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Is Stress Zapping all Your Energy?

Updated on June 23, 2015

Living a Stressful Life

Does the following describe you? . You cave into the wants of family, work and friends. Your mind is constantly on fast forward, as you attempt to juggle a variety of projects throughout the day. You are exhausted before mid-morning. Does your. daily life end up in sheer exhaustion? You are living a stress life, and peace of mind is out of reach. In the end, your mental, emotional and physical health will take a toll.

If this describes you, then take a minute to read this hub. You deserve it.

A calm life

Combating Stress by Taking Time for Ourselves

Taking time daily for yourself will help you physically. When our body becomes relax, it helps our stress levels by lowering them. When we live in stress our immune system is weaken. When we have chronic stress, we live in flight or fight mode.. Eventually our body will become use to this, and will go on automatic pilot. If we take daily time for our self, we can begin to reduce this stress.

Your mental awareness is benefited, when you take time out for yourself. You become more alert, and often the logical part of you functions better. You are able to see a problem through a different perspective. When we take time out for ourselves, worry often seizes.

Emotional freedom benefits from daily time outs. Stress is linked to worry. It often feels like a vicious cycle, where getting off the tread mill seems impossible.

Physical, mental and emotional health gets better, as we learn to tend to our own selves. We usually will have some type of an awareness of this, but we feel there is no choice. We continue to ignore our own wellbeing

Nature as a relaxer

How does one find free time?

How does someone find free time, when their days are filled? This tends to be the first question a person will have. We all know the answer, but we are loaded with our come-backs. You must schedule time for yourself. This is the answer. Only reason stopping you, is linked to your excuses. It is time to stop the excuses and be accountable to yourself. The world will survive without you for fifteen minutes.

Are you a control freak? Do you feel if you say no, the world would fall apart? Do you feel if you tell others that you need fifteen minutes to yourself, they will be offended, or perhaps not even listen? Do you feel you deserve the time off, but others’ needs must come before you? Is guilt an issue with you? Whatever is holding you back from taking daily time for yourself, Do know, you are making a choice to harm yourself. You cannot use others as a reason. It is a decision that you have made. If you continue to follow suit, you will later down the road have very little left in you to give. Stop the control and the guilt, before it zaps away all your energy.

You are worthy of good health. You are deserving of a peaceful mind. You need a steady mind to see endless possibilities. Stress will not offer you any of these benefits. Instead it will offer you a constant flow of health issues, never getting to really sit down and relax with love ones, or experience the joy of the day. Stress will leave you wanting, while taking fifteen minutes for yourself will accomplish the opposite. Aren’t you worth it? Isn’t your family and friends worth? Wouldn’t you prefer a more creative outflow at work? Are not these benefits worthy of you?

We all can find at least fifteen minutes in our day. Maybe on a very rare occasion it would be impossible, but as stated; this is a rare occasion. You can awaken fifteen minutes earlier than your family. You can take a fifteen minute break at work. There are many ways to accomplish this. There though is one other way, which often happens after we have grown into taking time for ourselves. This happens when we are right in the middle of a crowd. This crowd can be your family, work or out shopping. Eventually, you will learn how to tap into calmness without taking a physical break.

How Stress Affects Your Body

Video on Stress

This is a good educational video that explains exactly what happens to your body during stress. It is a short video, and well worth the watch.

Simple Breath Meditation

Breathing Meditation Video

This is a short video that simplifies breathing meditation. It is excellent for beginners. Please do not be concerned about sitting with bended knees. You can sit on a straight chair with feet on the ground. Do not cross your knees or ankles, because you want the benefit of your whole body relaxing.

Finding quiet time

Taking a break Activities

All you need is fifteen minutes. This is such a small amount of time, yet it can accomplish huge awards. These fifteen minutes can increase any time you wish. They though cannot be shorten. You can take several fifteen minute breaks during the day. The sky is the limit here and there are endless possibilities awaiting you.

The first activity will help calm those anxiety crawlers that live and breathe in our bodies. It is easy to do.

  1. Breathing: I am not speaking of meditation. Just taking fifteen minutes to breathe deeply is one activity a person can fit in their schedule. All you have to do is inhale deep, hold your count to 7 and exhale. There is a mantra to use, which will help you stay focus. On inhalation say in, and on exhalation say out.

The benefits of this is it calms your whole physical system. Helps you to ground/center yourself, which leads to better focus. You can achieve a great degree of relaxation.

Sounds easy, and it is. It also is one you can do while doing daily chores. It is easy to fit in your day.

  1. Walking outside with all your attention on a particular item. If you are outside during spring or summer, you might want to focus on a flower. Or as you walk, look for just one color in the flowers. It doesn’t have to be flowers. You can choose anything to look at, and try to find similar color, patterns or shapes.

The benefit of this is it keeps you in the present moment. It is fun. It aids with focus, which helps your mind.

  1. Fifteen minute shower or bath can be very relaxing and mindful. Go in with purpose. You can set candles, use oils, or any items that will please you. There are many ways to make your own scents for shower soap. You might wish to make some of those for a double purpose.


  1. Take fifteen minutes to sit in your home. Focus on what you already have in regards to possessions. As you do this, see the beauty in these items.

The purpose for this exercise to see what we already own. We so often have to go buy this or that, and we never really enjoy it. Our need to feed our hunger for more causes a lot of stress. We are such a wasteful society. This exercise will help you to feel grateful it will help you to be appreciative. It will tell you that you have more than enough.

My Final Thought


Final thought

Taking time for yourself must become a priority. You must make it one of the top priorities
of your life. It is not hard to do. You just need to set your excuses to the side, for
fifteen minutes.

It is in this period that you get to meet the terrific you. You begin to understand your passion, and how you wish to gift it. Passion gets ignited, when we quiet our mind. It is then we become overflowing with an abundance of positive energy.

Taking those fifteen minutes does not include watching television, playing a game on the computer or any other escape avenue. It is getting in touched with yourself, so you can discover. Walking, is my mode of stress relief. I get into the zone and my creative spirit soars.

Stress is a factor of living, yet we can control it by taking time for ourselves. Are you worth it? Yes. I just can't wait until you decide you are.

Taking time for yourself

Would you consider taking time daily for yourself?

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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      5 years ago from Arizona

      Just 15 minutes:). Thank you MsDora for reading my hub. The more we do our daily 15 minutes, the more we wil choose to not skip it:)

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      5 years ago from The Caribbean

      Very useful! We need to do it, but mostly we don't do it unless we are told. "Just fifteen minutes." You told it very well!


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