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Great Christmas And Birthday Gift Ideas For Triathletes

Updated on February 3, 2015
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Liam Hallam is a sports science graduate. A keen cyclist, runner, and obstacle racer who ran his first ultra-marathon in 2016.

Looking for a present for your Triathlete?

A Triathlete exiting transition prior to the bike leg.
A Triathlete exiting transition prior to the bike leg. | Source

Buying Christmas and Birthday presents for Triathletes can be difficult

Buying presents can be a nightmare- especially if you have a triathlete in your life

We all appreciate it when someone buys us a present which is applicable to our hobbies and triathletes have their own personal product needs which obviously can make the experience difficult. However there is so much to gain in giving Triathlon gifts.

Below are a number of gift ideas which will help you buy the perfect Christmas or Birthday Gift or simply just a treat for your partner to make them feel extra special and that you've really paid extra attention to their passion.

Below are some great Christmas Gift Ideas for Triathletes and cover a huge budget range- from less than $5 so there's an option for everyone this Christmas.

Simple stocking fillers for Triathletes- Speed Laces

Sometimes when you're buying gifts related to a loved one's passions it's best to keep things simple and go for simple, inexpensive items which can be used also be used as stocking fillers alongside other presents.

No Triathlete wants to have to tie their laces while in transition as that takes up time. There are two options for this in terms of gifts. i) Lock Laces which use a drawcord style system to close up quickly and as tight as the athlete requires or ii) Stretch triathlon laces which allow the triathlete to slide their shoes on. Both will help to save vital seconds in transition.

How many days do they spend at the pool? Treat them to a new swim towel.

Treat your partner or loved one to a swimming specific towel like the Speedo Swim towel featured. Swim Towels are no longer the heavy terry style beach towels they once were and have now taken on a more slimline and quick drying approach which means they are lightweight and can be quickly dried out which means an end to smelly gym bags.

Gifts for Triathletes- Performance eyewear

Triathlon is as much about fashion as it is about performance. A great new pair of sunglasses makes a fantastic surprise gift that will get plenty of use. While helping the wearer to look good they also help to protect the eyes from the sun.

This gift is not recommended for those requiring spectacles for eyesight correction while competing.

Pro Cyclist David Millar looking cool in his Giro Sunglasses

David Millar looking cool in a pair of Giro performance eyewear
David Millar looking cool in a pair of Giro performance eyewear | Source

Performance Eyewear for Triathletes

Oakley Men's Half Jacket XLJ Iridium Sunglasses
Oakley Men's Half Jacket XLJ Iridium Sunglasses

Oakley is one of the top performance eyewear brands and their half jacket design is great for cycling and running while looking good.


Treat your loved on to the ultimate transition kit bag for Christmas

A Triathlete has to carry a huge amount of equipment with them to events- enough for 3 sports- swimming, cycling and running, so it makes sense to have a specific transition kit bag that caters for all 3 sports combined and can hold all of the kit you require for your Triathlon event.

The Ultimate Cycling/ Triathlon Gift for Christmas. Ultra Fast Racing Wheels

Does your loved one say they really need to do more work on their cycling to get better results? Why not help them cheat this Christmas by purchasing them a set of top of the range, ultra-lightweight and aerodynamic racing wheels which will help them to lower the times for their bike splits? As it's not usually possible to get a wheel change during an Ironman Triathlon always go for the Clincher variety. The Mavic Cosmic Wheelset pictured below is the ultimate aerodynamic wheelset to surprise that special someone with. Just have a look at their bike first and check whether it has Shimano/Sram or Campagnolo gears before you order. The ROL wheels also pictured are a lightweight and more cost effective wheelset for fast riding in Triathlons due to being very light and offering a 30 mm profile semi aero rim profile.

The ultimate Christmas/ Birthday present for Triathletes- Lightweight and Aerodynamic Race Wheels

Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLS Clincher Road Bike Wheelset
Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLS Clincher Road Bike Wheelset

Aerodynamic Race wheels for a faster bike leg. The Mavic Cosmic Carbone is the ultimate fast clincher wheelset for triathlon and would make a heart-stopping gift


Happy Shopping

Good luck with finding the right gift for the Triathlete in your life

Have a Merry Christmas



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    • CyclingFitness profile image

      Liam Hallam 6 years ago from Nottingham UK

      Thanks SimpleGiftsofLove for your feedback- glad you liked!

    • SimpleGiftsofLove profile image

      SimpleGiftsofLove 6 years ago from Colorado

      Good ideas, thanks for sharing, up and interesting!