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How the Mango Fruit Control Diabetes Mellitus Blood Sugar(glucose) Level

Updated on April 5, 2022
Miebakagh57 profile image

Miebakagh57 is a retired Chief Administrative Officer. I am passionate about aerobic exercises, food, nutrition, and good health.

Introduction to Green Mango Herbal Remedy

What is an herbal remedy? The medical dictionary defined it as a plant or plant part or mixture of these used to treat diseases. Natural organic materials are prescribed in preparing the remedy. A remedy for typhoid fever, is mango, papaya, and lemon leaves prescribed to be boiled. The liquid is cooled and drunk and also used to steam and wash the body. Hence, the green mango herbal remedy is using parts of the mango skin, its flesh, and juice, for treating diabetes. I have experienced related issues being treated in this article. This qualified me to write and share.

Mayo Clinic Diabetes Remedy

I began this story with a study of curing diabetes mellitus by the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota. Why will such an institution renowned and recognized for medical innovation and excellence resort to an unorthodox method to effect a cure for diabetes mellitus? More so, its medical personnel, clinicians, dietician, nurses, etc were excellently qualified.

They are pharmaceutical drugs such as insulin injections that can bring down the blood sugar level. But why mango remedy? In the book "Medicine-Rational and Irrational," by Cyril Scott, Dr. Peter Blythe quote the story of a 27-year-old diabetes patient who refused further insulin treatment as she feels worst. Nevertheless, she was taken to Mr. Ellis Barker, a fringe medicine practitioner. He prescribed among his homeopathic ingredients wheat "bran" and stop insulin injection as it has failed.

This bran treatment brings a cure. I lined up two recipes from Mayo Clinic below. Here the flesh of the mango fruit was mixed with other alkaline vegetables and fruits for synergy.

Green Mango Breakfast

Eating unripe mango is sore to the teeth, and will harm the enamels. So, people prefer to eat ripe mango and miss out on most of the valuable nutrients in the mango skin. Here is how to make a green mango breakfast.

Make a cup of black tea, add sugar and milk and stir the mixture well. Pour this into an eating bowl. Cut one semi-ripe mango into small chunks and put it in the tea. Add a handful of roast peanuts. You can eat this with fried mullet or canned sardine.

If you think this remedy would not work, just give it a try for a few days, say three days and this will surprise you. I get rid of my diabetes when I contracted the illness as a boy.

Mango Breakfast

Semi-ripe mangoes can be eaten with canned sardines and peanuts to control diabetes mellitus
Semi-ripe mangoes can be eaten with canned sardines and peanuts to control diabetes mellitus | Source

Processed Green Mango Fruit

Green mango skin can controls Diabetes Mellitus
Green mango skin can controls Diabetes Mellitus | Source

Semi Ripe Mangoes

Semi ripe mangoes can be used as an herbal remedy with black tea.
Semi ripe mangoes can be used as an herbal remedy with black tea. | Source

Mango Chutney

The first is grilled mango chutney. The ripe mango flesh was mixed with vinegar, sugar, red onion, green bell pepper, grated fresh and ground ginger, cloves, and rosemary, and was treated to a mixture at medium heat and served cool. Two tablespoons per serving eaten with rice.

The significance of this remedy is its increased alkalinity. When you paired two or more like-food items, the body absorbed more of the nutrient than when taken alone. This promoted and accelerated good health.

Mango Salsa Pizza

Mango salsa pizza, the second recipe had the following ingredients besides the mango: green or red pepper, onions, pineapple, lime juice (it is an alkaline product in the bloodstream), cilantro, and pizza crusts. All mixed together to boil; then dressed with the pizza and served.

The Acid Factor in Mango Fruit

'The tartaric acid, malic acid, and a trace of citric acid found in the fruit help to maintain the alkali reserve of the body.'-The Guadian Life

Ripe Mangoes

Succulent ripe mangoes used to make you grilled mango chutney that controlled diabetes mellitus
Succulent ripe mangoes used to make you grilled mango chutney that controlled diabetes mellitus | Source

The Insulin Factor

The late Professor Paul Nichan is credited to discover insulin. His first patient was Pope Pius X11, who was given up by his orthodox doctors to die? This discovery of insulin also saw other diabetes patients like Sir Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower, de Gaulle, Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, and author Somerset Maugham cured completely.

What was Nichan's secret? A natural extract of cells from the animal pancreas, by which he initiated diabetes cell preparation solution. Nichan contracted with a medical pharmaceutical company to produce the diabetes cell solution or insulin. Then the unexpected happens. 'Publishers were told that if they were to print any complimentary details of the Cell Theory, the pharmaceutical industry would cease to co-operate with them'. This is how the orthodox medical profession began to undermine alternative medicine.

Suppressing Alternative Medicine

'During the period of approximately a quarter of a century, there is evidence of a continuous attempt to hinder, suppress, and restrict the activity of licensed (medical) practitioners who attempt to associate themselves with Mr. Hoxsey and his methods'.-Dr. Peter Blythe

The Huxey Method

The Hoxsey method used natural herbal remedies to treat disease. It was so successful that an attempt the bought the secret from highly academically qualified medical doctors is rebuffed by Hoxsey, an alternative medicine practitioner. His methods began to be restricted and hinder.

Referencing Authority

The green mango skin or dirty is an irritant, a medicine, and food. This is where organic excelled in the inorganic world. That is why Mayo Clinic made an overture to nature. Good as groundbreaking discoveries were made in the medical circles, there always remains an issue to be resolved. Here, mother nature comes to humanitarian aid. Otherwise, how do you explain the inorganic world that has almost ignored every organic issue in the treatment of sickness and disease or health care made a come back again? Alternative medicine is now gaining a prominent place in the health care system. This is in sharp contrast to many, many years ago. No hospital that is worth its name will openly claim to carry out herbal procedures for treating a sick person. 'The technique', wrote Dr. Blythe 'is summoning of medical practitioners before local medical boards and upon their appearance, each was threatened to refrain from associating with Hoxsey and his methods or face the possibilities of revocation of their license'. Such a clinic or hospital will lose its certification. The rule is to conform itself to orthodox principles.

The government has now noticed how powerful the alternative healing system can be. the University of Minnesota many years ago received a grant from its government to research alternative medicine. All the old American Indian remedies including old wives' remedies were studied and found that they did work. This has prompted the University to continue granting research for alternative medicine.

Unripe Mangoes

Toxin of unripe mangoes has less side effect in a warm liquid
Toxin of unripe mangoes has less side effect in a warm liquid | Source

Importance of the Mango Skin

'Most people don’t eat the mango peels and are regarded them as waste, which is thrown away... Scientific research suggests that waste or by-products in the form of mango peels contain high levels of dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins, and other natural chemicals (mangiferin, kaempferol, anthocyanins, quercetin) that significantly contribute to good health'.-Dzesi K Torku

Your Approach to Diabetes

Have you suffered from any of the common diseases like diabetes mellitus? Did you consult the doctor or pharmacist? What means of treatment do you prefer or what is your approach to the treatment? What is your experience of the disease and how did it affect you? Every person at one time or another may fall ill. The approach we all took to recover may differ from one another. I have seen some people who are ill do nothing. Yet, they recover after some time. When I became a diabetes patient mother nature came to my aid, and I recover. My illness makes this article a reality.

Speak Up

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9 Facts about Green Mango and Diabetes

1. Mangoes are both fruits and foods energizing the body with acids, mineral salts, and vitamins.

2. It is now an established and accepted fact that alternative medicine in using fruits and vegetable parts to treat ill-health is being copied by orthodox health practitioners.

3. Chutney and salsa are becoming so common in western diets due to the fact that their medicinal factor got rid of ill-health.

4. The application of these is clearly seen in a globally recognized and respected medical institution like the Mayo Clinic.

5. Food synergy: the mango skin and peanut skin agreed so are good food synergy.

6. The skins of all fruits, nuts, and vegetables contain the majority of the minerals, acids, and vitamins 75% plus other food nutrients that fight free radicals in the body cells and tissues.

7. Include in your salad or breakfast green mango and other ingredients of your taste.

8. India is noted for the world's number one diabetes disease because it always discards the mango skin.

9. Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disease that can induce high blood pressure easily and is fatal to the heart and can cause death.

My Story About Diabetes

I know the benefits of eating ripen mangoes while growing up. It helped me put on weight. I once challenged a kinswoman for picking fallen raw and immature green mango and eating them. She responded that she was pregnant. Now, I know better from various studies and research that she was trying to curb her morning sickness.

So, in spite of all the western medical advice of having a pack of cream crackers at hand during the first few months of pregnancy, green mango can serve as a better alternative. This is what motivated me to study the facts well. And having experienced some first-hand issues, I know what I write and why I write it.

I had a mild attack of diabetes via, taking 17 cubes of white sugar in a cup of tea! I was 16 years then. About an hour later, I went to urinate. When I got a tasty, I go for a cup of water, and almost immediately after taking the water, I will urinate again. This goes on for two days when I was in grammar school. We had a break for the weekend and very few students including me stay behind. We had almost plenty to take for a meal.

Fortunately for me, I later had plenty of fish. I unknowingly add fresh and semi-ripen mango to the meal. Immediately, this stops the frequent urination. I do not know at that time mango and fish would play such a role. It was just a coincidence. I noted this well and continued eating fish and mangoes regularly. Any good protein can go with the mango.

Mullet Fish

A diabetic patiets should eat fish to contain diabetes mellitus
A diabetic patiets should eat fish to contain diabetes mellitus | Source

Fresh Mullets Spread out for Drying

Fresh Mullets
Fresh Mullets | Source

Fried Mullets Ready for Eating

Fried Mullets
Fried Mullets | Source

Do You Like Mangoes?

Do you like mangoes? I like mangoes both ripe and green. Mangoes help me put on some weight. Alternatively, you can spread milk powder over slices of mango and chew them thoroughly. I prefer fried sardines, mullets, and semi-roasted peanuts with it. This ensures I am having adequate omega fatty acids from both plants and animal sources. The skin of the mango contains omega -3 and -6 fatty acids. The fish supplement made up for the lack of protein in the mango. Mango has no significant protein and fat; but has a lot of the vitamins A, B-Complex, C, E, K, and mineral salts.

Other compounds found in the mango such as quercetin, mangiferin, and norathyriol. These fight free radicals. It is the resveratrol that lowers the blood cholesterol level.

Mango Help Control Diabetes

From India With Love

India is where the mango fruit originated, cultivated, and spreads into the tropics and sub-tropics, India is still the largest country in the world with the highest rate of mango production. It also has the highest rate of diabetes mellitus. India consumed more than 95% of its mangoes and discard the peel or skin.

The fleshly ripe mango pulp is sugar. Sugar factor in causing diabetes mellitus. Sugar is a portion of food for the cells, nerves, muscles, brain, and tissues. When sugar is eaten too much, the pancreas released extra insulin, a protein and an alkaline factor in the body into the bloodstream where it regulates the abnormal blood sugar level to normal blood level.

The steady flow of sugar into the bloodstream is normal. When carbohydrates are properly digested, and the starch converted into glucose, no problem because the process is gradual. Fresh green mango is a carb. Chew it thoroughly. Some prefer it cooked before chewing. In this latter case, a protein enzyme in the saliva converted the cooked starch into the simple sugar maltose and then glucose. Too much sugar in the bloodstream is bad.

Diabetes Mellitus a Metabolic Disease

Too much of a good thing is bad. So is too much of a negative beneficial thing. Two mangoes per day are good for an average person. Taken to the extreme, the blood sugar will rise and chances are that the pancreas could not be able to play its role in releasing enough insulin as a regulator of blood sugar in the bloodstream. This then is the beginning of the disease.

The result we noted above is diabetes mellitus. Other diseases that can result are obesity and high blood pressure. Likewise, if too much green mango is eaten, the result is obviously a poisonous bloodstream and skin rashes.

Mangoes Skin Good to Eat for Health

Animals like the goat and cows eat the mango fruit whole-skin, flesh, and seed. What was the result? Good health. Mango skin is to be eaten, is a study. Wash all fruits before eating. The mango skin is good to eat.

  • Some compounds in the skin help fight diabetes and some form of cancer.
  • It also has a factor that has the tendency to lower the cholesterol in the blood. This is the resveratrol effect.
  • It plays an antioxidant role in the body cells.
  • The mango fruit is top on the lists of ten best fruits.
  • It contained some omega fatty acids -3 and -6.
  • Its vitamin C is most potent when eaten in its green or unripened state, and especially with the skin.

What the Experts Opined

  • It is safe and healthy to eat mango skin in the majority of cases. Its benefits include its vitamin and mineral content that help builds the body and help in the control of metabolic diseases.
  • Few experts agreed that due to the leathery and tough nature of the mango skin, sensitive characters should always discard the skin.
  • The mango is a ready source of carbohydrate energy.
  • It prevents the loss of water, salt, and iron from the body.
  • Prevents morning sickness.
  • Treats gastrointestinal and blood disorders.
  • Prevents indigestion and constipation.
  • Eaten with onions, it relieves allergies, and cardiovascular protection, and improves circulation, hence, preventing erectile dysfunction.
  • The skin of the mango fruit is loaded with anthocyanins, carotenoids, and polyphenol anti-oxidants that delay aging.


The mango fruit is a healthy entity, and one of the best fruits that are energy-giving, and can help control the treatment of diabetes mellitus. They are other bodily issues that the mango fruit can take care of like destroying free radicals in the human body.


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2. Herbs That Heals, by William A. R. Thomson, MD Charles-Black, London.

3. ABC of Diabetes, by Dr. Peter J. Watkins, BMJ Publishing Group Ltd, London.

4. Mango fruit.

5. Mango chutney.

6. Alternative medicine study.

7. Mango salsa pizza.

8. Mango skin is great to eat

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2014 Miebakagh Fiberesima


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