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Gout Causing Foods - The 12 Most Common Gout Causing Foods.

Updated on May 3, 2011

Avoiding Gout Causing Foods!

If you're suffering with Gout..Stop eating these gout causing foods right away! Don't suffer any longer...Here's a list of the 12 most common foods...That's causing you to suffer.
Excessive amounts of uric acid in the body is due to the smaller amount of digestive enzyme, uricase, which assists in the excreting and neutralization of the uric acid. If not eliminated this can create a build up and crystallization.

Gout is a disease that afflicts many people with unrestrained uric acid in the body. It's a type of arthritis ordinarily evidenced by its presence in the big toe. Too much uric acid in the bloodstream and tissues may result in swelling, inflammation, and painfulness not simply in the big toe but as well in some other parts of the body. Gouty arthritis can last for a couple of hours but some of the times it can be suffered for many days.

Are you Suffering with the Throbbing...Stiffness....Swelling and Tenderness that is brought about by Gout?

Let's not forget about the PAIN...The hurting so bad you can't even do the little things in life!

So...Is Gout Treatable? And Even Preventable? YES IT IS!


Gout Causing Foods

Usually higher degrees of uric acid are induced by type of foods eaten. These certain gout inducing foods must be avoided in order to keep from having disturbance by gout in your normal way of life.

Low potassium may as well bring about a increase urate in the bloodstream but usually it's caused by foods eaten and not digested properly. A list of gout causing foods includes the following.

>>> Meat such as bacon, organ meats, sweetbread, broth made from meat and gravies, bullion, meat excerpts and offal.

>>> Sea foods like sardines, prawns, crabmeat, salmon, trout, mackerel, cod, anchovies, herring, and mussels.

>>> Yeast foods and drinks like beer and baked goods.

>>> Fowl such as goose and turkey.

>>> Certain vegetables like cauliflower, baked spinach plant, asparagus, beans, peas, mushrooms, lentils, and rhubarb plant.

>>> Coffee and caffeine that break up protein into uric acid.

>>> Alcoholic beverages will increase uric acid levels and prevents excretion of it by the kidneys.

>>> Aspirin as well step-ups the production of uric acid.

>>> Fried foods case rise of uric acid by Vitamin E depletion.

>>> Saturated fats, monosaccharides and carbohydrates such as fructose step-up uric acid production and can cause damage the kidney.

>>> White flour, whole food grain and rolled oats.

>>> Pastries, tarts, do-nuts and ice cream.

Gout is manageable with medicines like NSAID’s and Cortone Acetate. Having a massage is also beneficial. There are as well natural cures like herbal medicines. It's most crucial that we are well-educated enough with our list of gout causing foods and try to keep from eating all of them or just take it in smaller portions.

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    • profile image

      Alidjan 4 years ago

      ????????:Good information. Many gout srferefus are trying natural remedies for their gout since it does seem to be much better for them. Traditional methods of treating gout through prescribed medicines often have unwanted side effects and also they are expensive.

    • BeatingGout profile image

      BeatingGout 7 years ago

      Hi David;

      Sounds very painful...Don't wait to long before you visit your Doctor.

      Read my Hub "Causes of Gout - What Is Gout and What Causes It?" for more information.

    • profile image

      david canady  7 years ago

      not sure if i have gout?? i have some symptons but most of my symptoms consist of feet really hurting and feeling really stiff and brittle, a lot of redness and feels like my feet are on fire .and some pain shooting through my toes .