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Great Paleo Diet Recipes

Updated on February 28, 2014

All About the Paleolithic Diet and Paleo Diet Recipes

The paleo diet has become a very popular new diet plan. It has been described as a healthy way to lose weight and to improve overall health, as well as decreasing the chances of developing chronic illness and improving the condition of those who are already chronically ill. This lens describes the basic aspects of the paleo diet, including the ideas behind it, the paleo diet food list, and a discussion of paleo diet recipes. I hope that, after reading through this introductory information, that you will find yourself ready to delve deeper into what makes the paleolithic diet the most natural way to get and stay healthy through dietary choices. There are numerous resources out there to get more information, including internet sites, books, and others, and I hope to give you some interesting ways to look further into a lifestyle choice from which I am sure you will benefit. As with any diet, the most important thing is to stay with it, which requires considerable willpower and drive. But if you want it badly enough, if you want to improve your health, your weight, or simply the way you feel about yourself, I know you can do it. I am confident that the paleo diet will do for you what it has done for millions of people over millennia. It will leave you feeling better, with more energy, stamina, and better overall health than you have ever had. It will also make you lose weight, and that's generally okay for most people!

What is the Paleo Diet?

The paleo diet is a very popular diet plan. It is also known as the caveman diet, and it is designed to mimic the diet our paleolithic ancestors ate. The premise is simple. If evolution has worked properly, and human beings have adapted to their environment appropriately, then it stands to reason that our bodies have been designed to eat the foods that have been available to us throughout history. As evolution happens over thousands to millions of years, some of the modern foods available to us, especially heavily processed foods, are not ideal for ingestion. In other words, our bodies and digestive systems are not optimized for these types of foods and we will have a difficult time metabolizing them. This can then lead to obesity and a whole variety of other health issues.

Paleo Diet Food List

A basic paleo diet food list is presented below:

Nuts and seeds
Fresh fruits and veggies
Grass-fed meats
Certain oils (Olive, macadamia, coconut, walnut, flaxseed, avocado)

These are foods that are not considered part of a paleo diet:

Refined sugar
Cereal grains
Legumes (including peanuts)
Processed foods
Refined vegetable oils

Examples of Paleo Diet Cookbooks
Examples of Paleo Diet Cookbooks

Paleo Diet Recipes

Paleo diet recipes are interesting. Like any recipes, they can be really good or really bad. I find with diet recipes in general that there isn't much in between. I think this is because that when we go into a diet, we generally assume that we will be sacrificing taste for food that will give us a health benefit. We expect the diet food to taste bad, so when we get something that actually tastes okay we get excited, because we weren't prepared for it. So diet food generally has to be pretty bad for us to hate it. Anything better than pretty bad is considered great.

This actually isn't as big an issue with the paleo diet as it is with other diets. That's because paleo diet recipes generally incorporate foods that inherently taste good. You can eat any variety of naturally raised meat and not worry. Raw fruits and vegetables are fair game, as are great tasting nuts and seeds. Olive oil is a big bonus here, as most of the best meals are generally made with olive oil anyway.

The great thing is that you don't have to eat rice cakes or other such tasteless food choices, and you also don't have to eat tiny, infant-like portions, although it is still wise to watch overall calorie intake. This stands to reason, as our ancestors generally didn't sit around and gorge themselves on grass-fed beef and veggies all day! It is difficult for some people to deal with not adding excess salt (seasoning) to their food at first, but eventually it becomes second nature, and some eventually develop a dislike for any excess salt in their food.

Overall, the paleo diet is a great choice for many people trying to lose weight in a healthy way, deal with or avoid chronic medical issues, or improve their overall general health. Paleo diet recipes offer some of the best-tasting diet foods around and, in fact, thousands of years ago it wash't considered a "diet." It was just a way of life, a way we are still genetically optimized for!

Are You A Paleo Lover?

Have you ever tried the paleo diet or paleo diet recipes?

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