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News Flash: Green Lipped Mussel Does Work

Updated on June 17, 2014

Green lipped mussels (Perna Canaliculus) also known as green shell mussels are mostly found in New Zealand. They are served as a traditional dish and long established as a famous delicacy. Renowned for its flavor, they have been distributed to other countries and on the plates of more sea food lovers.

It has been known to have more nutrients than any other food, be it animal or plant. This particular shell fish are full of numerous proteins, important complex carbohydrates and other essential nutrients. Scientific research, after a series of tests in a number of years, has provided unarguable evidence that these shell fish contain therapeutic factors that can improve our health. Simply put, the green lipped mussel does work.

Sometime in the 1960’s scientist experimented using these shell fish for cancer research. This scientific exploration did not produce the desired results. Still, it gave strong evidence that green lipped mussel does work. However, it was for a different purpose.

It showed to have improved the conditions of patients who were also suffering from arthritis. With that new discovery, a new scientific journey began. Further testing and research revealed more about green lipped mussels. For one, it is a great immune system booster. It contains nutrients needed by the body, and other vitamins and minerals that also provide health benefits.

In New Zealand, where green-lipped mussels are considered a big part of their everyday diet, it has been documented that for centuries there were no cases of arthritis amongst the peoples. That given fact was more accurate back in the day, when it was just the natives of New Zealand and a simpler lifestyle; with people being less exposed to pollutants brought forth by technological advancement.

It is even more astonishing to learn about this, given the constant cold weather and meals that are mostly sea food. It would be expected that with such a climate and a diet that consists mainly of seafood arthritis would be a common medical issue.

The fact that the intake of green-lipped mussel does work to improve our health has given it a reputation of being a miracle food. This was actually what the Maori, or indigenous people of New Zealand, called it. At present, you will find many people who swear by the wonderful effects of green lipped mussels, and patients who give irrefutable evidence of their improved health. In closing, if health improvement in general is what you aim to achieve, then green lipped mussel is what you’re looking for.

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Green Lipped Mussels Story


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