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Green Tea Flavanols in the PAGG stack

Updated on April 24, 2011

The PAGG stack supplement, introduced by Tim Ferriss in the Four Hour Body in 2010 and now shipped worldwide by Pareto Nutrition, contains a range of natural healthy ingredients that work synergistically to promote fat loss and body recomposition.

One of the elements that most people were already aware of to some extent is the first ‘G’ in the stack, green tea flavanols – these are combined in the PAGG stack supplement with Policosanol, Alpha-lipoic Acid and aged Garlic extract, but the main flavanol of interest is Epigallocatechin gallate, ECGC.

EGCG has been studied by scientists around the world since the 1990s, when it was first connected with cultures such as the Japanese, which showed not only great longevity but also lower incidences of certain cancers and UV skin damage.  It’s a volatile antioxidant, largely destroyed when tea is fermented into the black teas more popular in the Western world – perhaps this was why its centurys-old benefits went undiscovered for so long?  Its use in oriental cultures is said to date from 2,737 BC, when a green tea leaf accidentally ended up in a Chinese emperor's drink of hot water!

Now however the role of green tea flavanols in the PAGG stack, and the effect of ECGC on weight loss are becoming better understood, and the biological pathways demonstrating how it prevents the energy of food eaten being laid down as fat and helps recruit this to the muscle fibers instead, as well as how it can even help destroy fat cells themselves, are becoming tested and identified.   By consuming precisely-controlled amounts of ECGC, directly before meals in the PAGG stack, maximum benefit can be obtained for weight loss and body recomposition. 

However, drinking sufficient green tea to achieve these benefits can be imprecise, as it is a natural ingredient not biochemically consistent, and the effects of steeping and brewing produce variable results.  Also, to consume the minimum effective dose of ECGC advised by Tim Ferriss in the Four Hour Body, you would need to have cup after cup of green tea, enough to contain dizzying and dangerous levels of caffeine.  For precise effects on weight loss, a quality decaffeinated ECGC supplement is definitely the best approach, and Pareto Nutrition’s PAGG Stack combines the precise amounts required for best effect before each meal with the other elements of the stack, for the best possible results.


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    • profile image

      dennisdickson 5 years ago

      Would it be better to buy all the pills individually or get the special PAGG pills? Originally I thought about taking just EGCG, but I'd take more pills if it helped shed even a tid bit of fat from my belly.