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How Green Mango Skin Control Diabetes Mellitus

Updated on November 17, 2014

Introduction To Green Mango Herbal Remedy

Fresh green mango is not common as food. Yet, mangoes in they ripen states are one of the very few excellent food (permit me to say food here) instead of fruits mother nature endured humans with. And of course, animals, goats and cows apart from humans, birds and insects benefit much from the ripe succulent juice.

The mango is a tropical fruit that falls within the carbohydrate food group. It is sweet, succulent and aromatic with an inviting taste and flavor. The mango is a super fruit.

Magnifera indica is the common Indian mango. How it can be used as an alternative herbal remedy to control or cure diabetes mellitus is the subject of this discourse. Mango comes in various shape, size and form, taste and texture.

I am not a physician or a credentiated certification in herbal medicine. But, I have experienced related issues being treated in this article. This I am sure qualified me to share and contribute. This article is very health related. The issues are very informative. It calls for a better understanding of the facts and application. Before I begin each discourse, I will attempt a summary of the key facts for readers who would not likely or be weary to go through the long discourse.

In short, the following issues will be addressed in this hub:

  • A controversy or comparative study of organic and orthodox treatment of diabete mellitus.
  • An examination or authority certification for this study.
  • An opinion poll for readers to contribute to questions for future update.
  • Why I write this hub.
  • A very health related discourse on the mango fruit as a health restoring carbohydrate.
  • A brief capsule of important facts to note for reference, etc.
  • My recommendation and comment.

Happy reading!

Green Mango Fruit

Mango Fruit
Mango Fruit | Source

Semi Ripe Mangoes Growing On A Mango Tree

A Mango Tree
A Mango Tree | Source

Mayo Clinic Remedy

Key Summary

  • Natural alkaline fruits like pineapple, lime juice, fresh green or red pepper, onions, ginger mixed with mango pulp or flesh to make the herbal remedy for diabetes patients.
  • Mayo Clinic best medical facilities in the United States; and renown for excellence, best practice, innovative and expertise.
  • Mayo Clinic’s Rochester Methodist Hospital is recognized by the American College of Surgeons.
  • Two remedy: grilled mango chutney and mango salsa pizza as diabetes remedy.
  • Its mission collective impact seeks to prevent the occurrence and management of diabetes at the best lowest cost and at the same time to maintain the healthiest clinic care for diabetes patients.
  • The question is why are not drugs like insulin injection called into play in the treatment of diabetes mellitus?
  • Why the resort to herbal principles?

I began this discourse with a study of curing diabetes melitus by the Mayo Clinic, Minneasota. Mayo Clinic owned Rochester Methodist Hospital and other top medical hospitals in the United States. Mayo Clinic is one of the “top best 10” medical facilities or institutions in the United States. Why such an institution renown and recognize for medical innovative and excellence will embark on an herbal remedy to effect a cure for or control diabetes mellitus? Why should it resort to an unorthodox method? Mayo Clinic Rochester Methodist Hospital noted by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) for “best scientific evidence” to the practice of surgery. The ACS is one of the largest bodies of surgeons world-wide.

More so, its medical personnel, clinicians, dietician, nurses, etc were excellently qualified. But why is Mayo invading the natural world instead of confirming itself to its western certification methods? Is there not at least one clinically proven technique in its medical kit that will cure diabetes? They are pharmaceutical drugs such as insulin injections that can bring down the blood sugar or glucose level to normal. But why alternative remedy?

In this research, I lined two recipe from Mayo.

The question is: do we eat or do not eat the mango peel or skin? The skin of the mango is not to be eaten says Mayo. But the tough skin or dirty to me and others when properly chew is roughage for the intestine. This ensures the intestine is kept in good working state. The mango seems to be a triple entity, an irritant, a medicine and a food. Here the pulp or flesh of the mango was mixed with other alkaline vegetables like fresh onions, peppers, ginger, pineapple, lime to make an herbal remedy.

Note here that all the vitamin, mineral salts and acids in the mango skin and all fruits are contained in the flesh too but are much plentiful in the skin. In reality, the skin of fruits has 75% of the body building elements. Note also that the differing alkaline fruits being mixed for food synergy.

Grilled Mango Chutney: In one of these herbal remedy, grilled mango chutney, the mango flesh with vinegar was treated to a mixture at medium heat and served cool, two tablespoons per serving eaten with rice. It is a reduced fat and cholesterol mix. The significant of this remedy is its increased alkalinity. When you paired two or more liken items together in foods, the body absorbed more of the nutrient than when taken alone. This promoted and accelerated good health. Nearly all the ingredients in the grilled mango chutney apart from the mango are natural alkaline products.

Mango Salsa Pizza:

This had he following ingredients besides the mango: green or red pepper, onions, pineapple, lime juice (it tastes sour in the mouth, but it is an alkaline product in the blood), cilantrol, frol and pizza crusts. All mixed together to boil; then dressed with the pizza and served. It has the same effect as the grilled mango chutney.


“Mission Collective Impact”

Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota some years ago enter into a partnership “investing in globally recognized expertise in diabetes is the key to reaching the ultimate goal of finding a cure to this disease” This venture was out to defeat diabetes. It is only for the state of Minnesota. I for one would like it is a global impact. The mission aim to achieve

  • Low diabetes rate.
  • Prevent diabetes mellitus.
  • The healthiest care for diabetes patients.
  • The lowest cost for the treatment.
  • Mobilizing various stack holders and volunteers in the health industry for this.

How this mission is achieved whether by medical or herbal means or a combination of both. Whatever the result is, it is worth its goal.

Sliced Unripe Mango


Referencing Authority

Key Summary

  • The unripe mango is a food, an irritant and a medicine.
  • The mango is also a blood cleansing agent-detoxified the blood.
  • It has an anti-cancer and anti-oxidation effect in the body tissues.
  • It is potential source of vitamins, minerals and essential body building acids, including omega -3 and -6 fatty acids.
  • Governments contribute to alternative healing system.

Study has shown that the green mango skin or dirty is a triple entity. It is an irritant, a medicine and a food. This is where nature excelled the inorganic world. I think that is why Mayo Clinic made an overture to nature. Good as ground breaking feats were made in the medical circles, there still remain and will always remain an issue or two to be resolved. Here, mother nature comes to human aid. Otherwise, how do you explain the inorganic world that has almost ignored every organic issue to the treatment of sickness and disease or health care made a come back again? Alternative medicine is now gaining prominent place in the health care system. This is in sharp contrast many, many years ago. No hospital that is worth its name will openly claim to carry out herbal procedures for treating a sick person. Such a clinic or hospital will lose its certification. The rule is to confirm itself to the orthodox principles.

But thank goodness. Government has noticed how powerful the alternative healing system can be. For example, the University of Minnesota many years ago received a grant from its government to research alternative medicine. All the old American Indian remedy including old wives remedy were studied and found that they did work.

Does the mango skin or peel hurt? Yes. It depends on how you use the mango skin. It can cause allergic reactions on some sensitive skin. It can erode the enamel of the teeth. To prevent this from happening, the unripe mango need to be soak in a warm solution. See below how to make green mango tea. The acid effect on the teeth is minimized by the warm solution.

The other plus side is that it can detoxify the blood stream. It also has an anti-oxidant effect. As will be seen later, I like mangoes in their semi ripen states because here the toxin has less side effect; with increased anti-cancer and anti-oxidant effects. See

Thanks to the plenty vitamins, mineral salts and acids in the mango fruit, ripe or green. It is a benefit. How to utilize this benefit for good health and control of diabetes mellitus is our concern here.

Toxin Of Semi Ripe Mango Has Less Side Effect

Semi  Ripe Mango Sliced Cross-wise
Semi Ripe Mango Sliced Cross-wise | Source

How To Make Green Mango Tea

Eating unripe mango is sore to the teeth. The sore acidic fluid will harm the enamel of the teeth. So, people prefer to eat ripe mango and miss most of the valuable nutrients in the mango skin. Here is how to make green mango tea.

Ingredients: Black tea, water, unripe mango, sugar, semi-roasted peanuts 20g and fish-sardines and mullets 20g.

  • Wash kettle with clean water.
  • Put 250ml of water in the kettle.
  • Put one tablespoonful of black tea (you can use your favorite tea here) in the kettle.
  • Lite stove or cooker.
  • Put kettle on heat.
  • Boil for 10 minutes.
  • Removed from heat and sieve into tea cup.
  • Alternatively, use a sachet of tea and simmer it into a cup of boiled water for 5-7 minutes.
  • Add a teaspoon of brown sugar or your favourite sugar to taste.
  • Add some milk to the tea and stir.
  • Pour this into a small eating bowl.
  • Now, cut green or unripe mango into chewable pieces.
  • Simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Eat this for breakfast with roasted peanuts and the fried sardines and mullets.
  • Serves only 1 person.

Green Mango In Tea Can Be Eat With Peanuts And Fried Sardines And Mullets

Green Mango Tea
Green Mango Tea | Source

What Is Your Approach To Diabetes Mellitus?

Have You Suffer from Diabetes Mellitus?

See results

What Is Your Approach To Diabetes Mellitus?

Key Facts Summary

  • What is your approach to ill-health like diabetes mellitus?
  • Do you take self-medication?
  • Do you see your doctor?
  • A doctor can get tire of seeing you sick!

Normally when we are ill, our first reaction is to go for a bottle of capsules or tablets. This is good to get some relief and see the doctor later.

Have you suffer from any of the common diseases like diabetes mellitus?

Did you consult the doctor or pharmacist? What means of treatment do you prefer or what is your approach to the treatment? Did you resort to self-medication?

What is your experience of the disease and how did it affect you?

Every person at one time or another may fall ill. The approach we all took to recover may differ from one another. I have seen some people who are ill do nothing. Yet, they recover after some time. Many thanks to mother nature!

Some doctors are tired of seeing patient ill. When I was in my junior grammar school, I regularly visit my doctors even for the minor headache. What Is Your Approach To Diabetes Mellitus? One doctor dared to tell me that I and others are worrying them with our illness! I do not know at that time preventive medicine was on stream. Later, I became a diabetes patient for a very short period. Again,thank goodness, mother nature came to my aid.

Capsule Of Fruits, Nuts And Vegetables

1. Mangoes are both fruits and foods energizing the body with acids, mineral salts and vitamins.

2. It is now an established and accepted fact that alternative medicine in using fruits and vegetable parts to treat ill-health is being copy by orthodox health practitioners.

3. Chutney and salza are becoming so common in western diets due to the fact that its medicinal factor got rid of ill-health.

4. The application of these is clearly seen in globally recognized and respected medical institution like Mayo Clinic.

5. Food synergy-the mango skin and peanut skin agreed so are good food synergy items.

6. The skins of all fruits, nuts and vegetables contain the majority of the minerals, acids and vitamins plus other food nutrients that fights free radicals in the body cells and tissues.

7. Include your salad or breakfast with fresh green mango and other ingredients of your taste.

8. India is noted for world number one diabetes disease because it always discard the mango skin.

9. Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disease that can induced high blood pressure easily and fatal to the heart and can cause death.

10. Always realize that the skins of fruits, nuts and vegetables contain 3/4 of the essential nutrients.

Why I Write What I Write

Key Summary

  • I am no medical personnel or certified dietician.
  • I had an experience with eating mango.
  • I had an attack of typhoid fever and herbal remedy suggested for me.
  • I am once a diabetes patient.

As stated earlier, I know the benefits of eating ripen mangoes while growing up as a school boy. One, it helped me put on weight. The city I grew up Jos, in Nigeria is primarily an agricultural state; and mango was a chief cultivate crop. Here and there at every corner or compound, was a mango tree growing. On the farms out in the villages, were plenty of mango orchards.

I once challenge a kinswoman for picking fallen raw and immature green mango and eating them. She responded that she was pregnant. Now, I know better from various online study and research that she was trying to curb her morning sickness. So, in spite of all the western medical advise of having a cream cracker at hand during the first few months of pregnancy, green mango can serve as a better alternative.

This is what motivated me to study the facts well. And having experienced some first hand issues, I know what I write and why I write it.

I later grew up in another part of my country, presently my state and city. Mangoes were in vogue at the due season.

I once had a mild attack of diabetes via, taking too much sugar in my tea. Between 15-20 cubes precisely in a cup of tea! I was 17 years then. About an hour later, I went to urinate. When I got tasty, I go for a cup of water and almost immediately after taking the water, I will urinate again. This goes on for two days because I was in grammar school for we had a break for the weekend and very few students including me stay behind. We had almost plenty to take in meal.

Fortunately for me, I later had plenty of fish. I unknowing add fresh semi-ripen mango to the meal. Immediately, this stop the frequent urination I noticed. I do not know at that time mango and fish would play such a role. It was just a coincidence.

Prior to this, I had an experience of ill health typhoid fever. It was so serve that my body did not respond to the typical orthodox or western medical treatment. I was recommended to go for herbal treatment. Fresh mango leaves, papaya and lime leaves were suggested to be boiled in a pot. The hot content was pour into a bucket and I had to bath the steam first while naked by being covered with a blanket. This induced perspiration and expelled the poison in the blood via, the sweat gland. I was also made to drink a cup of the warm mixture. Through urination, the blood stream will be further cleanse. I recovered after 24 hours. I was in my primary school back then.

Green Mango, Lime And Papaya Leaves


Green Mango Lime And Papaya Leaves To Be Boil


The Content Of The Boiled Items Pour Into A Bucket


About To Be Covered To Bath The Steam Of The Hot Content


Bathing The Steam


Semi Ripe Mango Eaten With Fish Can Help Prevent Diabetes Mellitus

Slice Of Semi Ripe Mango
Slice Of Semi Ripe Mango | Source

Fried Mullets Can Be Eaten With Semi Ripe Mango

Fried Mullets
Fried Mullets | Source

Mullets And Sardines Are Good Source Of Protein For Diabetes Patients

Fresh Fishes
Fresh Fishes | Source

Fresh Mullets Spread Out In The Sun For Drying

Fresh Mullets
Fresh Mullets | Source

Fried Mullets Ready For Eating

Fried Mullets
Fried Mullets | Source

Do You Like Mangoes?

Key Summary

  • Mango has plenty of vitamins, mineral salts that build the body.
  • The protein and fat contents of the mango fruit is less than 1%.
  • You have to take a supplement of fish in salad form.
  • Vitamin C is much plenty in green than ripe mango.

Do you like mangoes? I like mangoes both ripe and green, especially, in their semi ripen states. I know from eating ripe mangoes (one in the morning and one at noon or the evening) help me put on some weight, especially when taken with a glass of milk. Alternatively, you can spread milk powder over slices of mango and chew them thoroughly. I prefer fried sardines mullets and semi roasted peanuts with it.. This ensures I am having adequate omega fatty acids from both plants and animal sources. The skin of the mango contains omega -3 and -6 fatty acids. The fish supplement made up the lack of protein in the mango. Mango has no significant protein and fat; but has a lot of the vitamins A, B-Complex, C, E, K and mineral salts. Other compounds found in the mango like quercetin, magnferin and norathyriol fight free radicals in the body tissues. It is the resveratrol that lowers the blood cholesterol level.

But I do not go into excess in eating mango to be over-weight. That would result into an issue for my body. I care very well for my body and health.

Semi ripe Mango, Peanuts Can Be Eaten With Fish.

Ingredients For Mango Breakfast
Ingredients For Mango Breakfast | Source

Green Mangoes Salad Breakfast


  • 1/4 cup semi roasted peanuts.
  • Medium size fried sardines and mullets (3 pieces each).
  • 1 big unripe or semi ripe mango.
  • Two pinch of salt.
  • 1/4 teaspoon chilly pepper
  • 6 lobes fresh garlic.
  • 1 medium size onion.
  • Half teaspoon of dry ginger powder.
  • 1 fresh green cayene pepper.
  • 3 green tomatoes
  • 2 tablespoon olive oil.


  • Wash the mango, garlic,pepper, tomatoes and onions in saline or Milton solution.
  • Cut the flesh of the mango into chewable pieces with skin into a clean bowl.
  • Now cut the pepper, tomatoes, garlic and onions into smaller chunks.
  • Transfer all these including the peanut into a frying pan.
  • Add the olive oil.
  • Cook for 3 minutes under low heat.
  • Add the salt, dry chilly and ginger powder.
  • Cook again for 2 minutes.
  • Transfer the mango and the cooked ingredients into eating plate.
  • Add the fried fishes.
  • Serves one person.

Green Mango Breakfast

Green Mango Breakfast
Green Mango Breakfast | Source

From India With Love

Magnifera indica and India are one nation. India is where the mango fruit originated, cultivated and spreads via, the four direction of the compass into the tropics and sub-tropics, India is still the largest country in the world with the highest rate of mango production. It also has the highest rate of diabete mellitus in the world. Why this is so is not hard to find out. India consumed more than 95% of its mangoes. Again, the peel or skin of the mango fruit is almost discarded.

The fleshly ripe mango pulp is sugar. Sugar is what cause diabetes mellitus. Sugar or glucose is a food for the cells, nerves, muscles, the brain, etc. It is an essential necessity. Sugar when combined with oxygen for oxidation released energy for bodily activities and good health. And, when sugar or glucose is taken too much, the pancreas released extra insulin, a protein and an alkaline factor in the body into the blood stream where it regulates the abnormal blood sugar level to normal blood level.

The steady flow of sugar into the blood stream is normal. When carbohydrates are properly digested, and the starch converted into glucose, no problem because the process is gradual. Fresh green mango is a carb. Chew it thoroughly. Some prefer it cooked before chewing. In this later case, a protein enzyme in the saliva converted the cooked starch into the simple sugar maltose and then glucose. Too much of sugar in the blood is bad.

Diabetes Mellitus: A Metabolic Disease

Too much of a good thing is bad. So is too much of a negative beneficial thing. Two mangoes per day is good for an average person. Taken to the extreme, the blood sugar will rise and chances are that the pancreas could not be able to play its role in releasing enough insulin as a regulator of blood sugar in the blood stream. This then is the beginning of disease.

This means excessive sugar in the blood. The result we noted above is diabetes mellitus. Other diseases that can result are obesity and high blood pressure. Likewise, if too much green mango are taken, the result is obviously a poisonous blood stream and skin rashes.

The Mangoes Skin

The Mango Skin: The Urushiol Factor In The Mango Skin

  • The mango skin contains urushiol. This substance is also found for example in poison ivy. Visit http// for more detail (copy and paste the link into your browser).
  • An allergy is a state of sensitiveness to more than one substance.
  • Allengens are complex proteins and carbohydrates that cause allergies.

But is the mango skin poisonous as claimed? Why is it that it is beneficial substance for one yet proved bad for another person? Is it because of the urushiol in the skin?

This substance urushiol is an allergic. It can cause rashes and blisters on the skin, especially the sensitive tissues of the body. Naturally, all human skins are not quite alike. Some skin type are very allergic to certain chemical compounds, plants and animals. Contact with these substances will cause the skin to react either for protection or defense. This produced the rashes and blisters. And this is a good warning sign. Mango dermatitis for example. This affected the sensitive layers of the mouth. The stomach, intestines and throat can also be affected.

Allergens, that which cause allergies is a set of complex proteins and or carbohydrates. It is noted that proteins in the form of simple units of amino acids will not result as an allergy on journeying to the blood stream. But where a complex protein like a peptide is absorbed into the blood, it resulted in the formation of an anti-body, a defense entity, on the very sensitive layers of the skin causing rashes.

Animals like the goat and cows eat the mango fruit whole-skin, flesh and seed. What was the result? Good health. Google and read “Mango skin is to be eaten, not discarded by the dirtDoctor. It is an interested study. The link offers useful challenge to the issue. It is an interesting read.

Hint: Before you eat a mango ripe or unripe and this applies to all fruits: wash them in fresh clean or running water. Then for a cup of water or every cup of water, put one teaspoonful of salt for a solution to soak the mango(es) for ten to fifteen minutes. Rise and wash again in fresh clean water and it is ready to eat.

The Mango Skin: Good To Be Eaten

So is the mango skin or dirty good to be eaten or are we to discard it? Persons who have common skin allergy are very rare indeed just 10%. Even if one has not an allergic skin, he or she can still be chemically affected. Why is it that some soaps, talcum powders, perfumes are allergic to some persons? I am even allergic to certain perfumes and talcum. Yet, the mango leaves, flowers, saps and burning smoke did not have an effect on my body! How does one explain the problem? Is it a condition?

Majority of humans can get on without any skin disorder. That such can be later affected with rare or substances cannot be ruled out. It is in such cases that the perfume affected me.

That one came in contact with the poison ivy and it positively had an effect on you is not a guaranty that the mango likewise will have the same effect on you. Are all the mango cultivators, harvesters, sellers and buyers being affected? This would not be the case.

The Mango Fruit: Good To The Health

The mango fruit or food is good to the health particularly, the skin or dirty. The reasons are:

  • Some compounds in the skin helps fight diabetes and some form of cancer.
  • It also has factor that has the tendency to lower the cholesterol in the blood. This is the resveratrol effect.
  • It plays an anti-oxidant role in the body cells.
  • The mango fruit is top on the lists of ten best fruits.
  • It contained some omega fatty acids -3 and -6.
  • Its vitamin C is most potent when eaten in its green or unripen state, and especially with the skin.

A Good Book Can Help Source For Information On Nutrition

A Dictionary Of Nutrition
A Dictionary Of Nutrition | Source

The importance Of The Skin Of Mango Fruits And Vegetables

  • Contains the essential nutrients-mineral salts, mineral oils or fatty acids and vitamins.
  • These are the body building elements.
  • Do not discard the skin and seeds of fruits and vegetables.
  • The tough tissues are fiber and roughage.

As we have seen, the mango skin and of course the skin of majority of fruits and vegetables are always discard. I am sure this is on an uninformed decision. I have been eating skins of mango fruits for years and had not report any side effect to a physician. The skin and seeds of fruits and veggies contains the essential mineral salts, mineral oils and vitamins for the health and well-being of a person. That is one reason I am not prone to dietary supplements in the form of inorganic capsules.

Do you know that the sweet smelling flowers of the mango fruit can be soak in slightly warm water and then drink? It is a relaxing and refreshing drink. Pick and wash the fresh flower with slightly warm water; and then soak for 15 minutes and drink. The flower has nectar. Relish the sweet smelling flavor and aroma like a red wine. So good to the taste.

Permit me to go a little far from this. What do you think of the skins of the cucumber, water melon or sweet melon? The essential nutrients-vitamins, mineral salts, essential acids, are contained in the skins. You mostly peel and discard them? The succulent fruit is in itself water, starch and sugar. What about the potatoes, yam and cocoyam and the plantain? The dirty of these items can be eaten whole when cooked. The fresh raw potatoes can be eaten with the skin like the mango. But a slice at a time for root vegetables unlike the mango are starches not sugars. It is the cooked starch that is easily digested and turned into sugar in the human body.

Grand mothers were on to a good thing when they said the said the tender parts of a pumpkin stalk were full of fishes, meaning protein.

Next time you bought some fruits and veggies, try not to discard the seeds and skins however tough. You can cooked a little along with the food and eat them. These dirties keep the intestines in good working condition.

The Tender Parts Of The Pumpkin Leaves Full Of Vegetable Protein

Pumpkin Leaves
Pumpkin Leaves | Source

What The Experts Opined

  • It is safe and healthy to eat the mango skin in majority of cases. Its benefits include its vitamin and mineral content that help builds the body and helps in the control of metabolic diseases.
  • Few experts agreed that due to the leathery and tough nature of the mango skin, sensitive characters should always discard the skin.
  • The mango is a ready source of carbohydrate energy.
  • It prevents loss of water, salt and iron from the body.
  • Prevents morning sickness.
  • Treats gastro-intestinal and blood disorder.
  • Prevents indigestion and constipation.
  • Eaten with onions, it relief allergies, cardiovascular protection, improves circulation, hence, improves erectile disfunction.
  • The skin of the mango fruit is load with anthocyanins, caroteinods and polyphenol anti-oxidants that delays ageing.

Mango Flower Drink

A Mango Flower
A Mango Flower | Source

Summing Up

The mango-the whole fruit, leaves, flowers, and barks, is a healthy entity. Mangoes are one of the best fruits that are energy giving, building the body and healthy to the body. The mango is a simple sugar easily used by the body. Unlike other sugars, like sugar canes, which should be break into the simple forms, mango sugar is oxidized or burn quickly in the blood stream to release ready energy.

One of its many uses as an herbal remedy is the treatment of diabete mellitus, anemia and detoxing the blood. They are other bodily issues that the mango fruit can take care of like destroying free radicals in in the human body. The only minus effect is that it is an irritant to certain persons.

Thanks to the abundance of vitamins A,B-complex (except B12),C, E, K;mineral salts-calcium, magnesium, magnanese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc; beneficial acids in the fruit like citric,oxalic,malice, pectin and succinic.

Nevertheless, one should made effort to have a mango or two as part of the daily or weekly meal When mangoes are out of season in one’s locality, imported varieties are available in most vegetable markets and the prices are worth the effort.


I suggest you go online and learn more of all that you can about the green mango. Who knows, you will be able to gather latest findings to share or improve your health. A good book or dictionary of nutrition is also recommend for reading on the subject.

To your good health!

Copy right 2014 Miebakagh57(Miebakagh Fiberesimma)


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    • Miebakagh57 profile image

      Miebakagh Fiberesima 3 years ago from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA.

      Treating health related issues required a qualify personnel: doctors, dieticians, etc. I am not certified in any of the health professions. But I took much concern about my health and well-being because I was strongly influence by the health sciences in my grammar school days. I recommend that you include one unripe/ripe mango in your salads per week with fishes, onions and peanuts. If you have an experience of a health related issue, why not share it? Or, how about contributing to improve this hub? Your suggestions are welcome-Miebakagh57


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