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Great Scott Man its the FIFA Games

Updated on June 9, 2014

Great Scott Man it’s the FIFA Games

Volume 6, Issue 16, June 9, 2014

Football or Brazilian Soccer is not the only thing that Brazil has in common with the western part of the Americas. What is it you ask? Well not only is Brazil Internationally famous for soccer but they were part of the British invasion and were invaded by the Brits of Scottish lineage.

Roots play a huge part in the fusion of the culture into mainstream society and as its present environment. The British Empire or European nation is very much a part of the birth of Soccer as we know it.

The Western Americas are not responsible for the birth of Soccer but they are responsible for the birth of American Football as we know it! Unfortunate as it is some of the people of Brazil were enslaved by the British during the French, Spanish, and English conquests.

The roots, seeds, plants, and trees were gathered up and molded into balls to form a ball that the Brazilians used in combat to pelt their enemies as previously discussed in Issue 16, Ancient Incan Remedies. The roots were used because they were harder and easier to sling at the invading factions. So the issue of roots in definition is two-fold not only does Brazil have British or Scottish roots but Italians, Germans, Syrians, Lebanese, and Asians. But the issue of roots is two-fold because there are numerous root vegetables that are grown in Brazil.

Charles Miller a British man who had Scottish roots was and is famous for being the “father of football and or soccer” and factually speaking he is the individual that brought two footballs in his suitcase in 1902 to San Paulo.

Root vegetables like the potatoes are grown for sustenance, medicinal engagement, and they are used for a variety of products.

For the upcoming FIFA World cup some of the most sought after Portuguese and Afro-Bahain influence gourmet dinners include root vegetables. Not only are seafood, tropical fruits, shellfish, and the abundance of nutrient rich vegetables are the staple food for the extravagant gourmet dishes. Colorful and eclectic are the savory and nutrient rich meals that create a table of lush and extravagant dishes. What is really amazing is that each region of Brazil and the Amazon basin have different and unique styles of cooking and gourmet cuisine varies from region to region.


German Immigrants had the influence of fusing the cuisine with potatoes and they influenced the South basin of Brazil.

Potatoes are a beautifully floralled plant with white-star floras and large leafs that grow abundantly in the region and were introduced to Europe with white potatoes. The Spanish Conquest or Sir Francis Drake's teams were the invading faction. The natives who introduced the white potato to the Europeans did so, and as they farmed the crop including corn and were expert in farming and the white potato was taken and introduced to Ireland.

The potato was engaged in medicinal remedies early on when the invasion took place to cure scurvy, you know the kind of illness that the invading faction took ill to on the ships that they came over on. Other medicinal engagements include the use of potatoes for stomach disorders, kidney problems, toxicity, diarrhea, heart ailments, and the reduction of toxins in the body. Mixed with other herbs, plants, vegetables like celery and okra demand a powerful medicinal remedy for stomach disorders.

Sweet potatoes or Yam

Also known as:

  1. 1. Aluka
  2. 2. China root
  3. 3. Devil’s bones
  4. 4. Mexican wild yam
  5. 5. Rheumatism root
  6. 6. Shan-Yao
  7. 7. Wild Yam
  8. 8. Yuma

Is a creeping vine or plant that bears the sweet potato fruit or yam underground and they have 850 varieties that are grown in Brazil.

Widely known for its anti-aging properties this root is used and engaged for menstrual problems and osteoporosis, pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and stress. It is also used to treat vomiting or nausea in pregnancies and was used for scurvy.

The Maya and Aztec Empires also engaged the wild yam as a medicinal engagement for pain relief.


Retrieved from the Internet (free dictionary online)

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