressure is the cheap cost, but for the best results, you should combine different approaches.

To prevent or fight high blood pressure, you should take plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for vitamins.Your diet should be rich in vitamins and so you should eat fresh fruits and veggies of different colors.Take fish since it is rich in omega-3 and other nutrients that fight inflammation and plaque from the vessels.Make sure the diet is balanced.

All the foods you eat should be low on cholesterol.The food should be high in fiber such as whole grains and high in potassium such as bananas.If you want to fight or prevent high blood pressure, eat small quantities of food regularly.This way, you will increase your body’s metabolism rate and you will be able to cut weight.

If you are trying to control your high blood pressure or to prevent high blood pressure from occurring, you should know the foods to avoid.You should reduce alcohol consumption if you are at risk and you should avoid alcohol altogether if you have high blood pressure.Equally dangerous is high amounts of sodium, found in large quantities in table salt, because it directly raises the blood pressure and causes damage to the heart.You should avoid saturated fats because they obstruct blood vessels and the heart, thereby worsening high blood pressure and exposing you to heart attacks and a host of cardiovascular diseases.Caffeine causes sharp rises in the pressure of the blood because it blocks the effects of adenosine and stimulates the adrenal gland, thereby increasing the blood pressure.Keep away from refined sugars and processed foods since they are converted into fat and this fat causes the clogging of blood vessels and the heart, thereby increasing the risk of high blood pressure and other heart diseases.


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