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Governments…please wake up! Stress on safety of citizens first

Updated on March 14, 2011
tsunami hit Japan
tsunami hit Japan

In the wake of Tsunami and earthquakes, world will be looking forward to more safety measures to save citizens. Whole world has seen how most of the manmade structures turned into rubbles when tsunami destroyed Japan’s cities, in a moment or two.

Governments should rethink while spending too much on military, arms and ammunitions. They have an option to use the same amount of money on safety of people first. China's recent military budgetrise has threatened the Asian region. Showing supremacy in military strength doesn’t help citizens to escape in times of natural calamities. They have to research further and plan for advanced safety. Maintaining peace in their region and spending on safety not only develops a nation to great extent but also supports them to get out of natural calamities in the near future. Governments can also help people below the poverty line to get better food, shelter and employment.

Bikaner Tanka
Bikaner Tanka

Stop the construction of dams

The nations will have to stop the construction of huge dams. The water supply problem can still be solved by storage tanks and Bikaner style water harvesting Tankas. But the dams on the other hand destroy everything and towns get submerged in water whenever there is a crack in the dam or when Tsunamis like the one in Japan strikes in no time. Hydro electric power plant can be replaced by renewable energy sources like the Tidal power plants.

Passenger helicopter
Passenger helicopter

Introduction of large number of passenger helicopters:

Table top airports and Helipads would be fine during Tsunamis and floods

In the event of a natural disaster like Tsunami table top airports and Helipads will be more in use. Passenger helicopter s that is capable of operating in all weather conditions like the HAL’s Light Utility Helicopter would be very useful. The governments have to develop more of such helicopters. They will come in handy in the near future when more and more natural calamities are faced all over the world from time to time.

Floating car during floods
Floating car during floods

Develop cars with floating airbags like the airbags for safety at the steering wheel

Cars with airbags near the wheels can help save many lives whenever there are floods and tsunami. They may at least float to a distance where an obstacle would finally bring it to a halt and the people in it can look for safer exit. Helicopters can easily airlift them to a safer place in case of emergency.

More submarines for transportation of goods and people

Some governments have the capability to research, design and develop more useful submarines than ships. Introduction of less expensive submarines can help people to travel and transport goods safely. Smaller and less expensive submarines can take people to safer places in times of natural calamities.

mangrove forest
mangrove forest

Mangrove forests reduce the impact of tsunamis

Mangrove forests have avoided major impact on islands such as Andaman and Nicobar Islands during the 2004 Tsunami. Such forests can be grown on sea shores or artificial islands.  Some artificial islands with mangroves can be developed in front of the seashores just to avoid major impact from Tsunamis. Mangrove forests can cut off the speed of the waves fast approaching towards major cities.

High speed cargo transportation
High speed cargo transportation

All weather Hot air balloons and Airships

Hot air balloon has been the oldest successful human-carrying flight technology. Balloon aircrafts are helpful to citizens in the event of natural calamities like volcanic eruptions, floods, Tsunamis and earthquakes. It can also be used when the bottom portion of a building is totally damaged and lifts do not work. Low cost air balloons which can move faster in air is to be developed.  Whenever people get stuck  and are totally isolated these balloons may become more useful.

Specially designed skylifters can carry heavy loads from place to place. Manned cloud cruise ship with solar power can travel faster and are more comfortable for humans. They should be adopted and introduced as early as possible.

A high speed cargo transportation method with a buoyant aircraft powered by solar energy is designed but not in use. It has the name High Speed Solar Airship (HSSA). The airship is capable of flying at higher altitudes and move faster in air. All these features makes the vehicle a low cost, but high speed cargo transportation airship.

During natural calamities, mass flying of such objects have every chance to collide with each other in air. So, a time gap to fly these airships is needed.  Satellites can provide accurate information on when to fly them and on which direction and also the right altitude.

A budget to improve the safe flying systems during emergency saves lot of lives and prevents losses as they provide room to carry valuables along with them.


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