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The Great Doughnut War -part 2

Updated on January 20, 2010

The "Battle of the Box"

When we last left yours truly, I was in a heated battle with a large box of doughnuts. After our initial encounter, I had a banana and an apple, and it seemed to help.

From time to time, I went into the kitchen and looked at them. People came over and as the evening wore on, the doughnuts kept disappearing. As I drifted off to sleep, I wondered what the new day would bring.

He finds an alternative

This morning I arose to a box with just one doughnut left (and yes, it was a chocolate one). As I neared, I could hear it speak to me. “Well, you did it! I had no idea that you could have such determination. Now I guess you will eat me and not see any of us for a month.”

“You know what doughnut, I think I’ll have something else instead,” I proudly announced.

“B-b-b-b-but you can’t do that. You said you’d eat one in the morning, remember?” the doughnut pleaded.

“Nope, I said I would see one of you in the morning with my coffee. I see you, and now I am going to make some coffee, but first I am having a banana.” I proudly announced.

“Please tell me one thing. How did you do it?” the perplexed treat asked.

“I guess I don’t need you today. I would rather have a banana, apple, honey cinnamon toast, or a nice big bowl of oatmeal. They are good and sweet and much better for me than you,” I announced.

“But how did you do it?” the doughnut pleaded.

“I hung in there and did not accept defeat as an option. Plus, I used the support of others to force myself into accountability!

“Wow! I hope this doesn’t get out! The doughnut exclaimed.

“Oh I won’t tell anyone Mr. Doughnut.” I promised. (Of course, I said nothing about writing about it.)

This was only one battle in the war, but it taught me a valuable lesson. If someone brings a box of doughnuts into the house, it is OK NOT to eat any.

This has been the Great Doughnut War, brought to you by persistence and accountability.

And then there was one

The enemies ranks had thinned to "one doughnut" overnight.
The enemies ranks had thinned to "one doughnut" overnight.

A single survivor speaks

Suddenly it didn't look so sinister.
Suddenly it didn't look so sinister.

Happy ending

Help arrives in the form of fruit.
Help arrives in the form of fruit.

Battle Over

I took the box to its final resting place, knowing that I won!
I took the box to its final resting place, knowing that I won!


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    • ehern33 profile image

      ehern33 8 years ago

      Wish you luck in your weight loss regime. Cute story and if it helps you keep spme type of weigh control by documenting it and with some humor, by all means do it. It may well become a good tool for it.