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Green Coffee Bean : Weight Loss Naturally

Updated on March 11, 2019
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Green coffee brings many different benefits, When it comes to your health.

Green Coffee Bean : Weight Loss Naturally

Green Coffee Bean

The Dr. Oz show referred to it as “The green coffee bean that burns fat fast” and claims that no exercise or diet is needed.

How does Green coffee bean work in body?

Green coffee beans are coffee beans that have not been roasted yet. These coffee beans contain a greater amount of chlorogenic acid.

The chlorogenic acids present in a green coffee can be digested and absorbed by humans, which requires similar availability as the extract. This chemical would have positive health effects. In high blood pressure, Green coffee bean can affect the blood vessels, so that the blood pressure is reduced.

Green coffee benefits

When it comes to your health, green coffee brings many different benefits. Green coffee beans refer to raw, unroasted beans derived from coffee beans. Usually, green coffee beans are washed, dried and then roasted to create the coffee beans that are best known and loved.

But these unroasted coffee beans bring many benefits that you will not necessarily find in your morning cup, from weight loss to blood pressure reduction, detoxification, and cancer prevention.

1. Higher Antioxidant For Protection Against Disease

According to the studies, green coffee bean extracts have a rating of 2500 or more in oxygen radical uptake capacity or on the ORAC scale. This measures the ability of the food to cause a reduction in oxidative stress caused by aging, stress, lack of food, exposure to chemicals and other factors. Especially if you compare green coffee beans with an equal number of oranges or blueberries (by weight), green coffee beans will get 2,500, while blueberries 10 and oranges will only get 3 on the ORAC scale! as well as Green coffee beans are high in antioxidants that can reduce the harmful effects of radicals in our body.

2. Green Coffee Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Green coffee beans have proven to be very effective in promoting detoxification; that is, cleanse the body of harmful properties. Green coffee beans promote detoxification due to the presence of glutathione transferase, an enzyme that acts as a catalyst for the binding of carcinogens. Once linked to enzymes, carcinogens and other harmful agents are eliminated from the body.

3. Improved Mood and Cognitive Performance

The caffeine in green coffee has a positive effect on your mood and your brain activity.Green coffee can control unnecessary food cravings and stop us from overeating.

According to a February 2008 issue of the Nutrition Bulletin, several studies have confirmed that caffeine can improve reaction time, attention, memory, attention, concentration, fatigue resistance and other factors. cognitive performance.

The evaluators found that the optimal intake of green coffee was between 38 and 400 milligrams per day or about 1/3 cup and four cups of brewed coffee.

4. Green Coffee Bean Extract Helps Boost Weight Loss

In addition to promoting more effective control of blood sugar levels, chlorogenic acid has also been shown to promote weight loss and diabetes prevention in people who are pre-diabetic.

Vinson found that people who took the green coffee bean extract experienced a 10 percent reduction in their body weight in just 22 weeks.

According to diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity, the study found that people who took green coffee bean extract at doses of 700 milligrams per day and 1050 milligrams per day noticed an average weight loss of 18 pounds over 22 weeks.

Dr. Oz also tested the weight loss of green coffee beans. In total, 100 women participated in the study; and those who took a dose of 400 milligrams three times a day saw on average a pound a week – that’s twice the weight loss of women who took a placebo. (The losses in the placebo group were attributed to the greater female awareness of their diets resulting from the journal kept in the study.)

Green coffee beans can help you lose weight, promote detoxification, control blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels, and improve your brain’s health.

Green coffee bean can also help prevent rheumatoid arthritis as well as some types of cancer while providing many nutrients and beneficial antioxidants. So, if you are looking for a supplement with many benefits.Green coffee has high levels of volatile materials that can maintain healthy skin as well as reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


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