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Grain - The Deadly Facts!

Updated on March 12, 2011



GRAIN – The Deadly Facts!


Grain has been cultivated by man for 20,000+ years. The origins of Barely can be traced back to 18,000 B.C. and beyond Did you know that even in prehistoric times, grain was dried and roasted? Roasted Barely from the Ice Age has been discovered as well as the ancient Egyptians and Greeks all cultivated grain. But when did this “food” become introduced and why did we take to it. 1) I say it fill’s you up, and tastes good. 2) I’d say it stores well in winter months when leafy green and meat were more scarce and conditions harsher. I think it’s safe to say that grain was more of a choice of life or death in times before now, and a poor man’s diet consisted of mostly grains (breads and meat or roots)

The Pro’s of Grain:

Science has also ruled some great press for this substance:

Vitamin B – A must have, but can be gotten 500% more from vegetables and with 200% less food consumed.

Fibre – Great source of fibre, but so is meat, eggs and vegetables. Oh, and fruit too!

Good for the heart – Wrong! Actually the only real study done for this was by honey nut cheerio’s, and it was actually the honey that is good for your heart, and it is!

The Problem With Grain:

To say the least any mammal that ingests grain immediately suffers from digestion-tract and issues with their intestines,  High blood glucose causing diabetes and adema. Heart disease, arthritis, inflammation, gallstones, Liver damage and inflation. (toxic overload) the list goes on. The question to ask is why is this happening. Well on two levels first grain when it enters your system is broken down into two things, a starch and a sugar. Your body extracts all the vitamins and sugar from the “food” and the rest would be considered waste to your body. Wrong! This starch is a dense and deadly carbohydrate. You see all grains (including beans) must be cooked in order to be consumed, because these “foods” are poisonous in nature and some of them deadly unless cooked! This is also true for potatoes. This becomes and converts into a complex carbohydrate in your system it increases your bloods viscosity levels and your blood pressure. This causes cell damage on a massive level! Everything from acne to cancer can invade your system.

What to know & Do:

Grain is more of a lifestyle choice now then a necessity. Look at all the great empires on earth. Rome, Egypt, the Mayans, Greek’s. Why does their empires fall coincide with the cultivation and use of grain? Look at our society and its degrading and slow progression into petty consumerism. A shoot first ask no questions, attitude.

It is also important you understand the health effects of sugars and grains and why television shows are called programs, or programming. Read more and always make up your own mind.




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