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The Basics of Male Pattern Baldness

Updated on January 23, 2016

Hair has always been seen as the crowning glory for women. However, it is not only the female gender that has had a long time obsession with having healthy and beautiful hair. Men are vain about their hair as well. That is why men are also keen on the health of their hair and avoid as much as possible to become bald. However, there are men that have high risk of becoming bald as they get older. This is because of male pattern baldness.


What it is. Scientifically known as androgenic alopecia, male pattern baldness is the most common type of baldness that occurs among men. Male pattern baldness can be inherited and therefore, men who have a family history of baldness will usually pass on this trait to their future generations. Male pattern baldness usually occurs in adulthood but can begin in the adolescent age as well for some men.

Androgenic alopecia occurs when the growth cycle of the hair begins to weaken. When this happens, new hair follicles shrink and become thinner. This will continue until the growth cycle of the hair ends and no new hair will be produced. Scientists have associated androgenic alopecia to the irregular production of the androgen sex hormone.

How to spot it.Most men that have male pattern baldness will notice that their hairlines are receding to the shape of the letter M. This receding will continue until most if not all of their hair is gone. Others will have a single bald spot on the crown that will continue to grow until the head is completely bald.

What to do about it. Men who have inherited male pattern baldness need not worry about the medical implications of this type of baldness. More often than not, men who have male pattern baldness will usually let it run its course. However, there are some who are not happy with it and would handle their receding hairline with the following techniques or treatment”

  • Hairstyle change. If the baldness is limited, men can change their hairstyles to suit their receding hairlines. Some men would often shave their heads to hide the fact that they are getting bald.
  • Wigs, Hairpieces, Weaves. Men can also cover their thinning hair with wigs or hairpieces. They can also have other hair weaved into their own hair to make their hair look fuller.
  • Topical medications. There are topical medications such as Rogaine (generic name Minoxidil) that can be rubbed into the scalp to slow down hair loss and to stimulate the scalp into growing new hair follicles. Although it has been proven to be effective, men should also be aware of the possible side effects associated with its prolonged use which includes weight gain, swelling and labored respiration.
  • Hair Transplants. The most expensive treatment that men can have to address baldness is by having a hair transplant.

Men who go bald because of male pattern baldness would often take time to accept their new appearances. However, they must accept the fact that if they do nothing about addressing their hair loss, they will end up becoming bald still.


Experience with Baldness

I have always envied men with a full head of hair. The reason for this is that like many men out there, I suffer from male pattern baldness which I think I inherited from my mother’s side of the family since my dad and my cousins from my father side still have full heads of hair even if their already in their late adult ages.

I started noticing that I have thin hair when I was in high school. I noticed that my hairline during that time was receding and this affected my confidence. I couldn’t ask anybody out on dates thinking that I would be made fun off. I avoided my classmates and peers especially those who ‘affectionately’ called me old man. It was a really difficult time for me when I was in high school that I wanted to get out of that stage in my life as soon as possible.

When I got into university, my male pattern baldness became more evident that I shaved it all off and pretended that being skin head or bald was my own choice. Nevertheless, I still envied my college buddies that can style their hair whatever they wanted to every time we went out. Being bald in college boosted my confidence a little since there were college chicks that still dig the bad boy bald look. However, deep inside me, I still wanted my hair back that’s why I decided to try numerous hair growth products and formulas. Now i am happy with the results.



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