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Green Smoothie Recipes

Updated on May 30, 2010

Green smoothies are becoming very popular for people on Raw Food diets and even for those who simply want to add something very healthy to their traditional diet. I like to have them in the morning for breakfast but some people actually make 2 meals a day out of them. Which is fine, as long as you've got enough of everything you need in your diet. I won't quote protein needs and other recommendations because these are changing all the time and vary depending on your height, age, activity level and other factors. The point is, just be sure you're getting everything you need in there if that's your main source of food. There are loads of green smoothie recipe variations and you should choose one that you really like, cos there's just no reason not to. Just because you've got a spinach slurpee in front of you doesn't mean it has to taste like one. (Unless you want it to!) I'm going to give you 2 of my personal favorite green smoothie recipes which I'm sure you will love as much as I do.

Green Smoothie with Yogurt

Now, some raw foodists claim yogurt is not "alive" and refuse to eat it. This is a bit silly in my opinion, but whatever. All natural, probiotic yogurt is extremely healthy and aids the body's digestive tract. This may not sound that important to you, but some people cannot digest fruits so easily and end up with a lot of gas because of it. And that's painful. And it's easily avoidable by adding some priobiotic yogurt to your smoothie. Not to mention it's a great source of protein and calcium. Here's my favorite green smoothie recipe with yogurt.

750 ml Green Smoothie:

  • 250 mg natural probiotic yogurt (no additives, not even fruit)

  • 1 banana. Can be large or small, doesn't really matter.

  • Half a bag of frozen fruit. I love to used mixed berries for this but sometimes I can't find them in the shop and I go with strawberries. I use them still frozen because they add a nice texture and make it naturally chilled.

  • 1 pear. I like to use super ripe red pears for this but any old pear will do. Do chop it up first and do not include the seeds.

  • 1 huge handful of baby spinach. Huge. Like, enough to fill the blender before they are blended. Yeah, man, that's how much greens you should be eating. Really.

  • Mix well, serve and enjoy!

Green Smoothie Without Yogurt

If you really don't want to use yogurt for whatever reason, you can still make a fabulous green smoothie. Here's a good recipe:

750 ml Green Smoothie

  • 250 ml water -- best to use natural spring water for this, but tap water will do if you're not religious about your water quality

  • 2 bananas -- this will make it nice and thick and creamy

  • 2 big handfuls of Rocket leaves -- yes it's really called that

  • Frozen fruit -- 1/2 a bag of frozen blueberries goes really well with this one.

  • Protein source -- if you want to add a protein source here you can try something like natural hemp seeds (these are not drugs and you cannot get high from eating them!)

  • Mix well and enjoy!

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