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Green Smoothies: 10 and More Ways Why It’s Perfect for Your Special Diet

Updated on January 21, 2015

Green Smoothie with Spinach, Cucumber, Apple

Some people have particular health requirements that require them to have special dietary needs. People who need a low cholesterol diet need dishes that help promote a healthy cholesterol balance. Diabetes-friendly diets need to be low on sugar and sweet ingredients. A low salt diet would mean meals that are low on sodium. There are so many different kinds of diets for varied reasons. Some special diets are enforced on people due to health conditions while others do it by choice.

Having special dietary requirements make it difficult and inconvenient to eat out of the comforts of one’s own home where you can prepare your meals for your wellness. It’s doubly hard to accept dinner invitations, even if your friends know your situation, because you know they have to go out of their way to provide your dietary needs. But then, preparing our own food tailored to meet our nutritional needs can also become a burden, especially when we are always on the go, which everyone is in the world we are in these days.

Green smoothies, a concoction of leafy greens and fruits, are not only delicious, flexible, fast and easy to prepare, but more importantly, offers the right and complete nutrition for people with special diets. Yes, you could say it’s a superfood that addresses special food needs through the following ways:

  1. Vegetarian Diet: Green smoothies do not contain any meat or its by-products.
  2. Low Salt: No salt ingredients are placed in green smoothie recipes which also make it safe for babies.
  3. Low Fat, Low Cholesterol: Fruits and leafy vegetables contain no cholesterol so they are the perfect food for this diet.
  4. Diabetic: With less proportion or totally none of some fruits which contain high sugar, green smoothie recipes still taste fine and nutritionally perfect for this special diet.
  5. Organic: It is quite easy to find organic fruits and vegetables in supermarkets today to use in your green smoothies to suit your diet.
  6. Macrobiotic Diet: Whole foods comprise most of green smoothie recipes making it extremely healthy.
  7. Raw Food: Green smoothies can easily be made using raw ingredients or may be easily tweaked to contain raw fillers.
  8. Egg Free: None of green smoothie recipes contain egg or egg products.
  9. Allergy: It’s very easy to adapt a green smoothie to fit your special dietary needs by removing particular types of fruit or vegetable ingredients you are allergic to.
  10. Nut Free: While some of the green smoothie recipes suggest inclusion of nuts, one can easily put in a substitute or simply remove seeds.

These are just a few examples of various diets that some people have and which green smoothies perfectly suit up to. Tweak it, make it simple, nutritious and delicious and it easily addresses your dietary requirements. Whatever your diet, a glass of green smoothie can be your nutritional partner!


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