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Greece Harvested U.S. Marine's Heart

Updated on December 12, 2013
Brian LaLoup
Brian LaLoup

This is very odd, very weird, unsettling. I thought it was a script for an episode for the Fringe TV show or Twilight Zone.

Here's the story:

Brian Laloup, a U.S. Marine, was stationed in Greece at the U.S. Embassy in Athens, shot himself in the head after a night of drinking on Aug. 12, 2012. As tragic as this is for the family, the tragedy got worse.

Even though he had shot himself in the head, his body was sent to to a Greek hospital for post-mortem examination. The body was then returned and sent back to the USA for burial. Upon arrival in the USA, US doctors did a second autopsy and discovered this issue. Clearly indicating Greek doctors had "harvested" the young Marine's healthy heart for sale or donation without permission.

However, the US doctors did NOT inform the parents of the Brian. This disclosure was by accident. So, his body was buried. After the burial, the truth was told to the parents. Is this weird, or what?

Why would the US doctors not tell the parents? Why wait until after the burial? Why was it kept secret?

Now, the parents are suing in court the Department of Defense for $75,000 for emotional distress, negligence. The body of the soldier was NOT guarded while in the Greek hospital, when Greek doctors either harvested or destroyed it after the autopsy.

What is even odder is, if a person commits suicide, clearly by shooting himself in the head, why is the autopsy done and the heart examined? The person's heart had nothing to do with the death, as with this case- a 22-year old man, in top physical shape?

It is against the law to harvest organs in Greece without the permission of relatives. His heart has never been found. Was it sold? Did it give life to another?

How bizarre and ironic.


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