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Great Healthy Lifestyle Ideas – Over 70 Ways For You To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Updated on August 27, 2014

Your body is a temple that you should take care of. Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the major ways of taking care of your body. It is more than eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep every day or drinking at least eight glasses of water.

It is wise to take your body as a physical shell that will take you throughout your life. You should not abuse it with unhealthy habits, so that it lasts longer. Life is really beautiful and nobody wants to struggle with unnecessary health problems.

Below are over 70 ways for you to live a healthier lifestyle that covers different aspects of life aside from exercising and healthy eating. They cover all aspects of life that may influence your health. These aspects include your habits, exercising, financial matters, and personal relations with people in and outside of work.

1. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep is usually associated with higher junk food consumption. You will not need to eat junk food and snacks to stay awake. Lack of sleep also causes premature aging and no one wants it.

2. Eat breakfast every day

It is important to take breakfast every day for your mental and health power. A healthy breakfast supplies the body with essential minerals, vitamins and energy for the entire day. Skipping breakfast may tamper with your workout programs because it slows down your metabolism.

3. Forget the second cup

It is fine to take coffee in the morning. However, that second cup can make you feel jittery. Substitute it with some green tea to make you feel balanced throughout the day.

4. Eat slowly

People who eat fast tend to eat a lot of food. Try to slow down when eating and you will consume less but still feel satisfied. It will prevent you from overeating.

5. Drink more water

Most people don’t drink enough water. Water is essential for the proper functioning of the body. It is required for body functions such as removal of waste products and movement of oxygen in the body. It is important to drink at least eight glasses of water to replenish the water lost through breathing, bowel movements, sweat and urine. Taking enough water suppresses appetite, helps with belly bloat and improves your appetite.

6. Protect your skin

Stay out of direct sunlight to avoid damaging your skin or use sunscreen when out. Cleanse your skin more often to open sweat pores. Clogged pores can build up toxins and cause blemishes in the skin.

7. Take a stand and find things to make you laugh

Make efforts to stand up; go for a quick walk during the day and stretch at work. You will feel more energized when heading back to your desk and you will be ready to handle the rest of your obligations. Finding things that make you laugh, on the other hand, will lower your stress levels and make you feel good. Studies have shown that adults who have a sense of humor have healthier lives and outlive those who don’t.

8. Avoid exposure to toxic substances

Toxic substances like fertilizers, mercury and lead may have detrimental effects on your health. Don’t touch toxic substances using bare hands and always consult professionals on how to handle them.

9. Eat more vegetables

They are important for overall well being.. Take several servings of raw, stir-fried or steamed vegetables every day. This will reduce the risk of developing cancers of the ovary, pancreas, bladder, esophagus, cervix, breast, colon and lung.

10. Eat more fruits

Fruits are great sources of minerals and vitamins. Some fruits like oranges have more healthy benefits than vitamin C pills. Consume lots of fruits to get vitamins and minerals direct from nature instead of taking synthetic supplements. Some of the best fruits include strawberries, papaya, guava, kiwi, grapes, apples, oranges, avocado and watermelon.

11. Pick bright colored foods

Vegetables and fruits with bright colors contain high amounts of anti-oxidants that help in removal of free radicals from the body. Eat fruits and vegetables of different colors like orange from papaya and orange, white from mushroom and banana, red from apple and strawberries and yellow from mango and pineapples.

12. Avoid processed foods

These foods are not healthy since most of their nutritional value is lost. They also have added preservatives that are bad for our health. They usually contain high amounts of salt, which leads to heart diseases and high blood pressure. Eat natural and unprocessed whole foods for proper functioning of the body and shed unwanted kilos.

13. Avoid trigger foods

These are the types of foods that make you desire more food. The most common trigger foods are pasta, chips, candy bars, cookies, chocolate and donuts; they differ from one person to another. Most of them contain high levels of refined sugars, flour, fat and salt. They cause a sugar imbalance in the body triggering one to eat more.

14. Deal with emotional eating issues

Crash diets don’t work well. They are not quick fixes and they will not sustain healthier lifestyles. Make a pact to stop crash dieting and make healthier choices that you can stick to every day.

15. Eat small meals

Are you a member of the clean-plate club? You should consider using smaller containers and plates or eating multiple small meals spaced throughout the day. This keeps the amount of food you are eating under control, which is quite healthy.

16. Avoid oily foods

Reduce your intake of deep fried fast foods like wedges, chips, doughnuts and fries. Most oily foods are fattening and contain acryl amide, which is a potential cancer-causing agent. An ordinary bag of crisps is likely to contain over 500 times more acryl amide than the level allowed in drinking water.

17. Get fishy

Eat fish several times a week to get quality servings of omega-3 fatty acids that help in reducing heart disease. Fish is a great source of protein, which is necessary to make new cells and repair damaged muscles.

18. Avoid sugary foods

Sugary foods like cookies, chocolate and pastries are not filling, yet they trigger one to eat more.

19. Eat organic foods

They are produced without synthetic ingredients such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides. They are not processed using chemical foods additives, industrial solvents, or irradiation and they don’t contain genetically modified organisms. They tend to cost more, but it is not wise to save a few dollars only to feed your body with chemicals. It is wise to pay extra dollars for clean and healthy foods.

20. Cut out caffeine and soda

Drinks with caffeine speed up the production of urine taking away more water from your body. Soda is an unhealthy artificial stimulant that causes weight gain. Ditch your soda and caffeine for fresh juices or plain water.

21. Prepare your meals

It is obvious that you control what goes into your food when you prepare it. Preparing your meals will eliminate any dilemma between choosing the sub-optional food choices and healthy eating. Buy some quality kitchen equipment and practice making your food at home.

22. Pack your lunch

Fresh fast food options are now more readily available than ever. Some of them are said to be healthy but you don’t know how they were prepared.

Bring your lunch to work to make sure you are eating healthy foods. You can enjoy leftover brown bag lunch recipes if you are worried about the cook time.

23. Eat at salad bars

Salad bars work in a simple and fun way. Members pick their greens and select a number of toppings (usually limited to six) depending on the outlet. They then finish their serving with a dressing. Most of the salads have a wide variety of fillings that are extremely healthy.

24. Choose low fat and low calorie alternatives

There are many non-fat and low-fat food alternatives on the market today. They include ice creams, spreads, soy milks, yogurts and salad dressings.

25. Consume a lot of fiber

Fiber is crucial for proper digestion of food. It should be eaten in quantity because it prevents hard stool. Consume a lot of fiber by eating brown carbohydrates, non-processed foods and lots of fruits and vegetables.

26. Exercise

Try to exercise every day to enjoy tremendous benefits like weight loss, higher bone density, lower risk of diseases and increased life span. Choose climbing the stairs instead of using the lift and walk over driving.

27. Intensify or change your workouts regularly

It is not wise to do the same workouts for a long period of time as the body may fail to respond accordingly. Try to change your workouts or make them more intense from time to time. You will also exercise different muscle groups, which is very healthy.

28. Lose weight

Shedding a few pounds is one of the best things you can do for a healthy and quality life.

Your body will become more flexible, allowing you to participate in many sporting activities and workouts.

You will also get that figure you have always wanted to have, making you feel sexy.

29. Work out different body parts

Avoid limiting cardio exercises to a single form, such as jogging. A good workout puts different muscle groups into action. You may engage in popular sports such as swimming, tennis, football and basketball.

30. Pick sports you enjoy

You will naturally want to play games that you like and hence exercise without pushing yourself. The sports will add variation to your exercises and make you have fun.

31. Take healthy snacks

Eat healthy snacks such as fruit juices, salads and fruits if you get hungry at work. They are nutritional and they don’t give you a sugar rush that may trigger you to eat more. Try to have them readily available so you can eat them and stop when you feel full. Avoid candy bars and cookies at all cost for a healthy life.

32. Drink vegetables and fruit smoothies

They provide a quick and healthy way of getting vitamins and other nutrients. Throw your favorite fruits and vegetables into the blender and wait for thirty seconds to make a smoothie. Some of them, like a blend of oranges and banana are very tasty and nutritious.

33. Extract juice from fruits and vegetables

This is also called juicing and it uses a juicer machine. It strips all fiber away making you drink minerals and vitamins directly from the juice. Smoothies and juices complement each other. Juices give the digestive system a break while smoothies provide fiber, which is crucial for proper digestion of food.

34. Try a vegan diet

Vegans are people who don’t consume animal-derived products. It is important to note that going on a vegan diet doesn’t necessarily lead to better health, because there are some unhealthy vegetarian foods out there, such as white carbohydrate-laden diets and fried foods.

However, there are many proven health benefits that you may enjoy by eating raw and non-processed vegan foods like nuts, vegetables and fruits. You may start from vegetarian to vegan and then raw vegan. This progression has many benefits including increased youth, energy, weight loss and healthy benefits.

35. Barefoot running/walking

There are very many proven benefits of barefoot running or walking. Some of them include minimal stress at the body joints, better posture and less stress on your feet.

36. Move more

Sitting a lot is unhealthy for the body and the mind. Get up and walk around for several minutes every day especially during your lunch hour if you are locked in the office for most of the day. You can start a walking group with coworkers and friends, or try some sports. Another alternative is starting your day with a dose of exercise by walking to work.

37. Play

Play with your friends and family. You may have a water gun fight, make mud pies, skip rope, go sledding, throw a Frisbee, blow bubbles or run a race for fun. You can organize family game nights from time to time to play tug-of-war with the dog or board games that make you laugh.

38. Don’t take your work home

Every person wants quality time to relax and interact with his family. Create this time by leaving all work at the workplace to avoid stressing yourself at home.

39. Relax before bedtime

Shut down your Internet and keep all your electronic devices away one hour before bed. Use this time to relax and don’t exercise before bedtime to have relatively low blood circulation in the body. Clear your mind before sleeping by watching television or reading a magazine or book to wind down.

40. Pay off debt

Paying off debts will reduce stress and improve your finances. Financial health contributes a lot to the general health of the body. Try all you can to pay your debts within the shortest time possible. For example, pay more than the minimum, cash your saving accounts and try to negotiate terms with creditors before borrowing.

41. Save for retirement

It is wise to save money to have more financial power that will let you do things you like doing. Start saving now and you will enjoy living a healthy life even after retirement.

42. Learn a new language

A new language will broaden your horizons and sharpen your brain.

Experts have associated mastering a new language with a positive and prolonged cognition in life.

It makes your brain active.

43. Touch someone

Being in physical contact with someone that loves you and cares for you is an automatic stress reliever. Holding hands and hugging people you love is beneficial to both of you. Massage has also been proved to boost the immune system by making people satisfied.

44. Change your weekend routine

Weekend activities like mini-vacations are important to recharge the body. They should be affordable and effective. Try to do something new every weekend and change the scene. You may hike in a nearby park with friends or family to get social interaction, fresh air and exercise.

45. Spend time with children

Most people get inspired when they look at the world through a kid’s eyes. Spend time with children to have life full of excitement and appreciate simple things offered by life.

46. Quit procrastinating

Resolve to get moving. You will find you have more time than you thought. If you quit procrastinating, you will be in a position to do things at the right time. You will change your workouts and even visit the doctors when need arises or during health checkups.

47. Quit your addiction (technology)

Try to interact physically with people even if you love using social media. Step away from the screen of your PC or BlackBerry and meet your friends. You will minimize the amount of time you spend seated and alone. Physical interactions are healthy because you can play games with friends and have fun.

48. Be a coach

You can become a coach in different fields. Coach a youth sport or drama club members and shape the lives of young people. It will contribute to healthy living because you will create and make new friends, as well as get you to exercise. It is advisable to coach youngsters during your free time instead of staying indoors. Get out, interact, guide them and share your experiences with them.

49. Take care of the environment

The environment contributes a lot to healthy living. It reduces air pollution and provides us with cleaner and healthier air for breathing. Work to reduce the emission of carbon, donate items that you no longer use, improve your gas mileage and recycle materials like water bottles.

50. Make an effort to be happy

Try to find happiness whether you actually feel sad or not. You will always get something that makes you smile and appreciate the people around you. Focus on your good sides and how you have helped people during low times to avoid stress. Reflecting back makes us feel our lives are worth living.

51. Avoid negative people

Positive mental health contributes a lot to a healthy life. Toxic people are not useful in your life because they try their best to make sure they humiliate you or bring you down. Make sure you avoid them at all cost and eliminate anyone that you feel is negative or critical from your life.

Negativity from within is no different from negative people. Its effects may even be more harmful. Listen to the thoughts in your mind and get rid of the ones that take your happiness away. Staying positive will cut out unhealthy dependence on other substances and food to be happy.

52. Don’t be affected by the way other people think about you

Many people get upset when people focus on their low side. This may lower your self-esteem and may have detrimental effects on your health. Try to ignore what other people think about you and try to focus on your positive sides.

53. Love yourself

Do you really love yourself? Well, loving yourself is a great motivation to take care of your health. Desire to live longer and touch lives of other people who live around you. You will have the necessary courage to make sure you live harmoniously with people and take the necessary steps to lead a healthy life.

54. Wake up early

Waking up early will give you more time to get things done. It is beneficial for both mental and physical health. This has been proven by our elders, who seem to be more active and healthy than the new generation. Waking up early charges your body like a battery and makes you more active and enthusiastic about your daily chores. You will get time to prepare your breakfast and do some exercises. All these provide momentum, lowering the chances of working under pressure during the day. Be an early riser and for real, you will have physical, mental, and emotional fitness.

55. Take a long shower

Warm and long showers feel good and are beneficial to your health. The key is to stay for 5-10 minutes because very long showers can dry your skin. Hot showers improve blood circulation and can treat joint and muscular pains that are associated with muscle overuse, muscle tears and arthritis. The warmth stimulates blood flow to loosen joints, muscles, and tendons. Other benefits of long, warm showers include warming up, decreasing insomnia and stress and relieving coughs, shoulder and neck pains.

56. Memorize something daily

Memorization leaves your brain sharp and keeps your memory functioning. It will leave you with many quotes to bust at any moment. You may memorize sayings, poetry and philosophies. It may even make you an explorer, allowing you to view the world as a jungle to live a positive life. You will get out of your comfort zone and take advantage of how you can improve your life.

57. Have a purposeful life

Positive healthy living starts from within. Make sure you are living in line with your purpose. This will make you happier and let you live a life full of meaning. Moreover, you will be determined to lead a healthy life to achieve your purpose.

58. Breathe deeply

Oxygen is a vital source and sustainer of life. Every person knows how to breathe, but at times we don’t do it properly, especially when we take shallow breathes that occupy only 1/3 of the lung capacity. Learn to breathe deeply to fill your lungs completely and expand your abdomen with minimal muscle movement like athletes.

59. Practice good posture

Good posture makes you look attractive and smarter. It improves your breathing. It also prevents complications of wrong sitting postures like joint and muscle pains.

60. Drink moderately

Alcohol becomes diuretic when drunk excessively. Excessive consumption of alcohol has negative effects on the body with great impacts on the proper function of the brain, lungs, liver and other major body organs.

61. Meditate

Meditation makes your mind quiet and calms your soul. Meditation will let you enjoy the beauty of silence in this modern world where most people are very connected to everything through their TV, cell phones and Internet. Simply sit somewhere and focus on breathing and try to think about nothing.

62. Spend time with healthy people

Experts have proven that we are an average of the five people that we spend the most time with. It is better to spend more time around healthy people who will make healthy living more fun. Take your meals and work out with such people regularly.

63. Learn when to say no

Don’t feel like you have to eat simply because you have been offered some food or you are out with your friends. Just say you are not hungry if you don’t feel like eating.

64. Stop smoking

Experts have proven that smoking is detrimental to body health. It increases the risks of chronic diseases such as heart attack, esophageal cancer, kidney cancer and lung cancer. Smoking light cigarettes doesn’t decrease the health risks. It is advisable to quit smoking for better health and don’t start if you don’t smoke.

65. Avoid passive smoking

This is second-hand smoking or breathing in air from smokers. It has effects similar to those of direct smoking. Avoid cigarette smoke where you can, and always try to get away from smokers

66. Say no to drugs

Drug abuse is detrimental to your health. Take drugs only when prescribed by a physician. Avoid hard drugs like cocaine, bhang and heroin to live a long healthy life. Most drug abusers tend to neglect everything including their health.

67. Get some sunlight

It is likely that you spend most of your time holed up in the office if you have a regular 9-5 job. This limits your time of getting out and having fun, which is not very healthy. Try to make a point of going out with friends at least twice a week to get some sunlight and have a change in environment. The sun feels amazing and it will course your entire body with life and warmth.

68. Maintain good dental hygiene

Good dental hygiene makes you more desirable and is related to general body health. Brush your teeth twice a day, floss them at night and rinse your mouth after every meal.

69. Find reasons to laugh

The brain releases serotonin or the happy hormone when you grin. Smiling and laughing are natural ways to make you happy; utilize them as you grow older, keeping in mind that happiness leads to smiles and vice versa.

70. Reduce your attachment to possessions

People who are heavy-set with material desires may have a lot of troubles after losing their possessions. Possessions may end up owning you or deny you time to practice a healthy lifestyle. Try to have minimal needs and you will learn to focus on the present, which is likely to make you happier.

71. Don’t take life very seriously

Learn to appreciate and laugh at the little things to make your whole existence a lot easier. Be amused by your failures and mistakes and use them to learn to avoid messing up again. You will also find you are doing things that you enjoy which are a major component of healthy living.

72. Help other people

It brings happiness making life more fun. It can change you in ways you never expected and allow you establish strong relationships with different people. It feels amazing and makes you feel like a good person who has a purpose in life.

73. Figure out your dreams and goals

It is obvious that you dream of a long, healthy and successful life. Write these dreams and goals on a piece of paper and hang it on your wall where it can be daily seen. This helps you to avoid wandering aimlessly through life. Goals allow you to achieve small things that you want from time to time, which is very satisfying.

74. Start your days correctly

Wake up and set aside several minutes for personal development activities like self-inspection and observing nature. Focus on things that make you feel optimistic, blissful and empowered to have a positive tone for every day. This will make your days more fulfilling and enjoyable.

75. Travel

Most people find traveling as the most exciting activity they can do with their friends. You will observe different cultures that will expand your mind and probably make you appreciate what you have. You will interact with people from different parts of the world who may teach you new ways to improve your health.

76. Learn to control your mind and emotions

The human mind is often described as a stream of consciousness. You can decide on where the stream flows by using techniques such as meditation and flushing out negative thoughts. Your mind will control your emotions that determine your happiness.

77. Wash your hands

The human hands host millions of noxious and unseen germs. Wash your hands regularly and keep in mind that your hands are not always safe. Adults should be keen with their kids and give them a constructive model that they can follow to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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