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Green Tea Diet And Its Benefits

Updated on January 3, 2014

When you think of a diet, you usually think of something that needs a lot of sacrifice, hardship and going without. Well, things are different when it is a green tea diet. This is a natural way to lose weight and you don’t need to worry about side effects because it’s been used as a beverage for centuries – in fact for over 4000 years. The Chinese have known about and followed the health benefits of green tea for ages, in fact for centuries, it has been a part of their daily lives. A green tea diet is becoming a fad around the world these days because it helps you stay fit and healthy and once you get hooked on this diet, you are going to stay with it for life. It tastes good, it does you good and it makes you feel good.


You keep hearing it all over - green tea is chockfull of antioxidants and so it's good for you.Green tea benefits are a lot more than just a drink that contains antioxidants – and yes, this beverage is full of them. What green teas do is to speed up the metabolism in your body so it burns up fat faster. When your metabolism gets better and the fat burns faster, you stand to gain – by losing weight. Green tea weight loss is the safe and sensible way to go because there are no side effects and you don’t need to worry about any kind of over stimulation of the adrenal glands which other natural substances and drugs could do. This is the natural way to weight loss and it's so easy and such a tasty and refreshing way to getting there.


Let's take a step back and look at what goes on behind the scenes. How is green tea made? How is it different from other teas that you get in the market? While other teas are good too, green teas contain a special compound which is what gives it the special benefits it has. Green tea is manufactured by steaming the tea leaves while other teas are made by fermenting the leaves so they lose out on some of the advantages that green tea has. This steaming process means green tea has better health benefits because it preserves all the antioxidant goodness contained in teas. Just a difference in the processing but what a difference it makes to what it offers you. A healthy way to diet and a healthy way to make everything in your body work better and for you to lose weight better. Now that really does mean that green tea should be your choice when you want to get onto a diet that works. Granted, it might not work overnight but it works surely and steadily so unlike other diet fads, you don't put back all the sudden weight you lost in a couple of days.


What this compound, which is called EGCG, short for epigallocatechin gallate, does is to speed up the energy output in the body and this means the metabolic rate goes up resulting in weight loss. This compound is also said to have cancer-fighting properties so it is great for you in more ways than one. Add to that the claim that it reduces the risks of heart ailments and strokes and you know you should be gulping down this stuff. Yet another green tea health benefit is that it reduces the bad cholesterol levels in the body while boosting up the good cholesterol. There was one study where people who were given this had their cholesterol levels drop 16% - something people who were given a placebo did not see happen.


Drinking a lot of green tea also helps in another way when it comes to weight loss. It suppresses the appetite a bit so you don’t end up eating a lot like you would. So while it helps in your metabolic activity and burns the fat,it also stops you making a pig of yourself when you should be abstaining. All told, it is a total health giving beverage and you need to get your green tea health benefits right away. It’s safe, it’s simple to follow and it gives you great results.

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    • profile image

      Mary 6 years ago

      That's an elucidative illustration on green tea. I am in line with you that green tea helps increase metabolism and that results in a speedy weight loss. Green tea contains antioxidants such as catechins and polyphenols and that helps in keeping cardiovascular diseases away and prevents the growth of cancer cells in our body. Green Tea supplements are more effective as they act on the body metabolism faster compared to normal green tea.