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Experts Say, "Green Lipped Mussel Capsules Are Better Than The Recipes"

Updated on June 17, 2014

For all the green lipped mussel enthusiasts out there: This is a must read!

You may have read in dozens of different articles online how green lipped mussels are best eaten raw if you would like to get the maximum benefits from these powerful health-improving “miracle shellfish.” However, you may also be one of those who are not willing to risk eating anything that is uncooked.

So you turn to different resources available: online articles, best-selling cookbooks, magazines (you name it!) trying to find the best green lipped mussel recipes. Now is that so wrong? Not at all, if you’re after some sort of culinary breakthrough, trying to impress your seafood-loving in-laws, or maybe just trying to make dinner as usual.

But…consider this: Why eat anything that is of no value to you, a mere nutrition-needing mortal? I could think up plenty ways to satisfy my constantly-craving palate, yet I must resist the temptation to lunch on cheesy chips, or end my day with a yummy and ever so convenient frozen microwave pizza.

I also have to think of complete and total nourishment, as opposed to just feeding myself; and so do you. I’m not saying cooked mussels are useless and have no nutritional value whatsoever. On the contrary, it’s one of the most nutritious foods you will ever find. But are you getting all that you need?

Back in the day, New Zealand natives called the Maori ate green lipped mussels raw, and they are documented to be one of the healthiest people during those times. If you didn’t already know, they are reported to have never had arthritis, and low cancer rate.

We can assume that, a thousand years ago the Maori never had to worry about green lipped mussel recipes. I can imagine that come meal time, they could just go for a nice swim or a walk along the shore, pick a few green shells here and there, pry them open, and just suck each mussel off its shell. Not so appetizing, huh?

The thing is, that was and probably still is the best way to eat green shell mussel to get all the health-giving nutrition it has to offer. But don’t worry; we’re not stuck with that one archaic option. If you really want to get all the benefits of green lipped mussels without having to suck on salty shells, there is a way.

Green lipped mussel capsules!

A high quality company will make sure that their green lipped mussels are turned into capsules using a unique, two-step process that dries the mussel with no more than 50°c (anything hotter than that will cook away all the vitamins, minerals and other health-giving components found in green lipped mussels), and the powder packaged in such a short period of time (the entire process takes no more than 30 minutes!) that no nutrients were lost. In fact, one capsule is jam-packed with all the nutrition that is required by the body stay to healthy and strong.

Now you can find, or create your best green shelled mussel recipes just for the heck of it. Whoever it was that said “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” probably couldn’t find a fork, so there. You never even knew you had a dilemma, and yet it was solved thanks to green lipped mussel capsules. As for getting all the nutrition that your body needs, you can totally rely on green lipped mussel capsules.

Mel Crosby research a series of websites in the Health genre and his present site is Green Lipped Mussel is a shell fish that is only found on the coast of New Zealand. The benefits of this Mussel are amazing, learn about more these benefits at Green Lipped Mussel Recipes to find one of the Best products in the market.

The Green Lipped Mussel


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